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9 Amusing Pictures That You Will Need If You Need To Laugh

Image Source: Reddit

Once in a while, you absolutely need to laugh. It is good for you.

It is hard to get out of bed if you don’t laugh once in a while. That’s why sitcoms are so popular. Even the dullest sitcom is better than no television at all. Even “I Love Lucy” can make you smile once in a while, and that show is older than my dad.

If you just happen to be interested in an old sitcom, I recommend “Newhart”, which stars Bob Newhart. It was pretty surreal. The ending revealed that the show was all a dream, which is why it was so wacky. It was a favorite show of my grandfather; sadly, he passed before he could see the final episode.

One of the only reasons I don’t want to pass is that there are a lot of great shows out there making new episodes. I want to see how those new episodes turn out. I’m not a fan of the new “Murphy Brown”, but I do want to see the new episodes of “Veronica Mars”. There is always a great reason to hang on, even if that reason is just television.

You can find a lot of great reasons to hang on just by looking at pictures on the internet. Here are ten amusing pictures you might want to look at if you simply need to laugh. We all need a laugh once in a while

1. The Guy Who Is Not A Fan Of The Plants

Image Source: Reddit

At first, I didn’t understand disliking plants. I do not have a green thumb, certainly, but plants are pretty hard to dislike.

I realize this is a joke, but after a bit of thought, I have come to recognize why one might actively dislike plants and trees. For one, I hate raking up leaves. There are few chores more obnoxious. I kind of like the colors before the leaves fall, but I could easily do without if it meant the leaves stayed on the trees. I have tripped because of wet leaves on the ground, and it wasn’t a fun experience. I have also tripped because of ice, and that was pretty terrible. Why does the weather dislike me so?

What is it with people who like the cold weather? I suppose you have more fashion options during the winter months, true; I have a few jackets I like very much. Still, I have a friend who just can’t wait for winter. It isn’t a fashion thing in his case, though. He just likes it when it is dark and cold. He prefers that to the light and the sun. Frankly, for that reason alone, I am surprised we are still friends.

2. The Sandwich and the Cheese

Image Source: Reddit

The only reason I can’t see myself doing this is because I don’t eat cheese. If I did, I would have done this by now.

I honestly can’t understand people who eat cheese; I respect the rights of others to do so, but cheese freaks me out. I can’t figure out why anyone would want to put that stuff in his or her mouth. I love pizza, but I always get it without the cheese or remove the cheese.

Speaking of pizza and cheese, why is it that pizza joints don’t charge less for pizza without cheese? Cheese is often the most expensive part of the pizza. If a normal pizza costs $10 and I order it without cheese, I should only have to pay $8 or so.

I have a similar complaint about salads at restaurants. Almost all of them have cheese as an ingredient; however, if you ask for a salad without cheese, they didn’t give you more of another ingredient. They don’t reduce the price. They don’t even toss more lettuce in there, and I know for a fact that lettuce is a lot cheaper than cheese. It really is very frustrating.

3. The Business Card and the Barber

Image Source: Reddit

With the exception of the fact this card doesn’t have a phone number or email address, this is pretty effective. It definitely says almost everything it needs to say.

It saddens me that a lot of people, especially if they’re on the younger side, don’t really use business cards or calling cards anymore. I actually bought calling cards for myself that aren’t related to my business—they’re just my name, email address, and phone number. I look forward to the day anyone is remotely interested enough in anything I have to say that I’ll consider giving one away. I have hundreds of them! They will be around long after I am, I imagine.

4. The Fan From Canada

Image Source: Starecat

This is fun and amusing. I can’t imagine it happening outside of Canada, though. Nobody cares if the teams are having fun.

I was born in an area where sports are taken quite seriously. I also grew up in a different area where sports are taken very seriously. Frankly, I think people in both areas take their professional sports way too seriously. People have been known to riot in the streets when the local teams win. They do damage to their own city because they’re happy the team won. That makes no sense to me.

