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15 Photos That Will Definitely Make You Love People Even More

Image Source: Reddit

We can never get enough of seeing wholesome things! People do good deeds and help each other all the time. Do not believe all the negative individuals who continue to say that the world is a bad place. No, it is not bad at all as long as there are people and animals like the ones you are about to see. A small act of kindness is all you need to do or see and you will instantly feel better about being here and now! Enjoy the list of wholesome things below!

1. This police officer should get a reward

Image Source: Reddit

This photo does not show something special when you first take a look at it, but it is the story behind it that matters. Someone witnessed the whole thing and took the photo after which that same person uploaded it on social media. The police officer stopped the homeless man but he did nothing wrong. In fact, it was not a routine check. What the officer wanted to do was to help the man so she provided him with snacks and other items he would need. After talking to him for a while she reportedly gave him a hug and drove off.

2. Here is something really sweet and very important, too

Image Source: Reddit

The bridge you see is located in Manchester, UK. The special thing about the location is the quantity of leaflets you can see attached to the guard rails. They are not advertising material! In fact, they were put there by the city council in order to prevent suicide! The council hoped that anyone who would go there with the intention to jump and take their own life would think twice after reading one leaflet! We think that it is a beautiful thing to do!

3. This man takes care of all these wild ducks

Image Source: Reddit

Every human being should take care of the flora and fauna in any possible way. We should use our superiority to create and maintain instead of damaging and destroying nature. Unfortunately, not everyone is like Dave, the man you see in the photo. Dave and his wife feed all these ducks on a daily basis until the time comes for them to migrate south. It takes so little but it means the world to the birds because Dave saves their lives!

4. Here is one really kind doggo

Image Source: Reddit

This dachshund is a sweetheart! When its owner brought home some rescue kittens, the dog immediately stepped in and became their mommy! Fostering the kittens turned into a daily routine for the dog and naturally the kittens recognized the dachshund as their parent! They grew really close to the brave and kind-hearted dog and as you can see, their bond is pretty close! This is a truly beautiful story and shows the affection animals are capable of.

5. It takes a special kind of person to rescue a hummingbird

Image Source: Reddit

Not everyone would come to the rescue of a hummingbird, but apparently someone did it for this little guy. One Reddit user told the story of the bird’s rescue operation. Apparently the person’s boss spent more than an hour trying to rescue the tiny bird. The brave woman gave their best and her actions resulted in the successful retrieval of the bird. The hummingbird rested for a few minutes in the woman’s hands and took off after that.

6. Here is how you encourage people the right way

Image Source: Reddit

We all know that taking a kid to the pediatrician can be tough job sometimes. Kids are scared of doctors and hospitals which is perfectly normal. They see all the machines and equipment and have no idea what is going to happen. One doctor found the best way to make the children feel comfortable. After one of the small patients showed bravery and allowed the pediatrician to give him the flu shot, the doctor actually prescribed an ice cream cone that was also free of charge! How cool is that!

7. Every charity needs support

Image Source: Reddit

This photo was shared on social media by someone working for a local food bank that helped those in need by providing them with products they need to survive. Members of the food bank staff collected donations outside of a Walmart location when a man approached them. He did not intend to give them a few items. What he did instead was donate a whole cart of food! His kindness impressed the people from the food bank and we think that it takes a big heart to do such a thing!

8. This is not a routine police check

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Image Source: Reddit

It appears that the photo shows a police officer who pulled a driver over to check their papers. The person who shared the photo made it clear that it was not the case. What the police officer did was help a driver in trouble. The other vehicle had a flat tire and the driver was unable to fix it on the spot. The police officer noticed the vehicle so he stopped and got out of the car after which he pushed the other driver to a safer spot. He also freed traffic this way. What a great thing to see!

9. Here is on thoughtful kitty

Image Source: Reddit

If you have a cat at home, you probably know that felines love destroying any kind of pot plants and especially flowers. They accept them as playgrounds and their fast paws and tiny claws are enough to turn a plant into something that came out of a shredder. However, not all cats are the same. The person who shared this photo explained that this kitty waits for the flowers to fall down to the ground after which the smart feline carefully brings them inside as gifts for the humans.

10. This is a really wholesome thing to do

Image Source: Adevarul

We believe that doing something in honor of a person or a passed event is always a beautiful thing to do! As you can see, this person is carefully restoring a memorial plate. It is located in Romania and it holds the names of fallen war heroes. The man decided to use his free time and his skills and dedicate them to the restoration of the memorial. What a great and wholesome thing to do!

11. Here is one sweet story

Image Source: Diply

This image was shared on social media by the person who took it. Apparently he works as a mailman and one of the frequent places he visits to deliver the mail is a retirement home. One of the elderly ladies there knew his routine and always gave him something to eat. In this case it was a couple of marmalade packs which is really sweet! The granny reportedly liked to chat with the mailman for some time before he leaves.

12. This is one really cool rescue operation

Image Source: Reddit

As we mentioned earlier, taking care of animals in need is essential. Whenever we can go to the rescue, we should, because most animals are unable to save themselves in a lot of situations. When this duck got tangled in a piece of fabric, it had no chances for escape on its own. This is when a couple happened to be at the place and definitely in the right time. They freed the duck while its buddy waited patiently on one side. We are glad that they shared the sweet story because it is truly inspiration.

13. Here is one really precious gift

Image Source: Diply

An elderly lady took care of squirrels and she really wanted a way to help them adapt to the outdoor life before releasing them into the wild. She wanted them to make an easier transition and thought that a simple cage would be enough. Her family knew that and they decided to surprise her by building her the setup you see on the photo. She was probably overwhelmed with joy when she saw it!

14. Not all heroes wear capes

Image Source: Facebook

We know that there are a lot of stereotypes out there but stories like the one below really destroy a lot of them. When the home of the elderly gentleman on the right, named Mr. C, was engulfed in flames, he had almost no chance to escape but then his neighbors stepped in and rescued him! These people are real heroes and they did the only right thing in this situation. We are all human and the main purpose of our amazing abilities is to use them to help ourselves and every other living soul we meet that is in need of assistance.

15. Every act of kindness is a big deal

Image Source: Reddit

This heartwarming photo is the perfect way to end the list. It was taken at an emergency room. The woman on the left had to hold her arm up high in order to reduce the swelling of the injury. As you can imagine, it is kind of tiring which is why her friend offered to help. Instead of a helping hand, he offered a helping head which was more than enough to support her high. This is what friends are for, right?

Written by Nick Martin

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