30 Of The Funniest Photoshop Fails You Could Ever See Online

Image Source: Reddit

We have always admired graphic designers and CGI experts and the mad skills they have! However, the trouble is that many people believe they have the same skills, but they could not be more wrong about that! Fortunately, we all get to see their creations and they are guaranteed to make you laugh!

1. This person needs to bulk up for real

Image Source: Imgur

Adding muscular arms using Photoshop is not going to get you anywhere in life! This boy needs to go to the gym and to it the right way!

2. This is disturbing to see

Image Source: Imgur

She should have used a makeup app instead of doing this!

3. Nobody would fall for this one

Image Source: Imgur

This is the bare minimum effort you could put when altering an image.

4. This person was probably daydreaming

Image Source: Imgur

It is obvious to what was that dream all about!

5. Cropping the photo was not enough

Image Source:

Here is why you need to pay attention to details! This man was obviously assited in this stunt!

6. This one is more than obvious

Image Source:

You can easily tell the check was added using Photoshop. Adding the shadows would have been a good idea, though.

7. Now this is something we have never seen before

Image Source:

Yes, that’s right – someone wanted the stadium to look full of spectators, but they should have tried harder!

8. The model industry is pushing things too far

Image Source:

Well, there is definitely something wrong with that body posture!

9. Here is an image that could not deceive even a toddler

Image Source:

Of all the images to work on, they chose the one of a speeding SUV! If this was a real scene, it would have been extremely dangerous!

10. They missed a tiny detail here

Image Source:

While the image is actually well-composed, they had to make the wheels look stationery!

11. There is only one detail that is wrong in this photo

Image Source: Instagram

You just need to look at her thighs and you will see it. We guess the photo looked just as good without the extra touch added to it.

12. We wish it was this easy

Image Source: Imgur

This only took 5 minutes to make but it takes 5 years to achieve in real life! We hope this boy took the right decision and went to the gym!

13. This is also an obvious one

Image Source: Imgur

Well, you cannot unsee this once you see it! Not everyone is blessed with a waist this narrow!

14. Adding some muscle needs to be done with precision

Image Source: Imgur

The other arm needed some attention as well here! This is also valid for everyone who gains muscle for real!

15. Some of these attempts are more tha  hilarious

test ad
Image Source: Imgur

Nobody could fall for a poorly altered image such as this one, so why bother creating it at all?

16. All those beauty trends took their toll here

Image Source: Imgur

We are convinced that this girl looked good even before she altered this image!

17. This has got to be one of the worst examples on the list

Image Source: Reddit

This person definitely needs a lesson or two in using this kind of software!

18. This graphic designer did a sloppy job

Image Source: Imgur

If we pretend the photo was real, it looks like it was taken a second before it hit the wall!

19. They forgot one tiny detail in this photo

Image Source: Imgur

Maybe they replaced one of the players in the photo, but they left his right hand!

20. Here is an example of what happens when designers rush it

Image Source: Imgur

The photo looks nice until you realize the front landing gear of the plane is missing!

21. Now this one is just hilarious

Image Source: Imgur

We are not sure what they tried to pull off here, but it did not work as planned!

22. This is yet another creepy image

Image Source: Imgur

It appears the graphic designer failed to notice the hand on this woman’s shoulder.

23. This man either has three arms or the graphic designer neglected one detail

Image Source: Imgur

This is both hilarious and creepy to see!

24. We wish we never zoomed in

Image Source: Imgur

Everything seems to be fine with this one until you look at the left hand!

25. Now this one is curious

Image Source: Imgur

We like this photo a lot because it has a kind of ghostly appearance!

26. Someone needs to add shadows here

Image Source: Imgur

They made a good attempt to add these men to the photo but it looks kind of unrealistic.

27. Here is another example where a shadow would make a lot of difference

Image Source: Imgur

As you can see, the image could have been a lot more convincing!

28. This image was probably done in a hurry

Image Source: Imgur

Taking your time while altering an image is really important because you might miss a detail like it happened here!

29. Now this is brilliant

Image Source: Imgur

Snickers actually used all these Photoshop mistakes for a print ad and it is a genius idea!

30. They forgot to add a belly button

Image Source: Imgur

The photo looks really nice but the missing belly button is definitely not okay!

Written by Sven Miller

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