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18 Pics Showing How People Are Making Fun Of The New $999 Apple Monitor Stand

Image Source: Vice

There is no doubt about the fact that Apple has been a global tech leader for quite some time now. The late Steve Jobs’ legacy is something that the world appreciated and it changed the way we use technology, but there is a catch. Due to numerous specific reasons, there are just as many people who despise the company and everything about it as those who love everything that has the Apple logo on it. This is only natural but it also leads to hilarious moments! In this case, the new Pro Stand designed especially for the Pro Display XDR was the thing that stirred the pot! After announcing the prices of the Mac Pro and the Pro Display, people were impressed and stunned to see that the set would cost them at least $11,000, and adding a thousand more for a stand was maybe just too much, and those who have sworn to never use Apple products were quick to come up with clever images and puns in order to shame the company for the hefty prices and other things as well.

1. Now this is one way to say it like a boss

Image Source: Twitter

Well, we kind of agree with what this person had to say but we guess that this is not entirely true! As you can see, this person mocked the price of the new stand by suggesting that people would rather use their monitors like that instead of paying the thousand dollars for it. We guess that if a true Apple fan pays the whopping $11,000 for the PC and the monitor, then they will throw in an additional thousand bucks to get the stand, too.

2. This is actually a funny but reasonable image 

Image Source: Reddit

Well, there you have it! The main reason behind the existence and popularity of other types of software and hardware in the tech world is the price! Apple would never be a monopolist on the market and we guess they never intended to! What they did was create a more or less exclusive line of products that now everyone would be willing to buy. In this case, most people could simply not afford it, too!

3. Now this is a comparison like no other!

Image Source: Twitter

This is definitely one of the things that made us laugh more than once! Someone laid their eyes on the new Mac Pro and they immediately related its design to the appearance of a cheese grater! We need to be honest here – once you see it, you cannot deny it anymore! The design and the chosen materials really made the expensive device look like an ordinary cheese grater, and we are puzzled by the fact Apple never saw that coming!

4. This is one fine way of trolling 

Image Source: Twitter

In order to be completely honest here, we need to say that probably everyone is well aware that the stand is not worth the thousand dollars. Sure enough, it will make using your $4,999 monitor an even greater experience and this is why it exists! Even the people at Apple know that their stand is overpriced, but they don’t care! They know what they have to offer and how to do it, and they know that people are going to buy it, too!

5. This is a statement we could get behind

Image Source: Twitter

Now this is also a curious way you could present the new about the $999 monitor stand. It even amplifies the way it sounds – you actually spend a thousand dollars on a monitor stand! Most people buy a computer, a monitor and a stand for less that prices. But the fact that people are still going to buy it means that it is not that unreasonable as some might think it is. They are asking a certain amount of money and they are going to get it!

6. Here is a image that is supposed to mock the iconic Apple design

Image Source: Reddit

One of the main reasons for the exclusivity of all Apple products is the design! It is just as innovative as the technology behind it! We mean, how could someone deny this? But knowing this is true, we still need to say that this image makes a lot of sense! You cannot deny the resemblance between the genuine products and the ones below them! Product design has its limitations and there will always be something that resembles the thing you are able to create!

7. Some people find it hard to believe there is a product like that at all

Image Source: Twitter

It is not something we have seen a lot before, actually. There are separate monitor stands on the market, but non of them cost a dollar short of a thousand. In fact, most people are probably right to think that if you try to sell a monitor for that price, you should at least include the stand in the package. We guess Apple knew that these reactions would start pouring and they accept them as free advertising for sure!

8. This is one of the funniest images on the list

Image Source: Facebook

Some of the people who decided to take their time and create funny images intended to troll Apple really did an awesome job, and this image proves it! The witty idea and the actual result is amazing and we love it! You cannot deny that there is something about that design that really makes the Mac Pro look like a cheese grater! On the other hand, it looks like nothing we have seen in the computer world before!

9. Now this is what we call a clever pun

Image Source: Reddit

Jokes about Apple’s new lineup would probably continue pouring down, but some of the first ones will surely become a classic way to troll these products! This one almost looks like it was intended to be used in a marketing campaign, and the only thing that makes it funny is the clever pun involving the word ‘greater’. This is the kind of witty humor we love seeing!

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10. Here is another super funny reaction to the new products

Image Source: Reddit

We are perfectly aware that everyone would appreciate the brilliant design of the new monitor stand. It looks like nothing we have seen before and it compliments the monitor design. However, it is not all about the looks, as it makes adjusting the monitor really easy, because it balances it in a way in which it feels light as feather. The trouble is that when you spend five thousand dollars on a monitor, you would expect to get the stand in the package!

11. This is as accurate as a joke could get

Image Source: Twitter

Here is another example of the brilliant sense of humor some people have! We absolutely love this setup and we believe that it is the closest mock-up possible! The original products look really similar and we guess that looking at this setup from about ten meters would be enough to make anyone believe that there are tech gadgets worth $11,000 on this desk. Whoever came up with this idea is a genius!

12. This is what simple logic would tell anyone 

Image Source: Twitter

Who knows, maybe even the biggest Apple fans would think twice before spending a thousand dollars on a single stand! Maybe a super luxurious office would be the only suitable place for such expensive accessories to be seen at.

13. Now this is super funny to see

Image Source: Twitter

Here is an image that makes us wonder about the way the Apple management decided on selling the stand separately! It probably looked nothing like this, but it is still a funny suggestion! We guess that many people picture that meeting as suggested here.

14. This is the type of calculation that can drive a customer crazy

Image Source: Facebook

This is one clever image because it uses a lot of sarcasm as the main tool to show that Apple’s products are probably overpriced. Of course, nobody could say a thing about it because every company has he right to have their own strict price policy!

15. Here is another funny comparison

Image Source: Facebook

We believe they could have chosen a grater that resembled the Mac Pro design even more, but it still makes an impact! The appearance of the super expensive computer really does resemble a grater and we are not sure that most people would like it at all. One thing is for sure here – it it a unique design!

16. We wonder what this product would cost

Image Source: Facebook

Here is another clever image that made us chuckle! Someone suggested that this would be a legit Apple product, but we are not sure we would like the price tag!

17. This is probably the best way do describe the deal on the monitor and the stand

Image Source: Twitter

It seems like a natural thing to combine a monitor and its stand in one package and put a price on it, but this is not what Apple had in mind! The monitor and the stand combined cost exactly as much as the computer!

18. Now this is what we call creativity

Image Source: Imgur

Seeing this is kind of ridiculous given the fact that nobody would just use some books to support their $4,999 monitor, but it is the right way to mock a stand that people ask nearly a thousand dollars for.

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