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14 Satisfying Images That Will Make Every Perfectionist Reach Completion

Image Source: Reddit

There are many aspects of life which are valued differently by different people. Truth is, life is colorful and interesting because of the diversity in people’s opinions, perceptions and preferences. While some may not like something in particular, others literally live for it! Of course, there are things that you can consider to be commonly preferred by most people, and we believe that order in its many different forms is such a thing. Well, we need to add that some people who enjoy seeing a perfect arrangement or any kind of order are actually messy in their everyday lives, but they still fancy everything that has ‘perfection’ written all over it. The list below is interesting because it shows how absolutely common things can bring your daily dose of satisfaction and make your inner perfectionist truly happy!

1. Here is why we love open pantry shelves

Image Source: Reddit

While these are mostly typical for older kitchen or for those modern rustic-style designs, they are more or less rare ti see. This person was well aware of that fact and since their apartment had this type of shelves, they decided to do something about it! As you can see, all the spices, herbs, different food products and kitchen appliances were arranged to perfection, and everything appears to be exactly where it should! It is actually a rare thing to see a kitchen that is this satisfying to see and we applaud the effort here!

2. Now this is what we call a perfect sewing kit

Image Source: Reddit

There probably isn’t a better kit than this one, but it is more than just a a bunch of threads. It is a collection of embroidery floss, and a fairly large one, too! The person who collected everything decided to put them in order, and this was the end result! Everything looks really neat tucked in these trays, but the best part about the whole thing is the way the colors were arranged! They create stunning patterns and this is why they are a pleasure to see!

3. This is something we have never seen before

Image Source: Reddit

Most of us remember the days we attended high school or college, and some of the people reading this still do it! We know how this goes – you miss half the classes you are supposed to visit and you could barely scribble some notes during the ones you actually go to! But this image shows an entirely different attitude and we are in awe! One person was able to make the best note arrangement we have ever seen, and the level of detail shown here is the reason why this is nothing but the perfect notebook!

4. This is what we call a cool fridge 

Image Source: Reddit

While the pun above the photo was totally intended, we must say that we have never seen a fridge made for home use with a transparent door before! In fact, we have thought about having such a fridge because we really like such appliances and whenever we go to a store, we want to take one home! This person probably felt the same way, so they got themselves this amazing fridge, and they did something even better – they arranged it perfectly, so it really adds to the kitchen interior with those open shelves.

5. Everyone would envy this person

Image Source: Reddit

Being able to appreciate a perfect order and arrangement is one thing, but actually striving to do it yourself is a completely different story. You see, it takes persistence if you do it, because keeping it is the hard part. You need to persevere if you want to enjoy that order for a maximum period of time. We guess that the person who arranged their drawers like this this probably has the willpower to keep that order, but we know we would never be able to do it, so what is left for us is to admire this absolute perfection!

6. This is as simple as it could get

Image Source: Reddit

It appears that something as simple as a wardrobe is also able to bring you the much needed dose of perfection! Of course, it takes a special kind of person to be able to arrange a wardrobe in such a way, and whoever arranged this one is definitely a professional! All the sheets and towels were folded immaculately and stacked by their matching colors. It may not look like much, but opening this wardrobe will have a soothing effect on you compared to one that is just filled with randomly scattered pieces of clothing or sheets.

7. Now this is something else

Image Source: Reddit

In today’s busy world we need to feel relaxed as much as possible, because stress is often too much to handle! There are numerous ways in which you could do that and most of them are seemingly insignificant but they can make all the difference! In this case, one person was able to arrange all the apps and features of their smartphone in a perfect order! Everything is flawless and all the icons seem to be exactly where they belong. This was probably a painstaking tssk to complete but it was worth it!

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8. All tea lovers would be delighted to see this

Image Source: Reddit

Of course, there is no need for you to be a tea lover in order to appreciate what someone did here! These boxes of tea were stacked in a seemingly random way that has nothing special about it, but it is satisfying to see it for some weird reason, and we love it! Imagine having such a drawer at home! We guess that every guest you have would be impressed to see this, and choosing the kind of tea you want to have would be a pleasure each and every time!

9. Socks are super hard to keep in order

Image Source: Reddit

It seems that we can learn a thing or two from this person! As you can see, they have a specific taste in socks but that is not the point here! Let us focus on the arrangement! These drawers are stacked in a way that is worthy of featuring them in a fashion and style magazine! Most of us simply toss the socks in a huge drawer and we literally have to dig out the pair we want to out on, if we are able to find it at all, that is! It takes just a few minutes to achieve the effect this person enjoys, and we feel inspired to do it!

10. Sometimes satisfaction comes for seemingly no reason at all

Image Source: Reddit

Most people would probably not be impressed by this setup and they would only accept it as a normal type of decoration for a shelf! However, there is definitely more to this setup, because it was definitely planned to look this way. There is no color arrangement here and no symmetry as well, but the feeling you get while you look at it makes you calm and relax! If something can bring you tranquility, than it is absolutely perfect!

11. This yarn layout is like a rainbow

Image Source: Reddit

Well, things could hardly get more perfect than this! We believe that this setup is not accidental. The person decided to spread all the yarn they had, and doing it in this curious way definitely helped with choosing the ones that were worth keeping and the ones that needed to be thrown away. The colors seen here are really soothing to see and every perfectionist would love the photo!

12. This kitchen is on another level

Image Source: Reddit

First of all, we have never seen such an amazing variety of spices in a kitchen before, and it is amazing to see! The person who collected everything probably loves cooking. The best part about the collection is that it was arranged in a perfect order, and everything about it is awesome – the colors, the sizes of the jars and even the color of the shelves, too! This cabinet is a dream come true for every kitchen design lover!

13. This is a dream collection

Image Source: Reddit

Looking at this made us drool all over the floor! How amazing is this collection? There is no scale that could measure that. The time, money and effort spent for this to be achieved were definitely worth it because the end result is something we have never seen before and we wish we were lucky enough to have even a part of this! The arrangement is truly epic!

14. Here is another smartphone that is a perfectionist’s dream


Image Source: Reddit

Using your smartphone could actually become a lot more pleasant if you introduce a few changes to it! As you can see, this person did exactly that, and the focus here was on the way the screen looks. All the icons are arranged by color in the best possible way and fiddling with the phone for some time in order to do it is well worth it, because it brings a lot of satisfaction!

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