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15 Curious Pics From Non-Standart Angle That Will Catch You Eye

Image Source: Reddit

We all know how the simplest things imaginable can appear as if they are out of this world. It is all a matter of perspective, or, in this case – a matter of optical illusion. People take random pictures all the time and they are often capable of capturing the perfect optical illusion without even realizing it. It appears that they are so impressed by these pictures that they sometimes choose to share them which we appreciate. This is the only way we get to see cool images like the ones listed below.

1. The banana peel

Image Source: Reddit

Here is something rather unusual. What looks like a banana peel is actually a painted image on the floor of this grocery store. We are not entirely sure why such an image should be placed there but it was obviously done for a reason. Maybe it was intended to draw customers’ attention to the slippery floor, who knows.

2. Pumpkin the cat

Image Source: Reddit

Here is one cute cat face that we fell in love with. Meet Pumpkin, a senior cat and a beloved family member. The 19-year-old feline was pictured with this goofy facial expression by accident. We guess that the pet was just about to sneeze when its owner decided to catch it on camera.

3. The tailgate

Image Source: Reddit

This image puzzled us for quite some time before we finally understood what was going on in it. The SUV was parked in the perfect spot for this illusion to take place. As you can see, the tailgate appears to be open but after you look twice, you will see it is not.

4. The cat

Image Source: Reddit

There are many different cat breeds out there but some are more special than others in terms of features and care. The Sphynx cat is definitely on that list. After this family took a Sphynx cat home, they got used to it until they saw this image. The cat looks like a chicken ready to be roasted in the oven.

5. The dog driver

Image Source: Reddit

You have probably seen the documentary about a vet trying to teach dogs to drive. Some of the dogs actually got the hang of it and showed their skills. In this case, the dog is not the actual drive. The human doesn’t have a dog head, either. It is just a nicely timed photo.

6. The cows

Image Source: Reddit

Here is one curious and slightly disturbing image. After you see it, you will probably feel disgusted but rest assured that no cows were harmed. The animal on the right appears to be chewing on a smaller cow which is not the case here. It is all thanks to the angle of the photographer.

7. The building

Image Source: Reddit

This is our favorite kind of optical illusion because it involves a large object. This building appears to be 2D but it is not, of course. The angle of the picture makes it look like it is merely a wall constructed from glass windows.

8. The dogs

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Image Source: Reddit

Yes, you read that correctly. There are two dogs here and this is what makes the picture interesting. As you will probably notice eventually, there is a second puppy in front of the posing one. The second doggo is looking straight up at its sibling.

9. The porcupine

Image Source: Reddit

Now, this is one really curious accidental illusion. Someone poured instant coffee over this hot drink from the right angle and shaped this porcupine. It looks really cool and it resembles the art baristas demonstrate. We will try doing something similar tomorrow morning at home.

10. The smog

Image Source: Pikabu

Photographers love capturing cityscapes and they are always beautiful. This one is also gorgeous but you can see it looks like another parallel universe. The reason for this picture’s existence is smog.

11. The dog

Image Source: Reddit

As you can see, this is one cute doggo that looks like a pet pig when photographed from this exact angle. Needless to say, such a resemblance is nothing but an asset and we absolutely love it! The doggo will never understand that such a resemblance exists.

12. The cloud

Image Source: Reddit

Sometimes, clouds form the weirdest shapes but this one is really beautiful. The shape of this cloud is absolutely stunning and we recognize the image of some Victorian-era noble woman. The cloud resembles a monument of someone important and it was worth sharing.

13. The rainbow

Image Source: Reddit

Okay, this is not exactly an optical illusion, although the rainbow is rather close to that definition. The important thing is that the image is absolutely stunning and it shows the beauty of Nova Scotia. These two dogs and the whole scenery created the kind of image that makes us dream of travel and leisure.

14. The cat

Image Source: Twitter

If you have a cat at home, you know the weird poses felines can sleep in. it seems they are made of some kind of elastic rubber covered in fur. This image reveals a different angle of their agility – the sleeping position with all four paws tucked in. It is kind of curious to see this image.

15. The other cat

Image Source: Reddit

As we said, cats are curious creatures and they are more or less unpredictable. In this case, someone decided to take a picture of their daughter while napping but the cat had something to say about that and it shows.

Written by Sven Miller

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