15 Things From 90s Movies That Would Be Totally Unacceptable Today

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The movies from the 90s were awesome and a lot of them shaped the lives of most Millennials. Some of the epic films from that era are masterpieces and could not be recreated again.

However, even if some of them had remakes done, they would be a lot different due to the changes in society; what was considered as normal and funny back then could be offensive and unacceptable now.
Here are 15 examples of such movies.

1. Bring It On

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Making fun of the male cheerleaders would be a big no-no today, because the joke is related to sexuality. There is also the issue that each and every activity should not be related to a specific gender.

2. Mrs. Doubtfire

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The hilarious movie was probably not going to be released at all if the idea about it came in the recent years. The funny transformation of Robin Williams would probably be considered to be transphobic and downright mean.

3. She’s All That

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Being objectified today is considered as insulting, to say the least, and what seemed like an innocent scene in a teen makeover movie would not be acceptable now. Not to mention that it implied that choosing looks over education is the thing to do.

4. Pocahontas

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You probably are not aware of this, but Disney took a real historic character and changed the story with the sole intention to be suitable for a wider audience. The romantic twist seen in the production never happened, and the real story was about oppression.

5. Dazed and Confused

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The character played by David Wooderson is happy to be a predator and is even bragging about it. The most inappropriate line by today’s standards is when he says that he likes the fact that he gets older, but the high school girls are always the same age.

6. Ace Ventura: Pet Detective

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The scene where the main villain was revealed to be a man instead of a woman, everyone present began vomiting, which is very offensive, because it implies that transgender individuals are repulsive. Everyone has the right to be themselves without being mocked about it.

7. American Beauty

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The entire plot of this film is just wrong: a middle-aged man develops an obsession about one of his own daughter’s friends. What’s ironic about this is that some recent events made Kevin Spacey’s name even more controversial.

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8. American Pie

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One of the funniest parts of the American Pie movies was the relationship between Stifler’s mom and one of his friends. They were keeping it as a secret, implying that it was not acceptable for an older woman to be with a younger man, while today’s society encourages women to embrace their sexuality.

9. Can’t Hardly Wait

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The only thing that could be considered as wrong in this movie is the frequent use of the insulting F-word for being gay. It’s unthinkable for this to happen in a modern comedy movie.

10. Empire Records

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The problem with this movie could be considered as a huge deal in today’s terms; all the female characters were given strictly one-dimensional personalities while the male characters were developing throughout the movie.

11. Home Alone

This movie would simply not exist if the idea for it was born in the last decade. There was no way that the 8-year-old kid could be left alone and without contact with his parents for more than five minutes in today’s world – we have cellphones, Wi-Fi and many other ways that would not allow for this movie plot to happen.

12. Bring It On

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One of the other scenes in the movie that are more than controversial from today’s point of view is the car wash scene. Having underage high school girls washing cars in tight bathing suits and doing close ups on them is not acceptable at all.

13. The Sandlot

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While it seemed like a typical teen feud, this scene would be considered as a sexist rant by most people today, because it clearly implies that girls are weak. The gender equity is huge factor now.

14. Empire Records

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One of the other things in this movie that would be considered wrong from today’s perspective is the fact that a middle-aged man fools around with a high-school girl. It’s not just inappropriate, it’s illegal.

15. 10 Things I Hate About You

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Kat Stratford was shown as a bitter and quite angry feminist who totally changed after meeting Patrick, who literally exploited her after that.

Written by Sven Miller

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