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15 People Who Tried To Be Funny And Smart And Most Of Them Succeeded

Image Source: Reddit

There a lot of ways you could end up in an awkward situation! Sometimes you have no way of guessing the outcome while in other cases you know what to expect and you still go for it! We guess what the people who feel confident and smarter than the rest often find themselves in an unexpected situation. This happens because they tend to underestimate the circumstances. Naturally, the end result may vary from humiliating to disastrous. Of course, some endeavors actually turn out to be successful!

No matter what happens when some tries to be smart, we get to see the outcome! If nobody gets hurt, then we might as well learn from the mistakes other people make. These lessons are the best way to see where you can go wrong and when you need to think twice.

1. This is a truly savage prank

Image Source: Reddit

We need to mention that we love pizza almost as much as we love life! This is why we are particularly sensitive about any pizza-related jokes. However, if the joke is a good one, then we are forced to give some credit to the mastermind behind it. This is exactly the case here! Someone obviously came up with a brilliant idea. It took some careful planning and precision, but the end result is flawless! We wish we had a video of the moment when someone opened that door.

2. Someone tried to relive some childhood memories

Image Source: Reddit

There is probably a good reason why adults stop playing kids’ games at one point in their lives. Children are agile and they seem to be able to go on forever. Adults get tired easily and they are not as mobile as they were. However, sometimes people feel nostalgic and try to bring back some good vibes from the past. As you can see, this is a bad idea sometimes! This man looks like he is trouble! We have no clue how he got there but we hope he made it out easily.

3. Some panoramic photos are more than weird

Image Source: Reddit

One of the best features on every smartphone is the panoramic function of the camera. However, using it requires some skills and experience. It might look simple, but the perfect result is hard to achieve. You need to have a steady hand and good timing in order to take quality panoramic shots! If you still haven’t mastered those skills yet, then be prepared for something like this! After seeing the photo, we can’t stop wondering what it would be if this cat was real!

4. Some traditions just need to be canceled at one point

Image Source: Instagram

We really laughed when we saw this post! The bond between a father and his daughter is always a strong one! These two obviously share a lot of love for each other, and they had a lot of fun together! Unfortunately when the daughter became an adult, some of the family fun had to come to an end. The reason is more than obvious!

5. This is one of the scariest theaters ever

Image Source: Instagram

The idea of a movie theater that welcomes the viewers in the water instead of accommodating them in comfy seats is awesome! Imagine how relaxed and comfortable these people probably feel while watching a movie. Of course, there is a lot more to it than it looks. We are curious to find out what it felt like to see Jaws while floating on the surface! Any other movie would feel just right, but not this one for sure! We bet that most viewers were at least a bit frightened to be there! It just does not seem such a good idea anymore.

6. The caption of this post can mess with your brain

Image Source: Instagram

Some kitchen hacks are more than awesome, and we guess that this is one of them. We have never thought about this before. It seems that this person played it smart and won! Putting ice tea in the ice cube tray is actually brilliant. When you add ice cubes consisting of ordinary water in your ice tea, they melt and ruin the taste. This easy solution will help you enjoy the taste and keep the drink ice cold.

7. We love clever puns like this one

Image Source: Instagram

Some people can find themselves in an awkward situation without doing much. All it takes is to post something controversial on social media! We guess that puns are controversial by nature, because chances are that people would either love it or hate it! This one is so funny that we think everyone would be amused by it! This is one clever attempt at acting smart and we appreciate it.

8. Things take a weird turn here

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Image Source: Reddit

Most people love to read, but the trouble is finding the time to do it. There are a lot of great books to read, but you need a lot of other things for a completely perfect reading experience. One of them is definitely the comfortable position! As you can see, this woman decided to try something different! However, it is not the best idea and we assume that it would become uncomfortable very soon!

9. It looks a store, but it is actually someone’s home

Image Source: Instagram

There are people who are literally obsessed with cleaning! They put a lot of time, energy and effort to keep their homes spotless! However, this can actually turn into a craze! The person who stacked that impressive amount of cleaning products and detergents probably thinks that having all of it is important, because the household would never run out these products. However, we think that there is a time when everyone should draw a line.

10. Jump scares are not for the faint of heart

Image Source: Instagram

We have all seen those short scary videos! They basically feature peaceful scenery or a flash cartoon which are suddenly interrupted by a scream and a scary face. These videos are really savage and you can’t just show them to anyone, especially elderly people! This is not a joke, because they can be frightened to the point where they could be physically affected by the shock. This is the reason why we find this photo caption to be really inappropriate.

11. Sometimes the dress code is a form of karma

Image Source: Reddit

This was really unexpected, and there is something really ironic about the photo! Wearing a shirt like that is definitely a demonstration of character and determination. However, after this accident happened, the shirt received a whole new meaning! We can imagine that this girl was not amused by what happened. We are also sure that this will never be her favorite piece of clothing!

12. Every task should be tackled with caution

Image Source: Reddit

Sometimes we are really amazed by people’s efforts to do the impossible! If we are talking about a noble cause, this would be admirable! However, the example you see here is nowhere near such a cause! In fact, it is something that we see people struggle with all the time. As you can see, someone tried to haul some really big items in this small sedan. We guess that getting them to sit like that without falling off is some kind of success, but driving off with that setup would be extremely dangerous and we would not recommend it! We hope that everything turned out in the end and they got home safely.

13. Here is a weird thing that seems to be a trend

Image Source: Reddit

Technology nowadays has reached amazing heights and we have some really cool stuff on out disposal! One of the best things is definitely the fingerprint recognition option present in a lot of devices. However, it has become more or less a security issue, because people believe someone could use their fingers to unlock their phones while they are sleeping. It sounds weird, but it is possible. Here is why some people attempted a clever approach. They decided to use some of the fingers on their feet instead! However, we think that the idea is not very good, because it means that you would be forced to do it in public all the time!

14. We hate to break it to this girl, but this photo is not a selfie

Image Source: Twitter

People love meeting celebrities and these encounters are always cherished by those who got to be close to their idols! However, meeting a famous face and taking a selfie is one thing, but sharing a photo like the one you see above is a completely different story! You just have to realize that there is something wrong the minute you need to explain who the biggest white dot in the background actually was. It seems that this person was too excited to realize that.

15. Desperate times require desperate measures

Image Source: Reddit

Nobody likes having issues with their car. However, some people decide to act instead of focusing on the problem! Even when everything seems to be bad, there is always a solution. This person obviously had no spare wheel inside the car, so this improvisation was made. It looks unsafe, but we are sure it was only a temporary solution to drive the car to a service shop.

Written by Nick Martin

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