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24 Ordinary People Who Took Shots Better Than Any Pro

Image Source: Flickr

The intelligence of the human race can be shown in many different ways and we believe that art is the one thing that we shows best what we are capable of! It sets us apart from all other species on the planet and it shows just how much we have involved. Of course, there are many different art forms, but one of the most popular ones is photography. You don’t need to be a professional in order to take amazing photos. In fact, sometimes people are able to capture things and events in an amazing way, and this is related to luck and being able to capture the perfect moment. The images below show how some people were able to pull this off and the results of their effort is really curious.

1. Playing with the sun

Image Source: Flickr

We guess that this is the only possible way in which someone could  actually play with the sun! The cool photo you see is seemingly easy to take, but it is not that simple, actually. It required being at the perfect place in the best possible moment, and this person probably knew that this effect could be achieved.

2. A game of shadows

Image Source: Flickr

This image is not that hard to be figured out but we bet it took some planning in order to be done just right! As you can see, there was only one possible angle in which this could have worked at all and they nailed it!

3. Picking up the sun has never been easier

Image Source: Instagram

These images have never always been our favorite, because they appear to be simple but they are not. What’s more important, they are really beautiful because of the way the sun always sits in them! It looks like a basketball set on fire.

4.  Here is another dreamy photo

Image Source: Instagram

This reminded us of the good old days when we were kids and we had all kinds of toy planes to play with! We loved imagining that we were pilots! This person probably wanted to recreate these childhood memories using a bigger toy!

5. Here is one genius idea

Image Source: Imgur

We believe that this person came up with the idea after spray painting something, and the idea that you can have a spray full of clouds is actually a nice one. Need rain? No problem, just spray the cloud out.

6. Perspectives are something to play with

Image Source: Instagram

Sometimes the best photos are those you experiment with and they actually turn out to be a success! In this case, someone wanted to try out a particular idea and it turned out great!

7. Now this is something special

Image Source: Instagram

Here is a proof that amazing images can be taken with no any special props and effects needed! All you need to achieve such a result is some clever thinking and maybe some time to experiment, but you will get there for sure!

8. Here is another example of a perfect perspective 

Image Source: Instagram

Having fun at the beach is the ultimate way one could spend their time, and you can bet that there are tons of different ways in which you could have fun! This photo shows just one of those ways.

9. Here is one work of art

Image Source:

A truly stunning image is not that hard to create once you have the vision of it in your head! In fact, you don’t even need a fancy studio of professional equipment to do it! All it takes is some patience and a nice camera, too.

10. This image can play tricks on your mind

Image Source: Instagram

Of course, the simplest things are always the best ones and this is especially true when it comes to photography. These people are not hanging from somewhere, and you probably guessed was is going on in the photo!

11. This is one brilliant idea

Image Source: Instagram

It appears that fiddling with the perspective of a photo is the easiest and cheapest way to achieve an amazing effect. In this case, a group of friends came up with a nice setup that resulted in this cool photo!

12. This is a brilliant idea

Image Source:

Here is how a good idea can be turned into a really cool photo. Someone probably liked this photo and thought that it would make a nice setup, and it did! It is creative and the quality of the image is superb!

13. We love this image

Image Source: Instagram

Sometimes it is not just about the idea, but rather about the whole concept of the image! This one is the best example! The view, the clever idea about the bottle filled with clouds and the colors make for one great photo!

14. Here is one way to have fun

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Image Source: Imgur

This is actually one super clever image and a hard one to take, too! The reason is because they only had one chance of taking it, because that helicopter was not hired for the sake of image, of course!

15. There simply isn’t a more perfect horizon 

Image Source: Instagram

Seeing this amazing photo made us dream about being in that boat! Nature offers amazing views and many of them are able to take your breath away in a matter of seconds! This scene is like a real life fairy tale!

16. Bright ideas result in such images

Image Source: Instagram

This image is actually simple to take, but the complicated part here is that you actually need to carry a light bulb on the beach with you! This person probably had the idea of such an image in their head for some time and they finally decided to make it happen! We guess that using simple props such as this one would be more than enough to allow for such curious images to be taken. People should experiment with all kinds of ideas!

17. This is not an altered image

Image Source: Instagram

It looks as if this photo was digitally created, but it is a genuine one! The simple effect was probably hard to achieve, because it required perfect positioning and balance, but these people pulled it off like real professionals and the end result of their effort is really nice to see!

18. Here is one hilarious image

Image Source: Flickr

Sometimes you need to improvise in order to take a stunning photo, and this is what this man did! After seeing the gorgeous rainbow, he decided to have his picture taken, but he chose an extraordinary way to do it! As you can see, it worked like a charm and he was probably happy with the end result! This is the perfect photo to show your friends or to brag with on social media.

19. This is as simple as an image could be

Image Source: Tumblr

Creating a nice effect related to a difference in perspectives is not as hard as it might seem! All you need is a water bottle and some time to experiment with the perfect distance in which the person in the photo needs to be. As you can see, the result is worth the effort!

20. This is one clever way to have your photo taken

Image Source: Instagram

We guess that vacation photo would become boring to see at one point, because people go to the same well-known places and the most popular tourist destinations are not interesting to us anymore. However, changing the way you photograph the same objects and landscapes can definitely add a fresh new outlook on something everyone is familiar with! This photo is one of the best examples of that!

21. Here is another dreamy photo

Image Source: Instagram

This is yet another proof of how something seemingly small could make a big impact when it comes to taking a good photo! What you see here is definitely not the typical vacation photo! Two almost identical seashells were more than enough to completely transform this image and we love the end result!

22. Now this is one next level photo

Image Source: Imgur

This is how a curious image is supposed to look like! The trick here is that the man who set this whole thing up knew his game and he played it well! He was aware of the effect that was created by the sunlight falling into that pool, so he decided to give everyone a free physics lesson, and we agree with him – it can be a lot of fun!

23. Here is an image that is one of a kind for sure

Image Source: Twitter

We believe that it took a lot of attempts before the final perfect image was taken! As you can see, the timing here is perfect, but we guess that these two men had to jump more than a few times before they were able to be in perfect harmony and create this curious photo!

24. This is yet another proof that simple could be brilliant 

Image Source: Imgur

Well, there is no need for caption here! It is obvious that  the way the girl’s hair blended with the man’s beard is flawless, and the illusion created is really nice to see.

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