17 Parent On Twitter Are Sharing How They Managed To Make Theirs Kids Read Books

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In a world full of technology, it seems nearly impossible to make a kid read a book. There are many ways to do that without the need to force them. As we all know, forcing someone to do something would likely never result in the desired effect. Kids need to want to read, and parents on Twitter shared how they were able to convince them to do so.

1. The punishment

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It seems that this trick works like a charm. Making someone believe that reading is a punishment would ultimately make them want to escape that punishment and do what they are forbidden to do.

2. The lights

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Here is yet another example of how a simple tactic would work like a charm. This person never realized that their parents actually encouraged them to read instead of the other way around.

3. The choice

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This is one awesome parenting tactic. The mother knew that chores are fairly easy to master but having a love for reading developed was much more important. We guess that the mother did a great job here.

4. The encouragement

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Having someone to encourage kids to read is awesome! It appears that this former babysitter was able to plant the seed of being a bookworm in the kids she took care of. It is such a nice thing to do.

5. The flashlights

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Reading under the covers can be risky and this tweet explains why. It appears that these parents were lucky to prevent the fire and they also made sure their kids would continue reading after getting in bed.

6. The father

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Here is how you set the right example for your offspring to follow. This person had a love for reading from an early age and it is so nice to see that it was shared by her dad. He created a lamp setup for her to be comfy while reading.

7. The book

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Some parents don’t even need a hack to make their kids read. In fact, they might even try to make them read less, we guess. This mom told her daughter that there was one book she should not read but she did it anyway.

8. The treatment

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Here is one example of how a kid should be treated when it comes to learning. This person’s parents never allowed a game console but tolerated as many books as she wanted. The older she got, the more she understood it was the right thing to do.

9. The encouragement

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This is one of the most common cases: kids hiding the fact they read after bedtime and thinking that their parents would mind. In fact, parents are almost always approving of having their kids read more.

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10. The pillow

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Hiding more than a couple of books under the pillow is a thing that would never work, as parents would easily notice it. The good part is that most parents would have nothing in mind when they realize their kids loved reading.

11. The batteries

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Here is how one person decided to support their kids in their reading quest. This person thought that reading using a flashlight was sneaky but their parents were always changing the batteries.

12.The lamp

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It seems that some parents need to take their time and realize that what their kids are doing is not necessarily a bad thing, especially when it comes to reading. This person’s parents realized that it was okay.

13. The realization

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Some people never realize the things their parents did to make sure they kept reading. As you can see here, this person remembered that her parents were also encouraging her to read by mounting a lamp over her bed.

14. The bedtime

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Here is one of the simplest and yet most effective ways to encourage and tolerate the kids’ reading habits. There seems to be no problem with kids reading after they get in bed. It is better than fiddling with their phones for sure.

15. The reading time

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Here is yet another proud parent who did the right thing. Using the light from an electric blanket switch is nearly impossible so this mom simply allowed her kid to use the lamp instead.

16. The example

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Parents should always try and push their kids to do something they think would be good for them and see what happens next. In this case, the kid’s interest in books was sparked and it continued to be on fire ever since.

17. The start

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This is how the whole topic started. This father was happy to share that his kid though reading past bedtime was rebellious and it seems the father supported the whole thing by changing the flashlight batteries.

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