Transgender Man Loses Friends and Family As He Documents and Shares His Transformation Progress

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In 2015, a transgender man, Jamie Wilson, began his transition from a woman to a man. If you didn’t know he was trans, you’d be hard pressed to notice it on your own. He has the fit body and handsome face of any boy next door.

He is part of a growing number of transgender people in America choosing to live their truth. 1.4 million people identify as trans and live that way in the United States.

When Jamie made the incredibly brave choice to begin his transition, he knew it would be a hard road, but did not realize that he would lose so many friends and family members in the process. He has said that you definitely find out who your true friends and supporters are when you’re going through all of the steps towards full transition.

He recalls being hesitant to even come out in the beginning, because he didn’t display any of the usual signs of trans individuals. He had always presented as a feminine woman. He got criticized for that at first, he said in a post on Instagram. He has over 300,000 followers and supporters on the social media platform these days.

He spent two years undergoing intensive hormone treatments, which help form male features such as facial hair and a masculine jawline. They also help deepen the voice. He also spent a lot of time working out to obtain the trim, muscular body he had always desired.

Then came the people saying he tries too hard to present as a cisgender male. Cisgender is the name of individuals whose sex organs match their gender identity.

In an interview with Cosmopolitan magazine in March of 2017, he spoke about the naysayers from his coming out and after his transition. He spoke about losing the relationship with his family and moving out of his family home at 15 to stay with another LGBT to escape their negativity. He said the made life hell for him.

Jamie grew up in Michigan, on a horse farm, and was known around town as this pretty country girl, so it’s no surprise that there was some resistance to their huge change. In fact, when he came out to his mother, first as a lesbian, it was the image she was most concerned about. She wondered why her daughter had to dress like a boy simply because she liked girls.

Later, of course, Jamie revealed that he had felt like a boy since about the age of five. He now identifies as pansexual, meaning he doesn’t prefer any gender over another, instead he is attracted to the personality of the person, regardless of their sex organs or gender identity.

He also spoke about his town regarding him as a freak and assuming his transition was a mental breakdown.

Jamie is also an up and coming country artist who will be performing at a festival in Budapest this summer, along with stars such as Wiz Khalifa and P!nk. Good luck, Jamie!

Regardless of how anyone felt about his transformation, he went ahead with it confidently and with great results. He documented his journey with photos all along the way. Check them out.

This is Jamie. Now 21 years old and working hard on his country music career. Jamie faced a lot of obstacles along the way, but this is the result of 2 years of transition.

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He said people didn’t accept that he was a man, because Fort 18 years, he’d been so feminine. The first step was a haircut. Next came wearing men’s clothing. Finally, the hormone treatments.

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Just two years later, he is now the man he’s dreamed of being.

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Losing friends and family has been hard for Jamie, but he was lucky to find out who were true friends and would always be there.

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Even though some say he’s trying too hard to be manly, he carries on pursuing his own happiness despite the naysayers.

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Written by Amanda Johnson

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