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21 Fashion Fails We Can’t Believe Actually Happened

Image Source: Instagram

We have all seen awkward pieces of clothing and accessories before. Sometimes, however, they are really hilarious despite being kind of ridiculous! The thing is that most of these clothes are probably considered fashionable by those who wear them, but we could hardly agree with that. In fact, sometimes we wonder if the designers actually tried to create something entirely different, as some ideas look like mistakes that somehow managed to go into production. Having the right skills and talent is one thing, but sometimes maybe the wrong inspiration or a new trend could cause for a clothing line to look bizarre. The list below contains some examples of outrageous clothes, accessories and shoes that are worth seeing!

1. The jeans

Image Source: Patrasevents

We really thought that this trend was over, but it seems that some people are still devoted to wearing this style of jeans. There used to be numerous funny images of people getting sunburn through the holes in their jeans, but this girl’s jeans have more than just holes in them! They are basically gone!

2. The shoe hybrid

Image Source: Twitter

Now this is something different! And by different, we mean ridiculous! As you can see, these shoes are far from the everyday sneakers we are used to wearing! They are some sort of a hybrid between boots and sandals, but most of the foot is not covered, which makes these meaningless. They are not that good-looking, either!

3. The T-shirt

Image Source: Twitter

Don’t you just find it super annoying when you put on a T-shirt and you are all sweaty in no time? This happens all the time in summer but we believe that there are ways for it to be prevented! However, we have different things in mind! This shirt is definitely not something that you could proudly wear in many places around the world!

4. The weird jeans

Image Source: Twitter

It appears that some people will have their fashionable ways no matter what! In this case, the person you see decided to wear this outfit which is probably not the best choice! While the top is actually nice, we guess that the jeans are not suitable at all, at least according to our taste.

5. The unique outfit

Image Source: Instagram

While we love denim, there are situations when we could never prefer something made out of this material. And you can be certain that there are a lot more denim clothes available than jeans and jackets! The image you see suggests such an example! We hope we never get to see this piece of clothing again!

6. The skirt

Image Source: Instagram

Now this is something really different! In fact, we thought that the image was altered in some way, but it turned out to be a genuine design! The skirts pictured above is definitely unique, but it is questionable if that is a good thing! It looks like a rubber mat was wrapped around that girl instead of an actual skirt.

7. The bag

Image Source: Adweek

There is a chance you already know about this funny situation! It was not that long ago when Balenciaga released a bag worth more than $2,000 that looked incredibly similar to Ikea’s $0,99 shopping bag. The materials were probably different but they do look basically the same, which is super funny! Maybe the designer of the expensive unit never went to an Ikea location before and this is how this weird situation occurred.

8. The beach footwear

Image Source: Instagram

There is the kind of thing that simply should not exist! The exact reason does not matter, but you will know when you see such a thing, and we believe one such item is pictured above! How could someone possibly come up with this and what’s more important, who agreed to fund production? We guess some people need to learn that not everything that is different is also good!

9. The mermaid costume

Image Source: Imgur

The Little Mermaid was one of our all-time favorite characters, but this changed immediately after we saw the image you see posted here. We still refuse to believe that someone believe in the quality of this product and approved it! This is the stuff that brings nightmares! It looks totally ridiculous and maybe most people will find it to be funny as well.

10. The high heel flip flops

Image Source: Puma

We cannot believe this, but it is true! High heel flip flops are a thing! And just any random thing, too, but a part of Rihanna’s collection created in collaboration with Puma some time ago. The shoe designed you see experienced some backlash, and no wonder! Just looking at them is enough for us to decide to never buy them!

11. The ninja outfit

test ad
Image Source: Imgur

Of course, this is not a real ninja outfit! What you are looking at here is something we have actually never seen before. The concept behind it was probably a piece of clothing that was able to keep the entire body warm, including the face. It sounds good in theory, but the final result leaves us full of a lot of mixed feelings.

12. The grass sandals

Image Source: Instagram

This is yet another creation that made us ask only two main questions: how and why? How did this happen? Why did someone allow it? Some designers are really pushing the envelope and even if they think they are doing a good job at it, we can assure you that sometimes they fail on a massive scale! This is one good example of such a situation. There is nothing much we could say about these, really, as the photo speaks for itself.

13. The multiple belts

Image Source: Imgur

Here is a man who is obviously confident about his outfit, but the only things we could say with confidence is that his pants will never fall off, not with four belts attached to them! This design is just not what we consider to be stylish or elegant. It is just plain weird and it takes a special kind of person to wear these pants!

14. The hypnotic design

Image Source: Imgur

When we say ‘hypnotic’, we mean that people would likely be hypnotized after seeing this fashionable creation in person! It is more than obvious that this was probably the weirdest piece of clothing in the entire mall, and we feel like we will never be find the right words in order to describe this designer fail!

15. The controversial shoes

Image Source: Twitter

Sometimes designers are able to pull of amazing creations but we really think that in most cases bold new ideas are nothing but a failure! In this case, one designer thought that these would look pretty cool and they would probably be super convenient, but the shoes actually look like those old sneakers you use as flip flops to go to the store with.

16. The purse

Image Source: Instagram

Well, it is more like a handbag, actually, but whatever it is, we hope it never made it to mass production. Just imagine this becoming the next trend! Everyone would start walking around wearing one of these, and that would be too much for us to handle!

17. The cartoon shoes

Image Source: Instagram

Can you imagine putting these on and walking in public? It seems that it takes a lot of courage for one to do so! These shoes look like they were taken straight form the set of some Disney movie, or they were made to resemble some cartoon character’s footwear. Either way, they should definitely not exist, according to us!

18. The hoodie

Image Source: Gamiss

When it comes to design that was created with the sole intention to be different than the rest, the people behind it should be really careful when deciding on its final version, because there are limits that should not be crossed. Unfortunately, those limits were crossed here. We think this is more than obvious!

19. The curious outfit

Image Source: Pinterest

Here is a piece of clothing that puzzled us to the point we thought about its practical side! Well, we couldn’t find it, so it must be all about appearance! This is actually the thing about the outfit you see – it looks odd! If someone thinks that such an outfit is going to be trendy someday, they have another thing coming their way!

20. The high heels

Image Source: Instagram

It seems that the concept of the high heel is not good enough for some designers to use, so they try to change it by adding their own twists. This would be the same as reinventing the wheel! It really seems that such efforts are not necessary and it is clear to see that the end result of such an endeavor would most likely end up in a disaster! This is definitely a shoe that almost nobody would dare to wear!

21. The style of Kim K’s dress

Image Source: Poltio

Chances are you have seen this comparison before, but if you haven’t it is a real treat so see it now, right? Someone saw this photo of Kim K and immediately associated the image with the looks of an onion bag, and let us tell you – they have a point, too!

Written by Sven Miller

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