That’s why—and I am sure my father would agree—croquet should once more become a popular professional sport. You can’t picture anyone getting overly worked up over a croquet match, can you? Frankly, I can’t imagine anyone getting worked up at all over a croquet match.

My father actually really likes croquet; I have read that it has been popular for over a century, but I just can’t believe it. I sort of thought my dad was the only one who actually liked what can barely be called a sport. The activity requires skill—don’t get me wrong—but I just wouldn’t call it a sport. It is hard to call it an activity as far as I am concerned.

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I also don’t like golf. There’s this bar I go to where they show golf on television all of the time, and there are people who actually show up to watch it. They make loud comments about it! Trust me when I say that I wish I could be good at golf; you can make millions of dollars and date extremely attractive women if you’re good at the game. Still, I just don’t get the appeal.

5. The Homecoming Dance and the Baby

Image Source: Instagram

She definitely did not have a choice. The dress suits her, however.

I couldn’t imagine having a baby while in high school. That’s just a lot to deal with at that age. That said, I finished high school a long time ago and can’t imagine having a baby now. By the time he or she graduated college I’d be way too old to watch him or her have careers and families of their own. I would probably be around—technically—but I wouldn’t be able to enjoy it.

I actually have a couple of friends who are older than me who just had a baby. We’re not really in touch these days, but I would like to be. It isn’t that I want to talk to them; I just want to see how inept they are in regard to handling raising a kid. Frankly, they’re not the warmest people. They’re certainly not the most patient or tolerant people.

6. The Guy and the Age

Image Source: Me Me

What’s funny here is that I couldn’t guess this guy’s age to save my life. I am really bad at guessing ages, though. He has all of his hair, so I am guessing he is on the younger side, and he also has something of a baby face; however, there is something about his overall appearance that makes me thing he is over thirty. It might be the bushy eyebrows. That’s a problem in my family. Men in my family get really bushy eyebrows as they age. They also get hairy backs. That’s a different, grosser story.

I’m older than I would like to be. Pretty much every age after about twenty-four stinks. You know what I’d really like as a present? People give me gift cards for various local retailers all of the time, but I’d like one for the local plastic surgeon. That would be a truly fantastic present. I don’t even think I need that much plastic surgery. I just need a little thing here and a little thing there. I keep seeing this commercial for a plastic surgery company when I am watching television at five in the morning; I have insomnia issues, so of course I’m watching television at five in the morning. The “doctors” on the commercial make the experience sound so easy and fun. There are people who claim to be patients talking about how their lives were changed. I want my life to be changed for the better!

Back to the picture, however, this guy needs a better haircut. The bangs really aren’t working for him.

I also don’t like the t-shirt, and the background leaves a lot to be desired.

7. The Person in the Thirty Percent

Image Source: Reddit

I really don’t even know what to say about this one. I am assuming the person who put this up was making a joke.

I guess it is possible, considering the sign for a well-known beer in the window, that whoever wrote this had consumed one too many. That’s totally possible, right?

I wouldn’t be surprised if this was not a joke, sadly. There’s a sign close to where I live where a business, trying to direct people to said business, says to ‘turn rite’.

8. The Lemons

Image Source: Reddit

Last time I checked, orange juice wasn’t made with lemons.

Then again, lemon juice in orange juice probably tastes pretty good. I enjoy curious food and beverage combinations. Personally, I like putting hot sauce on hamburgers. There’s a kick there that you wouldn’t have if you just used ketchup. I also enjoy putting olives on hamburgers. People find the practice repulsive—which is part of the fun—but the combination is surprisingly delightful.

9. The Lost Unicorn

Image Source: Reddit

I think all of us would like to interact with a unicorn once in our lives. It is a true shame that they don’t technically exist. That would definitely be a fun day. I would also like to interact with a Pikachu.
Unicorns are associated with purity; I don’t really understand why. They are just horses with a giant horn. They do look pretty cool, sure, but I am not sure why you have to be a virgin to capture one.

Written by Kevin Barrett

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