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16 Images Showing How Celebs Reacted To This Week’s “Game Of Thrones”

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If there is one thing we love about celebrities, it is the moments in which we realize they are only human, just like everyone else. This is something that we have thought about for a really long time, actually. We are used to seeing celebrities like some kind of a superior race, and we all get super excited when we get to meet a famous face. It is more or less like meeting an alien, which is kind of weird. Maybe it is due to the fact that many of the rich and famous prefer to maintain an image that demands respect and they are virtually unapproachable by ordinary people. Despite all of that, celebs are people like the rest of us and they often have the same interests, hobbies and dreams many of us share. It appears that Game of Thrones is a show that even celebs love watching, and seeing their reaction to this week’s episode is the proof of that! For example. Zara Larsson tweeted and she was apparently in need of someone to help her log in and watch the show, because she wanted to not miss a single second, but then she tweeted again after she saw it, and you can sense her disappointment!

1. This was something we cheered for, too

Image Source: Twitter

It appears that Erika Jayne has a lot of sympathy for Arya Stark, and why wouldn’t she? Arya is by far one of the best characters on the show, and the reasons for that are numerous. Maisie Williams deserves to be praised about her incredible performance and we believe she is the main reason why Arya is so likable! The young actress definitely has a really bright future ahead of her!

2. Jessica Chastain clearly has a favorite character

Image Source: Twitter

Here is a good example of Hollywood star who is engulfed in the Game of Thrones magic! We have always wondered about the way actors accept other movies when they see them. Imagine how weird this must be. You know exactly how a movie is produced and you also know the actors in it, because they are your friends and colleagues, and you still enjoy the production somehow!

3. This actor has a sense of humor

Image Source: Twitter

This is what someone with a lot of sense of humor would comment on the last episode. Considering that the disappointment most people expressed is reasonable, there is no chance for this tweet to be a serious one!. We guess that the only thing that still keeps many people’s interest is the fact that they spent years of their lives watching the series, otherwise they would just drop it.

4. We could not agree more here 

Image Source: Twitter

This is a fairly accurate analysis of one of the most important moments shown recently in the series. This person is straight on point here. There were a lot of things that contributed for the chain of events that followed, but we really felt the same seeing Dany do what she did. After the last episode there is literally no way to guess what would happen next.

5. This person is on to something here

Image Source: Twitter

We guess that this cannot be considered as a spoiler, because we could actually sense that something similar is about to happen. In fact, it is already happening. The point is – why did they have to write the script like that? Even if it was more or less predictable, we would still prefer to see all the main and the best character until the very end, but we guess they wanted to make it a bit more interesting. Well, they tried, but it is obviously not the right solution!

6. It is a bit too late for spoilers at this point

Image Source: Twitter

The time past since the last episode is more than enough for us to guess that everyone already saw it, so there is no possibility for us to spoil someone’s viewing pleasure. This tweet is yet another opinion we can get behind, and we believe more than one person knew deep down that there was more to Dany than it meets the eye.

7. Some people have an entirely different outlook on the whole show

Image Source: Twitter

Being one of the most famous young musicians and producers today, Zedd’s professional opinion will always be important to us, we guess. It is also kind of interesting to see an opinion about the recent Game of Thrones episode that is all about a different outlook on things. People were eager to comment on the plot development but they probably missed the fact that the episode was truly epic in terms of special effects and sounds. This is one of the things about Game of Thrones we personally like the most!

8. Elizabeth Banks knows what she is talking about

Image Source: Twitter

This is probably one of the best tweets on the list. It might be short, but it actually more or less sumps up what happened. Banks probably feels good about this chain of events but we guess it was not that hard for one to foresee what was about to happen. She even included the specific hashtag for the episode in her tweet.

9. This is how a true fan behaves

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Image Source: Twitter

The cute actress tweeted this and we immediately related to it. In fact, most Game of Thrones fans behave in a similar fashion when they need to catch up with the latest episode. People who have never seen a single episode of the show think that it is funny but they have no idea about just how addicted you become once you start watching it. We hope she was able to browse online safely and she did not happen to run into a post or an image that spoiled her pleasure of seen the episode herself.

10. Leslie Jones is right to feel this way

Image Source: Twitter

We are sure that most people actually thought the same thing! It is a normal reaction given the circumstances and the other details. Fans were not prepared to lose so many of their favorite characters and this scene kind of unexpected actually! We guess that it has a certain meaning, otherwise they wouldn’t have decided to include such a scene in the episode.

11. This is exactly how most fans probably felt

Image Source: Twitter

It is an indisputable fact that this was one of the most controversial episodes when it comes to fans expectations versus what really happened. Many people lived with the show for years and it was normal for them to expect the last season to be better than everything they saw until now, but as we all know now, it did not happen like that. Fans would definitely relate to this tweet, because they share the same disappointment.

12. Come to think of it, this really was the best part when presented this way

Image Source: Twitter

This is one super funny tweet and it really amused us given the way we felt after seeing the episode. It is all a matter of perspective, and Kristen Bell really gave us a different one when it comes to the 5th GoT episode. We thought that we might even watch it again, but we don’t think that anyone would willingly see the episode another time.

13. This rapper knows his game

Image Source: Twitter

We guess that some people may find this tweet to be a bit harsh, but it is still a funny way to comment on the lat episode. People wild a wild imagination and some sense of humor are abler to come up with scenarios like this one! You can also sense that he was not happy about the last episode as well.

14. Emilia Clarke was also not happy about the last episode

Image Source: Instagram

Well, this post is more than enough for us to wrap things up. The emotional facial expression she made here was due to the unusual sight of her own self in the mirror prior to putting on her wig. She captioned the photo that her reaction was pretty much the same after watching the show, too.

15. This is another person who could not see the episode when it aired

Image Source: Twitter

She was obviously a huge fan because she decided to tweet with the sole intention of informing her contacts not to share what happened while she was still on that flight. We like the fact that most people actually respect such requests because they know people love the show and they want to enjoy it without their fun being spoiled.

16. Now this is probably the most unpopular opinion so far

Image Source: Twitter

It seems that most people did not approve what Dany did, but this person had her own opinion! She tweeted it but she was obviously not sure if it was the right thing to do at all. Everyone is free to have their own outlook on GoT events, of course!

Image Source: Reddit

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