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15 Times When Nick From “New Girl” Was Truly All Of Us

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When it comes to a TV series or a sitcom, even close friends could argue for days and weeks about which one is the best! Suppose they settle and agree on a certain show, they would probably have a similar dispute on who the best character is! You get the general idea, right? There is no such thing as ‘the best show’ or ‘the best character’! And there is definitely no chance for a show to be loved by all the viewers! However, some TV series and certain characters are more or less the audience’s favorite, and for a good reason! If we need to point out a few, the list would definitely include Joey from “Friends” and Nick from “New Girl”. We all know Joey and there is nothing new we could say about that character, but Nick Miller is a whole different story! In fact, we consider him to be the most relatable character to ever appear in a TV show. If you are a fan of the show, then you know what we are talking about. In case you are not familiar with him, the following list might be just about enough to convince you just how awesome Nick is! The best thing about the list below is that even if haven’t seen a single episode of the show, you would still relate to Nick and the scenes featured here! Actor Jake Johnson is brilliant in Nick Miller’s skin!

1. The restaurant

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Well, we just had to start with this one, because we often feel as if we happened to be in the wrong place. This goes especially when it comes to fancy joints! A luxurious restaurant would be the last place we want to end up in, and apparently Nick felt the same way! We believe that these restaurants should be accessible by ordinary people as well, and they technically are, but we all know that people who have class would differentiate themselves from those who enter the premises for the first time.

2. The mood lifter

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Nick is a great guy and he proved it hundreds of times, but some of the moments he showed his great personality are worth mentioning on this list. One time when Jess was feeling down, he did his best to cheer her up, but it did not work out as planned. Of course, it is the effort that counts, and it was a sweet moment! Plus, seeing Nick dance to Taylor Swift is always something we are ready to see and enjoy!

3. The emotional Nick

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We all have an emotional side but most people prefer to hide it. This is a mistake, and Nick shows that being emotional is nothing to be ashamed of! Well, he did it in his own personal style, but this is exactly what we like to see! The scene was really funny but it was also quite realistic, as most of us could relate to it immediately.

4. The determination

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If we look at most characters which are typical for TV shows as we know it, there are more than a few inspirational things about them. Of course, you need to have a favorite character in order to really be influenced by them. We feel that way about Nick! He is the kind of person we would like to have as a friend, because he always shows his character, even when struggling with a door! Nothing can stop him, and nothing can stop you from doing things your own way, too! Nobody is the boss of you!

5. The happiness theory

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Here is something that we should really take into account! It appears that some people’s happiness is definitely annoying to certain individuals. It appears that Nick is one of those individuals. While he can obviously appreciate and tolerate someone else’s happiness, he seems to be picky when it comes to the ways happiness is achieved! It sounds funny but we know it makes sense because we felt that way before.

6. The suspicious attitude

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Now here is a little something that we have always considered to be the right attitude when it comes to the most important things in life! Dealing with different institutions and the government is not something that should be done in a flash. You need to carefully plan every step of the way, because the government cannot be trusted, of course! Nick knows his game for sure!

7. The investigator

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Nick is a funny guy and we cannot get enough of him! Those who follow the show know that even if it seems that he is about to do something serious, he is just going to do things his own way. The moment when he decided to act as an investigator is one of the best and also funniest examples! He claimed to be a great detective but his trusty assistant turned out to be Google, just as the others suspected.

8. The seducer

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It seems that some men are natural born seducers and they are irresistible to the ladies. Nick is definitely one of these men and it is not only about his looks, too. His personality is what makes him attractive! In fact, he is one of those people who even fail to realize when someone is attracted to them! We guess that such moments could lead to really funny or even awkward situations. We have been there more than a few times!

9. The love myth

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It appears that Nick is one of those people who deny the existence of love even if they feel it! Of course, it is a kind of safety mechanism and we understand the reasons behind it. However, Nick is quite certain in his position regarding love and expressing of similar feelings. We believe that there is no need for a scientific approach to understanding this, as most of us know exactly why people act like that.

10. The comparison

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Here is a classic Nick Miller moment! This was a funny scene what was one of the most typical ones for his character. It appears that Nick really has a strong opinion on some matters, and he had obviously thought about the type of girl he would have been! Even better: the scene made us think about what the show would have been if there was a girl playing Nick’s original character!

11. The poet

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Nick has a distinctive way of communicating with people, and he is able to underline his personal style every single time he has the chance to! In this case, he wanted to write the best and most suitable sonnet in honor of his ex, and he did it! In fact, we think that it was a really good piece of art, too, and we would like to see more of Nick Miller’s artistic side because it is full of sarcasm and witty humor!

12. The confident man

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Here is another situation which definitely makes us like Nick even more! In fact, we didn’t even know we could like him more than we already did! As you can see, the character shows the type of confidence we all need to have from time to time! It takes a lot of courage for someone to show up in such a suit and show confidence. Only someone like Nick could pose with pride and act like he did!

13. The adult

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Here is something that we just had to include on this list! It seems that this is one of Nick’s moments which are relatable to a wide circle of people, and no wonder! Many individuals find it hard to act like adults, and being one is hard! Chances are you know exactly what we mean! It takes a lot of hard work to be a successful adult person, and just like Nick, most of us easily fail at it. Unfortunately, this is how life goes, and there is no other choice but to try and be a grown-up. Yes, there is a lot of stress related to that, but you can try and act like Nick does!

14. The time to shine

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Now this is one classic Nick Miller moment that we could totally relate to! Nick is a true master of sarcasm and his sense of humor is more than admirable! It appears that he is able to joke just about everything, even the dawn of his life! We think that he was kind of serious when he said these words, and it made us wonder that a funeral is actually an event that can be tweaked in order to be less grim.

15. The confession

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Since we are talking about Nick’s sense of humor, we might as well mention his ability to make fun of himself! It appears that it takes a strong character in order to says something like that about yourself. We guess that all people should be like that because we admire such behavior!

Written by Sven Miller

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