15 Pictures Showing That You Often Receive Тhe Unexpected

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We have all been in a situation where we expected a certain thing or a result, but we got the complete opposite instead! This is always a frustrating experience, but in some cases it is also weird. Not getting what you expected might not be so bad if you get to see or learn something new in the process. No matter what happens, it is all well if it ends well, despite the initial expectations. The photo of the unexpected tip some kid gave this waiter is a nice example.
Check out the following list and enjoy it!

1. We guess that this is not the most scientific method to detect earthquakes

Image Source: Reddit

Earthquakes are among the worst natural disasters! They can cause a lot of casualties and damage. A lot of areas have seismic activity and the ground shakes frequently. Thanks to science and technology, people are able to predict if a serious earthquake is about to strike. This gives time to evacuate people before it’s too late. However, we have never seen an earthquake detection device like this before! It is really something you would never expect to see.

2. Online shopping is a tricky game

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Online shopping is becoming more and more popular across the globe. There are a lot of reasons for that. It is faster and you are able to buy anything while still sitting on the couch! Of course, not everything about is sunshine and rainbows. Many online merchants use little tricks and tactics to deceive the potential customers. As you can see, someone learned this the hard way! You need to make sure to check all the little details before ordering something.

3. Sometime a defect can be turned into an effect

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When something suffers a failure or malfunction, you would expect that problems or a disaster would follow. However, in some cases even such a negative scenario can be avoided by sheer chance! As you can see, the sign of this Italian restaurant suffered some kind of electrical fault. The owner was lucky, because the malfunction gave a whole new and really sassy meaning to the sign!

4. Some people accept everything literally

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When you discuss something with someone or give them a specific instruction, chances are that you had something specific in mind. This, however, is not a guarantee that the other person got the right idea! As you can see in the photo above, some people have their own perception of things! When they give a new meaning to something that was more than obvious, you would surely expect something you never thought you would see!

5. This is a rather unusual pet to have in an apartment building

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People have all kinds of pets in their homes. Except for cats and dogs, some individuals have some exotic pets such as snakes, iguanas and spiders. Of course, nobody would expect that someone would to raise a horse in their apartment! Horses require a huge stable and a place to walk and run. This photo is definitely weird, because it shows the last thing you would expect to see in a big apartment building.

6. Here is a rather unexpected sight

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Perhaps most of us have seen a punching bag before. They are a common part of the equipment at any gym or a sports saloon. They come in all shapes and sizes, but they have different levels of thickness, too. This is important, because they can be used as a part of different types of training, depending on the goals. Of course, nobody would expect to find a huge stack of old clothes in such a punching bag, but it apparently happened!

7. We cannot believe that this is the same dog

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Most people care of their pets as if they were their real children! This is perfectly normal and every individual should treat animals that way. One of the most usual types care is the grooming most dogs need. Of course, the best thing to do is take your canine to a professional groomer! You would expect the best possible result, right? Well, no always. Just check out the photos above and you will see that not all groomers understand their clients’ requests.

8. Some requests need to be more specific

test ad
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We guess that when you want something, you need to be as specific as possible. You know what they say – ‘be careful what you wish for’. A woman learned this lesson the hard way! After she asked her boyfriend to get some peaches on the way home, she probably thought that he would just pick some from the store, but she was in for a surprise! As you can see, he chose to chop down a whole tree!

9. Spending quality time with the kids can be more than fun

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If you chose to spend the whole day at the playground with your kids, then you need to know that you you’ll be exhausted by the end of the day, but they will be extremely happy! This is what matter the most, of course. As you can see, some of the rides there are not as easy as they seem to be. This father probably thought that he would look like a superhero, but his plan obviously backfired. As the caption of the photo suggests, his calculations were probably not as accurate as he thought they were.

10. This is definitely the last thing you would expect to see

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Everyone owns a tech gadget of some sort! In fact, most people carry around at least two or three of them. This means that everyone needs to be careful not to lose them. There are a lot of thieves around, too, so people need to have the best safety features possible. The majority of modern mobile phones feature the latest security software options. They include taking a photo of whoever tries to unlock your device. This person was probably shocked to see who tried to do it!

11. Here is one of the worst examples of online shopping frauds

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As we already mentioned, online shopping has a lot of downsides. You need to be very careful before placing an order for a certain item. As you can see, even items with an extremely high price cannot be trusted. The photo in the ad shows perfectly good sneakers, but it turned out it was a fraud! The person who ordered the shoes received something completely different! The pair which was delivered to the unfortunate buyer resembles clown shoes! We hope the person had a full refund.

12. Custom cakes were meant to look like that

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No matter what the occasion for a party is, there must be a cake! This is an essential part of every celebration. Of course, you could buy a ready-made cake, but that would be too ordinary. Ordering a custom cake based on your preferences is always the best option. However, you need to check the bakery before placing your order! Otherwise you risk everything and you better be prepared for an unexpected disaster like the one in the photo!

13. Pizza is something that can serve a surprise as well

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Most people love pizza! The variety and the taste of this type of fast food are the reasons why everyone enjoys it! However, sometimes you might be in for a surprise! The photo shown above shows why! It seems that technology does not make it easy for some people even when it is supposed to! This person decided to surprise everyone with pizza for dinner and probably to show off some tech skills, too. Unfortunately for her, the app proved to be too complicated. The end result is definitely not the best pizza in the world.

14. If the husband is out shopping, the wife better be prepared for the unexpected

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Shopping is not for everyone! Yes, it looks like a simple task, but it seems that a lot of people get it wrong even when they have a list. As you would expect, men, for example, have some trouble shopping for feminine products. It seems that they get it wrong much too often. As you can see, these pads were a real surprise, because their size was more than unexpected.

15. Sisters’ love can be shown in numerous ways

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Sisters usually form a strong bond between each other! They can express their affection for one another in many different ways. Supporting each other can also be shown in ways that are unconventional or even unexpected, as you can see by this post. There’s nothing like sisters’ love!

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