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45 Struggles That 90’s Kids Remember So Perfectly Well

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We cannot get enough of seeing the typical 90’s things that are already long gone. They remain in the past, but since most millennials probably remember them well, they are cherished and valued as memories. Some of the things we used to own even became collectibles! We guess that the list below is one of the ultimate ways you could dive back into the 90’s!

1. This was one really good life lesson

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It was definitely more than just a cartoon show, and Scooby and the other often reminded us that not everything is what it appears to be! This is a lesson we remembered well and we are glad we did!

2. This was the most refreshing thing you could have

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We believe that these are among the things most people who are in their 30’s not miss the most, and for all the right reasons, too!

3. Here is one source of endless fun

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Seeing this made us smile from ear to ear, because we immediately remembered the countless hours we spent chasing bubbles around! It was super fun to do it!

4. This is something most girls surely remember 


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We mean, how could they even forget the experience they had! It was something that every girl had or at least happened to borrow from a friend.

5. This was the best thing about using Word

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Sure enough, many people still remember this to be more or less annoying, but the assistant makes us feel nostalgic about the good old days, and we sometimes used his services, too!

6. Today’s kids will never know the struggle

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A lot of the things back then were much harder than they were now, and if a today’s kid happens to complain about something related to their state-of-the-art gadgets, they should read about the struggles we faced in the 90’s.

7. These guys were the best

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These characters were kind of creepy in a certain way but we still loved seeing them and the silly situations they used to get themselves into!

8. Johnny Bravo is our all time favorite character

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We learned a lot from this show, actually and one of the main ones was the worst way to try and pick-up chicks, as he would call flirting. What a legend!

9. We want to taste these again

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If this does not make you feel immediate cravings, nothing will! We all remember these treats’ taste and we want to taste them again!

10. Here is another product we really miss

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There are similar products for kids not, but we believe that they have nothing in common with these! Maybe everyone in their 30’s now remembers these flavors!

11. This brings back memories

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You haven’t lived if you never tried skating with these! Of course, using them was related to multiple falling to the ground, but it was just part of the fun!

12. Now this is one show that we completely forgot about 

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It seems that there are many things we lost track of, but it is good to have such reminders to keep the memories alive!

13. We could all go for one of these

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Today people are crazy about lowering the sugar intake of children everywhere, but back in the day we used to enjoy tons of it!

14. Talking about sugar, you surely remember these

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We could still remember the exact taste of the apple flavor which was probably most kids’ favorite because of its unique scent.

15. Here is an image that sums up our childhood 

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This channel was a huge part of our lives and we are convinced that it will never be the same, despite the fact that there are even more shows now.

16. This menu and the ones similar to it probably ring a bell

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Here is another thing that we completely forgot about! We used to scroll through similar menus all the time back in the day.

17. Today’s kids are spoiled to have everything in one device

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You had to carry a separate device if you needed to listen to music, and it has been merely two decades since then!

18. We used to this a lot

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it really seems that we had to do a ton of things that are obsolete today but we guess this is the beauty of it – you know how different it used to be!

19. Here is another thing most of us have done

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There was not satellite navigation and Google Maps was not even planned. All we had was a paper map and a lot of questions for local people!

20. This is something we could all relate to

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This is exactly how we feel when it comes to these phones and we were absolutely fine with now knowing who was calling.

21. We actually remember this like it was yesterday

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Here is another reminder about the technological advantages we have on our disposal today compared to two decades ago!

22. This was a struggle 

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No matter how hard we tried, we could never make the perfect recording and it was frustrating!

23. Many people still use these

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There was a moment in time when literally everyone had one of these in their pocket!

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24. This person’s post is like a time machine

Image Source: Reddit

These things literally made us travel back in time and experience them all over again!

25. The yellow pages were a life saver

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When you have Google, you have everything, but we did not have it on our disposal back then!

26. This was like a race against time

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We were all afraid to press that button because of the huge bills we could pay for the data received.

27. This is was a main source of entertainment 

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Most of today’s kids probably have no idea what a VCR even is, and they have never seen a video cassette, too.

28. We all spent countless hours playing the first Minesweeper game

Image Source: Twitter

Wow, we really forgot about this one but we still think it’s available online and we should give it a go.

29. This was a must back then

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It appears that some people are lucky because they never had to put up with this in their lifetime!

30. Carrying a Walkman or a personal CD player like that was a common thing

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There were times when this was the only possible way to listen to music on the go!

31. Here is something nobody wanted to see

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Seeing scratches on a CD full of valuable data or photos was a huge no-no!

32. Floppy disks were scattered literally everywhere

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We believe that you could still be able to find some of these around any home’s attic you dig into!

33. The good old classic telephone unit

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Seeing this now makes us want to call everyone just for the feeling we would get out of it.

34. This is how games used to look like

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Of course, they have nothing in common with modern game consoles but they were equally fun!

35. Seeing this was devastating 

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This is one of those struggles that today’s kids will never understand, but we will always remember it!

36. There was a time when this was an everyday situation 

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Imagine having to actually delete a simple text message to free valuable space on your mobile phone! This sounds absurd today!

37. Back then we literally had to roll the window down

Image Source: Pinterest

Today’s vehicles have everything inside them power-operated, but we used these to roll a window when we had to back in the day.

38. This always made us feel like we created real art

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Personalizing a text using WordArt was a big deal 15 or even 20 years ago and we loved experimenting with it a lot!

39. Here is how we used to entertain ourselves

Image Source: Twitter

This is a typical thing from the era when Internet was not something we used literally every minute of our lives. We had a really good time, though!

40. Navigating through those menus was annoying

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Of course, we still had to do it in order to get exactly where we wanted, and we were all used to doing it multiple times a day.

41. Rewinding audiotapes like this was fun

Image Source: Reddit

This is how audiotapes often looked like but it was nothing that a pencil and some patience could not fix in a matter of minutes.

42. These CD holders were in every vehicle 

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We didn’t have much of choice back then, really – all we could do was carry around these holders in the glove compartment.

43. This is an accurate way to describe things

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Just the thought of the amount of effort it took to write a text message makes us cringe now!

44. This was something super stylish two decades ago

Image Source: Facebook

We are actually glad it is not a trendy thing anymore, because it does not look that good at all!

45. This was super annoying and it used to happen all the time

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Having a window frozen like that was extremely frustrating but we were forced to put up with it.

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