36 Images Showing The Harsh Reality Behind Parenthood

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Many people talk about raising kids despite they don’t have one, and they are always sure about the things they preach. However, nothing is what it seems, and once it comes your way, you would begin to realize what being a parent is really like. Of course, it is a blessing to have a kid, but it is not a walk in the park! The images below are enough to give everyone an idea about the reality of being a parent.

1. Kids are always up to something

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Of course, things end up in something just like this one in most cases!

2. Toddlers are proud of the moments they do something they shouldn’t

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As you can see, this kid has zero regrets about playing like that!

3. Temper tantrums and drama are a must

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Kids overreact almost constantly and there is often no reason for a temper tantrum at all!

4. This kid is so happy

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Despite the lavish outfit, this kid decided to have some fun and you can see the result.

5. Here is why you need to keep an eye on the kids

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The minute you leave a kid alone, they will start doing things on their own terms.

6. Some messes are worse than others

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When paint is involved, you can be sure that parents would have a hard time cleaning the mess kids made!

7. Playtime can get out of control

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This kid decided to use the toilet as a private Jacuzzi and it looks like fun, too!

8. Grocery shopping is an adventure if you bring your child along

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Here is just a glimpse of how shopping with a kid by your side looks like!

9. This kid is looking for his lollipop 

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Kids can get sad over nothing, so this can be considered as a huge reason for a toddler not to feel happy!

10. This is a common sight

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You should never leave your kid to dress up on their own, because the end result would not be okay!

11. Children love decorating 

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Of course, their idea of decoration is not the one their parents would be happy about!

12. Having fun is everything for a kid

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Parents encourage this but they are often not happy about the consequences!

13. Letting your kid do their hair is equal to letting them dress up

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We guess that it is kind of sweet to see kids trying to do things like a grown person would!

14. This is another image to support what we just mentioned 

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One of the best ways for kids to have fun it to bring out their parents’ possessions and play with them!

15. This man was able to balance things

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This is one way to look after the kids and still do what you want to do while at it!

16. Here is something which is both adorable and funny

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Maybe the mother accepted this as a wake-up call, who knows?

17. The constant yelling of a baby can drive a parent strange

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Sleep deprivation can take its toll quickly and it seems this dad is ready to give up!

18. This is kind of a controversial move

test ad
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We guess this dad only wanted to combine not wasting ketchup with cleaning up the baby.

19. Kids have a lot of energy 

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Even a baby or a toddler can easily make a grown man feel tired!

20. There is some irony involved here

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It seems that this kid chose this exact book for a reason, because things like this hardly happen by chance!

21. This is a normal night out with the kids

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You will not be able to spend a quiet night at a restaurant if you bring your kid along!

22. We guess this is one way to entertain your child

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Maybe this pointer would be the right tool to keep your kid amused for a long time!

23. Now this is something most parents would be amazed by

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Here is why you should definitely avoid slamming doors and even closing them shut!

24. This looks like a fun moment

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We genuinely believe that this kid was super happy when he got the chance to pull this off!

25. It appears that this kid realized it was all a mistake

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Diving in that cocoa powder package seemed a good idea until the parents showed up!

26. Here is another example of when playtime becomes a nightmare

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This is a thing all kids love to do – they literally trash the whole house!

27. This is how loud a baby can cry

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This is what parents need to put up with on a daily basis!

28. This is what happens when there are no coloring books at home

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Some kid put in a lot of effort into creating this piece of art!

29. This is not the adorable way for nap time parents imagined

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Sleeping next to your kid might not be as pleasant as you guess it would!

30. This one is hard to believe

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This is the last thing a parent would like to see in their bedroom!

31. Here is another example of a nap gone wrong

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It seems that this mom is already used to this kind of things and this is the right attitude!

32. Having three kids requires extra patience

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This image pretty much wraps up a day in the life of a parent of three kids!

33. Kids cannot be fooled easily

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This girl wanted to enjoy her soda, but got another thing instead!

34. This is how exhausted a dad can be

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This father was probably completely drained out of his energy

35. This is how things end up sometimes

Image Source: Twitter

Instead of putting the baby to sleep, this mother fell asleep, and the baby is as awake as possible!

36. We don’t believe she meant it

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We don’t really believe she meant it and we are sure this piece of cake just happened to be like that.

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