19 Weird But Hilarious Tweets That Definitely Make A Point

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We often come across the kind of content that could make you laugh and that could puzzle you at the same time. The curious part is that all of that could be for no obvious reason at all! It just seems that people with a specific sense of humor can draw your attention and deliver the kind of thing that is guaranteed to amuse you. The list below shows how some ridiculously funny tweets can make you laugh despite the fact that some of them are more or less meaningless.

1. This is a scenario we could imagine

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It definitely sounds like a scene from a movie with extremely dark humor, but the point is that some people really don’t like strangers petting their dogs.

2. Here is another funny imaginary episode

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We like the way how this user was able to incorporate a pun into this imaginary episode, and we guess that an animated movie would the best way this scene could be used in.

3. We could think of a few scenarios here

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Now this is something that you would probably regret imagining, but it is what it is! And it is super funny, we might add!

4. This is just too funny

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We guess that the way this action was described is a really witty one, and we love people who can come up with it! A sophisticated approach in finding Waldo is something we approve!

5. Here is something that would never happen

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We are more than certain that most people really do have a bag full of bags somewhere around the house. Of course, nobody would use them as a ransom.

6. Clever puns are always welcome

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The banker was either intending to throw that pun into the conversation but there is a possibility that he did not do it on purpose.

7. Here is a tweet portraying the modern ways of society 

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Here is a tweet that represents the priorities modern people have! This is the kind of humor we love seeing here and there.

8. This is a song all parents know well

Image Source: Twitter

The reason for this is more than obvious! Babies grow super fast and more than the clothes and shoes their parents buy them are never warn.

9. This is another tweet that makes perfect sense

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This is the proof that something that seems to make zero sense is actually spot on! We really laughed here.

10. Now this is something hilarious to see

Image Source: Twitter

Anyone who has been though a TSA routine check has definitely been involved in a similar episode!

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11. This is how a a pun is supposed to be used

Image Source: Twitter

Of course, this is nothing but a joke, but imagine if it happened for real! Everyone who attended the funeral would have been outraged for sure!

12. This is worthy of featuring in a comedy movie

Image Source: Twitter

We firmly believe that whoever came up with this tweet has a bright future as a comedian! As you can see, it is the perfect scenario!

13. Here is another brilliant example of how a pun should be structured 

Image Source: Twitter

We guess that witty people are able to easily impress others, and there is no better way for them to do it than a demonstration of a perfect sense of humor.

14. This is the best joke we have heard in ages

Image Source: Twitter

It seems that barbers can be helpful in more than one way! Giving the client a perfect hairdo is nothing compared to helping him on site!

15. Here is something just as funny as it is accurate

Image Source: Twitter

Funny content comes in all kinds of shapes and short and clever tweets is definitely the best way to deliver it. This example proves it!

16. Here is something we never want to experience in person

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If someone actually happens to witness this, you can be sure that they will flee the premises with a fast pace! You can easily see why! We hope this tweet was nothing but a joke.

17. We pictured this and we wish we didn’t

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Maybe this is nothing but a fictional story, but we guess that it must have happened at least once. This kind of content should be taken into account by scriptwriters because featuring such a scene in a funny movie would be the right decision!

18. This actually makes a lot of sense

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This took us a while to get it, but once we did, we laughed for ten minutes straight! There is no better joke related to dolphins than this one!

19. Now this is something worth thinking about

Image Source: Twitter

We are not entirely sure about the way people felt when they discovered for the first time the things we now accept as common. The example you see here is really curious and we wonder when people figured out that bananas should be peeled before eaten!

Written by Sven Miller

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