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15 Of The Best Halloween Costumes That Went Viral This Year

Image Source: Twitter

Since Halloween is already around the corner, we might as well give you some ideas about spending it the right way! Home decoration and preparing for kids knocking on your door for treats is one thing, but the most important part of this special day are the costumes, according to us, that is! A really clever and well-made costume is the thing that will definitely make you stand out, and if you are willing to do whatever it takes, then you will be able to impress everyone else! The following list is for everyone who wants to be able to boast with the best Halloween costume this year!

1. The family package deal

Image Source: Reddit

Here is one of the most impressive ideas included in this list! As you can see, a family got together and came up with an idea that could easily win a prize for originality if there was a contest of some sort. The podiums, the accessories and the body paint are right on point here, and this family should be super proud of their great idea and the incredible way they turned it into a reality! We love seeing just how impressive some Halloween costumes turn out to be and this is why we love Halloween.

2. The sloth

Image Source: Twitter

Remember Zootopia? It is still one of our favorite animated movies! There is a variety of reasons for that, but the biggest one is definitely the cool characters! Some of them are so ridiculously funny that they cannot be replicated again! The sloth is one of the best, and we guess that we are not the only ones who think like that! This person was able to pull off the most realistic costume we have seen lately and we salute this person for their effort!

3. The weirdest costume of them all

Image Source: Twitter

Sometimes we get a lot of mixed feelings after seeing something. In this case, we struggle to decide whether this costume idea is a great one or not. Sure enough, it is something that probably no other person has come up with, but sometimes being truly unique would not do you any favors. The person you see tried to replicate the dog from a funny picture that went viral once, and absolutely nobody could identify his costume. He should not be surprised by this fact, too!

4. The Post Malone doppelganger

Image Source: Reddit

This is one really special transformation! We love Post Malone and all his music! He is definitely a huge influence and our generation deserves artists like him! He might be a bit controversial, but he has millions of fans who adore him! This is what probably inspired this person to choose Post Malone’s looks as her Halloween costume! She probably considers his appearance scary, but only shows his personality, that’s all!

5. The girl

Image Source: Twitter

Some costumes are brilliant because of two main factors: a brilliant idea and a magnificent craftsmanship level. This image shows one of the best possible examples of that! As you can see, this little girl is really good at playing a creepy character carrying her own head! The costume is super realistic and it might even freak you out if you see the girl coming around the corner and staring at you! This is a 10/10!

6. The person who became Tina Belcher

Image Source: Twitter

If you love Bob’s Burgers, then you definitely know about Tina’s twerking skills! It seems that more than a few people are fans of the show, and they chose to recreate that exact move! It seems that the audience loves it, and we think it takes a lot of courage for such a character to be recreated. It is super funny to see!

7. The person who paid tribute to Selena Quintanilla

Image Source: Twitter

Here is something really special that we guess nobody else thought of. The whole story about this outfit is heartwarming, actually. This girl wanted to dress as Selena Quintanilla, the singer who lost her life at a very young age. The girl’s mom respected her requests and spent a few days and nights handcrafting her costume. The end result is amazing and we guess that the smile on the girl’s face was worth the effort!

8. The kid who turned into the Pillsbury Doughboy

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Image Source: Twitter

Now this is something super special and we just had to include it in the list! As you can see, the costume looks amazing at it seems that a lot of time and effort were put into creating it! This is what Halloween is all about: being able to impress the others with your amazing costume idea and being able to have fun in the process!

9. The Debbie costume

Image Source: Twitter

Here is one that could probably puzzle you a bit, but it is actually a brilliant one. The Wild Thornberrys was one of Nickelodeon’s best shows, and it has been fifteen years since the last episode aired, but we still remember it! And we sure do remember Debbie! As you can see, this girl chose to be her on Halloween, and she did a great job at it! IT seems like a relatively easy character to impersonate, but we know it takes skill in order to achieve this appearance!

10. The effort someone made when doing this

Image Source: Reddit

Well, this is not exactly a costume, but it is still one of the best ideas we have seen in a long time. You probably recognized these people right away, didn’t you? It seems that some of the most iconic funny images have their dedicated fans. One of these fans apparently made the extra step to create their own version of such an image. We are more than certain that if the person behind this happened to make a costume for Halloween, it would be an amazing thing to see!

11. The person who became a water bottle

Image Source: Twitter

It seems that the ideas for Halloween costumes know no limits, and people are able to recreate literally everything! In this case, one person tried to show some originality by choosing to dress up like a water bottle for Halloween! The idea for such a costume sounds crazy and we would have never thought it could be done successfully unless we saw it! As you can see, it took a lot less effort than one could think, and the hat (or, in this case, the cap) is a really nice touch! No wonder everyone liked this costume, because it is yet another proof that sometimes the most genius ideas are also the simplest! We congratulate this person for the brilliant move!

12. The Black Panther theme

Image Source: Reddit

Sometimes cosplaying is not the most appropriate thing to do on Halloween, but this case is not like that! It is quite the contrary, actually: we can all see just how brilliant these costumes are! We love the fact that this mother and her son were so dedicated to making their costumes as realistic as possible! They nailed it! Seeing them dressed like that and compared to the real characters is amazing and we are certain that if the actors were able to see them, they would be proud of their work and will also enjoy the fact they have such devoted fans! This mom did the best she could possibly do!

13. The Maui toddler

Image Source: Twitter

When it comes to being adorable, nobody could beat this cute kid! As you can see, there is a really specific style incorporated in this amazing Halloween outfit, and it a typical Mau thing! The cute kid appears to be very proud of the whole setup, and we guess that everyone who saw it had a huge smile on their face after that! This idea is a proof that a Halloween costume does not need to be scary in order to be super impressive!

14. The toy soldiers

Image Source: Twitter

It really seems that many people put in a lot of time, effort and resources into their Halloween costumes. It feels as if there is a competition between individuals who are determined to win. If there was an actual competition, we guess these people could argue for the grand prize! Their idea of replicating toy soldier figures is awesome but what is even more impressive is the level of detail they managed to achieve! The setup looks absolutely stunning!

15. The woman who turned into Clippy

Image Source: Reddit

Now this is something really special! Chances are that you remember Clippy if you are in your 30s! This is one iconic Mictosoft creation and we need to add that people either loved it or hated it! It could be quite irritating, to be honest, but we were so used to seeing Clippy that we got over that effect eventually and now we miss those typical sounds! This person was able to recreate Clippy down to the last detail and we love her idea!

Written by Sven Miller

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