15 People Who Got Revenge In The Very Best Possible Way

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People say that you always have a choice, but there are certain situations when it seems that there is only one thing left to do, and this is what the list below is all about! The images on the list are perfect examples of the moments when people just had to do something about a certain situation! Having you revenge can definitely teach some people a lesson!

1. Now this is a special way to show someоne your attitude

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We are well aware that kids are able to have their revenge in ways that adults may find to be weird or even better – they would probably never think of similar things! Peeling off the tops of all the bananas in the kitchen is a special way for someone to show their attitude.

2. Steven probably did not like this at all

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Well, this is something that many people could relate to! In fact, we believe that a lot of individuals have thought about doing this after their partners cheated on them, but they never stepped into action! We guess that Steven is lucky that Emily did not include his photo in this message.

3. We are not sure what this person did but it must have been serious

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We guess that whoever did this had a good enough reason for it! This took a lot of time and effort and if it was worth it, we guess that it was well-deserved, too, but we need to know what this person did to deserve it in the first place!

4. This is how things are done

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Wow, this is one story that sounds like it is worthy of featuring in a TV series! Karma is real and its laws work flawlessly. This short story proves it, and the person who pulled it off definitely did the right thing!

5. Here is how you teach people a lesson

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One of the most annoying things related to working in a corporate structure is having to deal with coworkers who are not fit to be active members of society. This person had the audacity to use someone else’s coffee creamer for an entire week!

6. It seems that this person refuses to learn

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Maybe this is something that most peope who have roommates would consider doing next time their roommate does the same! The post suggests that this probably happened several times, but we guess that this person would continue having their small revenge.

7. We would be furious if we saw this, too

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We actually find it hard to believe that someone actually did such a thing! People are ruthless sometimes and they do the most inappropriate things, and this is a good example of that! We like how someone handled the situations

8. Someone was fed up with the neighbor dog barking

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This is something that most people would definitely relate to, because most dogs bark for no reason in the middle of the night, and many dog owners refuse to do something about it! One person had enough and decided to have their sweet revenge in a funny way!

9. Here is an interesting idea

test ad
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We genuinely believe that social media and technology provided people with hundreds of new ways to have their revenge on someone. This husband found the perfect way to do it, and his wife probably never suspected a thing, which makes it even better!

10. This is our favorite entry in this list

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Now this is something really cool! We guess that the unfaithful person had no way of seeing this coming, and this is what the girl was counting on. Her plan worked like a charm and her now ex-boyfriend ended up having a tattoo which is probably her name!

11. This person will definitely park the right way next time

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This is something we are all more or less fed up with! People continue to park their vehicles in the worst possible way and it seems they are not willing to try and follow the lines of parking spaces. This driver surely got the message! Parking your car like this is a huge no-no and there is no excuse for it!

12. It seems that many kids go to Starbucks with the sole intention to show off

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This image actually made us laugh because we tried to imagine the face of this employee when teens order their drinks. We guess that their faces after taking them are even funnier! This employee definitely knows how to deal with everyone who order an annoying drink just to upload it on social media.

13. This post raises a few questions

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As much as we liked this idea after seeing it, there is still a reasonable question behind it. Why would this person invite people that they don’t like? We simply avoid such people!

14. It seems that these billboard can become a trend

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This is one way to have your revenge, and Lisa knows her game. She paid for this wallpaper to be set up on a location which is part of the route her husband follows on his way to work. We approve this because she probably had her heart shattered and needed to overcome it!

15. This is absolutely amazing

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This woman realized she was cheated on, and immediately stepped into action! What she did was absolutely incredible and we guess that her partner regretted doing what he did! This took a lot of effort for sure!

16. This is a brilliant idea

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Here is one reason why you should have some respect for all the people around when you are at a public location such as a coffee shop. These people probably never realized what happened and why! This is the kind of witty and clever things we like seeing. Maybe the person should have told them so they can know better.

Written by Sven Miller

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