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21 Things That Scared Us As Kids But We Are No Longer Afraid Of

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We all remember the times when we had all the time in the world – childhood. Some had a carefree one and others were not as fortunate but there is one thing we can’t deny – being a kid is something that most individuals miss and we wish adulthood was as easy as those past years. There is, however, one aspect that we don’t want to relive: the things that scared us. Of course, most of those things are not scary at all from our point of view as adults but they terrified us back then. The list below contains some relatable ones – they were shared by Twitter users after one person asked them what were they afraid of as kids.

1. The interior light

Image Source: Twitter

Here is one really great way to start this list. We believe that many people would find this tweet relatable and we guess that we will all wonder why our parents taught us that. Maybe it was a safety concern.

2. The gum

Image Source: Twitter

Here is the most relatable childhood fear we could think of. We are not aware of the reason why our parents decided to lie to us about that. Maybe they wanted to avoid chocking on the swallowed gum, who knows.

3. The eyes

Image Source: Twitter

This is one of the things we actually knew plenty about as kids. We were aware it could never happen and we practiced it a lot, too. But that is just us; maybe most of the people out there believed in this one.

4. The shark

Image Source: Twitter

Needless to say, this is more than just an irrational fear – it is a silly one! Still, we feared that and we avoided getting inside a pool at all costs. Maybe others felt the same way. We are happy that we no longer have that fear.

5. The quicksand

Image Source: Twitter

This is by far one of the top five fears we had as kids. We thought that all kinds of sand were actually quicksand. You can imagine that some people probably had that fear for a really long time.

6. The bathroom

Image Source: Twitter

We believe many among us had this fear as kids. This was kind of paranoid behavior but it was not the only one of that kind, too. Kids tend to be paranoid for all kinds of irrational things and this was one of them.

7. The combustion

Image Source: Twitter

Now, this brings back memories. There was a time we really believed in this and we find it funny from our adult perspective. Still, many kids believed that sudden self-combustion is absolutely possible.

8. The moon

Image Source: Twitter

This is one really sweet childhood memory of ours. We are sure that parents came up with such things only to keep kids busy during trips. We guess it worked like a charm and many kids believed in that.

9. The swim

Image Source: Twitter

Swimming on a full stomach was a huge no-no for every kid, us included. We believe in what our mom and dad told us – that we could drown. While there might be some truth to that, it is mostly an irrational fear.

10. The silica gel packs

Image Source: Twitter

We loved to collect these and play with them, and some of us even traded them. Still, many kids were told that these packets were poisonous which is nonsense, of course. Parents were worried about their kids, that’s all.

11. The demon

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Image Source: Twitter

Bath time was a challenge for many kids because they didn’t want to keep their eyes closed all the time. The reason is irrational, of course. They were convinced that they must be on the lookout for demons.

12. The oxygen

Image Source: Twitter

Here is something we wish was still a thing but it is not. Many kids believe that they must breathe carefully so they don’t waste any oxygen. They wanted to save trees that way which is a nice cause to have.

13. The faces

Image Source: Twitter

Kids used to believe that their faces would get stuck in the same way when they made silly expressions and we almost fell for tales similar to this one as kids. We didn’t believe in this one.

14. The meteors

Image Source: Twitter

This person believed in something that we never considered to be a threat or something like that. It is curious to see that someone had a childhood fear we never knew about.

15. The volcanoes

Image Source: Twitter

Now, this is by far the most bizarre childhood fear we have ever heard of! We guess that when children see something they are not entirely familiar with, they simply try explain it to themselves and are sometimes scared in the process.

16. The cursive

Image Source: Twitter

Here is yet another weird but funny childhood fear we never had. This person thought that they would need to write in cursive but we believe they were misled to think that for a particular reason we would never learn.

17. The skunks

Image Source: Twitter

Here is one thing we also feared in our childhood – skunks. We knew they used to defend themselves using an unbearable spray scent but we also thought it would be lethal for a person to breathe it. We guess we were wrong.

18. The seeds

Image Source: Twitter

Wow, this really brought back time for us. This is one of the clearest childhood fears we can recall and we guess most of the other people reading this text would confirm it. As you can see, this person thought that watermelon seeds would grow inside them. we thought the same about pumpkin seeds.

19. The crocodile

Image Source: Twitter

Here is something that this person saw and shared. Their childhood fear actually came true! The person saw a crocodile in the waters near the beach they were standing on. That is kind of scary, to be honest.

20. The creepy cartoon character

Image Source: Twitter

We guess that there are more than a few creepy characters out there but this one is among the worst. Most kids were probably scared to see it, just like we were.

21. The Bermuda Triangle

Image Source: Twitter

Apart from quicksand, this person had another irrational fear we also got from TV shows and magazines: The Bermuda Triangle. Needless to say, the mystery behind it sill captivates us but at least we are not scared of it anymore.

Written by Sven Miller

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