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15 Times People And Animals Failed In A Funny Way

Image Source: Reddit

When someone needs to complete a certain task, there are numerous factors that are of great significance. It might seem like something is absolutely straightforward but it can end up in a disaster if the person who needs to get the job done lacks focus or is not paying attention to the small details. Even worse, sometimes a result that was pursued deliberately might turn out to be a bad idea. As you are about to see, such situations can happen everywhere and at any given time! We might as well enjoy the examples where nobody got hurt, except someone’s pride, maybe.

1. Here is a sandwich we would never try

Image Source: Twitter

We can’t believe we are making a statement like that, but there is a sandwich that we would never try! You can see it in this photo. Yes, that is correct. Someone actually produced a road kill-filled sandwich and we cannot decide if it is a real thing or some sort of mistake. Nobody in their right mind would eat that thing. We guess that someone made a joke and put a fake label on it, otherwise the manufacturer of that product would face difficulties ahead for sure.

2. This is one perfectly timed photo

Image Source: 9gag

Sometimes the perfect moment to capture a photo is nailed by accident and we love seeing such images. It is not hard at all to see what happened in that photo. We need to admit that we have been in similar situations ourselves. These glass doors are simply too clean sometimes and the incident pictured above happens all the time! We hope this person was not hurt but it is still a shame to see those shakes go to waste like that.

3. This is kind of strange to see

Image Source: Twitter

This image got us thinking about it. When you read the headline, you will probably understand why. We understand that it must be a real bummer to let the phone slip out of your hand and fall down in a drain. Everyone would try to retrieve their phone if this happens, no doubt about it. What puzzles us is why this person decided to go in feet first. There is no way she could bend over and search for the phone with her hands. We hope the rescuers got her and the phone out fast.

4. You should never try to give your cat a bath like that

Image Source: Imgur

Everyone who has a cat at home is surely glad that bathing time is a rare event. The reason why is probably clear to everyone. Cats hate water and that is a real problem when the time for a bath comes. Different people have different techniques for handling these situations but only some of them actually work. This person obviously needs to work on his cat-bathing skills. The does not seem to be pleased either.

5. Here is a tattoo fail like no other

Image Source: Imgur

We love tattoos because most of them are real works of art! What better to do than have a work of art embedded on your skin, right? Of course, not all tattoos are a success. Sometimes the final result has nothing in common with the initial idea, which is a problem when it comes to permanent ink! As you can see, this cute baby was represented in a rather creepy way! Some tattoo artists need to step up their game!

6. A photo speaks a thousand words sometimes

Image Source: Reddit

This is one of those images that hardly need an explanation, but there is still something curious about it! This cute dog was probably running around chasing the other canine when something unexpected happened. The doggo ended up tangled in that hammock. The question is how it happened? We guess that it jumped and landed on the hammock without realizing that it was not a solid surface.

7. Here is another dog in an awkward situation

Image Source: Reddit

One of the favorite things of any dog is the constant jumping and running around. It seems that it brings the ultimate level of joy to canines and they cannot get enough of it. Things are even better if the dog lives in a yard because it gets to run as much as it wants which is almost impossible when living in an apartment. However, the yard life has its downsides and you can see an example of what could go wrong.

8. Something definitely went wrong here

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Image Source: The Chive

There are certain procedures that need to follow specific rules. Most of these rules are safety precautions meant to prevent malfunctions or injuries. However, following them is sometimes neglected and that means that disaster could strike at any given minute. As the photo above suggests, someone forgot that all metal objects had to be removed before turning the machine on. The end result is obvious.

9. Here is a wedding fail that is a real disaster

Image Source: Slydor

Weddings are among the best moments in people’s lives! Of course, this means that they need to be perfect in every aspect! A lot of planning and hard work is needed to create the perfect ceremony. The pressure is immense but everything is worth it in the end. Well, sometimes things do not go as planned and disaster strikes when it is least expected! This photo was taken at the only possible moment before it fell to ground and it was definitely not what the newlyweds wanted to experience.

10. This is how a delivery can go really bad

Image Source: Reddit

We all know the feeling of extreme anticipation we get when we buy something online. Even if it something small, we get all excited about the upcoming delivery. Of course, there is nothing to be done except to wait. Unfortunately, sometimes the delivery companies experience different kinds of difficulties. In other cases they actually deliver the items earlier! This driver was probably in a rush but he pushed things a bit too far.

11. This is a situation you don’t want to be in

Image Source: eBaum’s World

Our busy schedules are often overloaded with tasks and we are on the verge of a meltdown in most of the time. Thinking about a number of things and doing them simultaneously often leads to controversial results and even disasters! The lack of focus is the cause for these situations. You can clearly see that someone was probably thinking about a lot of different things because they drove off with the gas pump hose still attached to their vehicle.

12. Here is something you don’t see every day

Image Source: Reddit

You probably know how cats love to literally stick their noses into everything! This means that they often find themselves in awkward situations. This cat is definitely one of the most curious ones we have seen but it also seems to regret the decision of trying to fit in there. Cats are notorious for their abilities to fit into tiny spaces but there is a limit to that, of course.

13. Sometimes people regret their own choices

Image Source: Reddit

We guess that people make decisions which they consider to be right at the time but time proves they were nothing but mistakes. The examples for such a scenario are numerous but you have probably experienced such situations yourselves. The photo above shows how this girl feels about her tat. Her face clearly speaks that she does not like it anymore but she was probably thrilled to have it done. The name on her forearm does not seem to be that hard to make by any tattoo artist, but you can easily see the mistakes. What makes matters worse is the fact that it looks like a permanent tattoo.

14. This is another feline in distress

Image Source: Twitter

We already mentioned about the huge curiosity every cat has about the surrounding world. As you can see, the cat decided to try and fit in a tiny plastic jar. Of course, it is easy to see that it is an impossible thing to achieve, but the cat is unaware of that. As expected, the whole thing ended with a confused cat in need of some human assistance! We guess that cats never learn and they will continue to make the same mistakes over and over again.

15. Some parties are wilder than expected

Image Source: Twitter

Most of you have probably attended parties that eventually got out of hand. The good mood, the excitement and the alcohol are a combination that can always lead to disastrous situations. This shows the perfect example of something unexpected during a wild party. These people were probably confident that the car was strong enough to support their weight, but they were wrong. The intensive dancing and the jumping literally crushed the vehicle! It looks like it rolled over in a collision! Maybe they realized that they totaled the car but decided to party one because there was nothing that could be done once it was mangled.

Written by Nick Martin

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