13 Dads Who Took Their Jokes To A Whole New Level

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One of the most common things in the world is a dad joking with his children. For some reason dads love to make fun or prank them, but in most cases the jokes are so bad that they end up being funny just because they are ridiculous.
However, some dads apparently have the right approach and their jokes are absolutely perfect. The following list contains thirteen examples of perfectly executed dad jokes that will make you laugh.

1. That view, though

Image Source: b12roach

This father sent his child a picture of his new Tokyo apartment. As you can see, the hilarious photo was made to look quite real and this man managed to troll his offspring in the best possible way.

2. It took years and still the war was not won

Image Source: imgur

This dad needed years to be convinced by his child to switch to an iPhone and ditch the old Nokia 3310. However, it was only the battle that was won; not long after that the new iPhone case with custom graphics arrived and dad won the war.

3. Just in case someone came snooping around, dad made labels

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Dads are practical jokers, and this file cabinet proves it. There is probably nothing secret in those drawers, but still the labels are very clever.

4. Seems like the best father-in-law is pictured here

Image Source: reddit

Some guy received this picture from his girlfriend’s dad. It’s just as hilarious as it is accurate, and it really resembles the scene from The Lion King. Getting into the family would probably be a lot of fun for this dude.

5. There’s nothing like a dad supporting his son. Oh, wait

Image Source: allison_barron

Well, it looks like he’s supporting his son’s girlfriend, maybe? Who knows what he had in mind, but sabotaging your son’s marriage proposal is one of the best dad jokes ever.

6. Pac-Man lives

Image Source: biticonjustine

Looking at this dad’s face tells a thousand stories! He looks like he’s about to lose it, and we don’t know about him, but we totally did when we say that Pac-Man style setup with his plate. You just have to appreciate this kind of humor, it’s priceless.

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7. Only a dad could pull this off

Image Source: ikimaru

Renovating the kitchen would require a bit of help, and this dad asked his child to come and give a hand. Well, it turned out to be a perfect prank, and he pulled it off like a boss.

8. This is the stuff you see if your dad is a dentist and a funny guy

Image Source: Bob223

Carving a pumpkin for Halloween is a relatively simple task. When you have a sense of humor and creativity, it gets even better, and the end result is funnier than everything else you’d see.

9. We really appreciate the effort with this one

Image Source: Bwrighterp

This dad took some time to create this image, but the end result is superb. When his child received it, the feeling must have been a bit awkward, to say the least.

10. Nobody messes with this dad

Image Source: reddit

When this man’s daughter received a message from some boy asking to see her wearing only a bra, he obviously got pissed and sent this instead. We wonder how the boy reacted after seeing the photo and we hope that he had some common sense and apologized.

11. These two have brains

Image Source: murfs1

When creativity and humor meet, the end result is something unique. Making a ‘world sandwich’ definitely qualifies as ‘unique’; it’s such a clever idea, and the fact that both father and son were funny enough to do it is amazing, not to mention that they were in the right locations to pull it off.

12. Capturing the aftermath of a dad joke

Image Source: Jebbe

What you see here is the common reaction after a classic dad joke. Some of the people are laughing, others are embarrassed, and dad is happy and proud of himself and his sense of humor. This is the best possible snap that could be labeled as ‘family fun’.

Written by Sven Miller

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