15 Curious Comparison Images We Saw Online

Image Source: Reddit

There is plenty to see in our everyday lives. We are blessed to be alive in a time full of curious things and events, most of which are worth sharing. There are people who realize that they cannot see it all in one lifetime but we think that we could make the most of it by sharing images like the ones featured in the list below. They reveal random and curious comparisons that you would probably love to see.

1. The dog

Image Source: Reddit

Here is a perfect comparison showing why adoption matter and how big of a difference it makes. This is Asher, a cute dog that lives in his forever home. The above image shows him back in 2012 during the moment of his adoption. He is so much happier now!

2. The ships

Image Source: Imgur

This image really made our jaws drop. It shows scale models of a couple of ships dating from about the same era. The smaller one is Christopher Columbus’ ship Santa Maria and the much bigger vessel is explorer’s Zheng He. The difference is stunning!

3. The sign

Image Source: Imgur

Here is one interesting sign located near Steamboat Springs. The images don’t lie: it is the same sign in both images but the difference is the season. You can see the heavy snowfall in this area. We would love to spend the winter there.

4. The footprints

Image Source: Reddit

Forensic detectives appreciate every tiny trace they are able to find. You don’t need to be a professional to tell what these footprints are from. They were made by a few cats, including the deeper trail on the left – one of the cats was more obese than the ones that passed on the right.

5. The maple tree

Image Source: Reddit

Nature is amazing and we appreciate the beauty it has to offer each time we get the chance to. If you are in the right mood, you will discover that there is such beauty everywhere around us. As you can see, this maple tree had a complete makeover. It happened in just 11 days, too!

6. The similarity

Image Source: Twitter

Talking about nature, here is one way we can take advantage of it. The B2 Stealth Bomber has a very distinctive shape and this is not an accident. It looks exactly like a falcon and we guess that this is what the engineers were after.

7. The Rob Lowe picture

Image Source: Reddit

Well, some things don’t work out the way you wanted them to. Accepting things for what they are is the best route to follow. You don’t need to be disappointed with something insignificant. This is another case: seeing the difference between this woman’s smile on her wedding day and on the day she met Rob Lowe says it all.

8. The cats

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Image Source: Reddit

Cats come in all kinds of shapes and sizes and we love them all. It is curious to see just how different they can be and this is why we liked this image. Someone took a photo of their Maine Coon and their American Shorthair and we are stunned to see how different they are.

9. The tornado

Image Source: Reddit

The power of nature is not to be underestimated: it can be devastating minutes before you thought it was beautiful. The tornado is the perfect example: it is the kind of thing we would never want to be near to. Just looking at it size compared to wind turbines is amazing!

10. The doggo

Image Source: Reddit

Dogs love to be at the beach: it is a source of endless fun for them! They dig holes and jump inside the water, or they just run around for no reason. As you can see, once the fun and games end, dogs never enjoy the moment bath time comes.

11. The lights

Image Source: Reddit

We have always thought about this kind of comparison: seeing the same city during the day and at night in the same image is a clever idea. It shows just how different the city looks only hours apart.

12. The brains

Image Source: Reddit

We have always wondered how a dolphin’s brain looks, given the fact that they are really intelligent. The image you see was not that surprising, at least when it comes to the dolphin brain. Seeing how tiny the shark’s brain is answered a few questions as well.

13. The computer

Image Source: Reddit

Digital technology is advancing every second and we love seeing the new things people come up with. This image reveals just how amazing technology can be: what you see here is a computer next to a grain of rice.

14. The dogs

Image Source: Facebook

We love dogs and we want to cuddle one all the time. When it comes to cuddling, corgis, and some of the best choices – they are true lap dogs! We never knew there were fluffy corgis – looking at one next to a regular corgi is curious!

15. The boys

Image Source: Reddit

It seems that teenagers are not all the same even if they are the same age. Seeing this image might be weird once you acknowledge the fact that both of these boys are 13! They look like they have a decade between them.

Written by Sven Miller

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