20 Images That Will Make You Feel Nostalgic If You Are Above The Age Of 25

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There are so many things in life that we take for granted now, but it was a lot different a couple of decades ago! We had a really good time growing up despite the fact that life was more simple. Maybe this was the reason why many people think it was a better time to be alive compared to the present. It feels as if it was real back then, and now it is all about social media and online communication. The list below shows things that were typical for the period when social medias, photo filters and futuristic gadget were not part of our lives but we were still going strong and we were super happy to be alive, maybe even a tad more than we are now.

1.  This was the famous helicopter move

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The ways in which we had fun back in the day were mostly simple, and they did not get any simpler than this one! An ordinary pencil and a ruler were all we needed in order to spend some time amusing ourselves! Spinning that ruler was exciting each time we did it, and we miss these moves!

2. This is one accurate comparison

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Of course, there was nothing even remotely close to the modern day tablets and the iPad in particular, but we genuinely believe that we did not need them at all! As you can see, all it really took was this simple plastic pad to keep us busy for hours and hours! We remember that the smooth surface meant that you could clean it right off with a single swipe.

3. Here is one treat we wish we could have now

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Of course, some of the best and most cherished memories of the good old times are food-related and this is no surprise! We had great snacks and treats back in the day, and while some of them are still around, others are long lost and almost completely forgotten! This is one good example and we used to love these!

4. Here is one unconventional toy that we loved playing with

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Kids nowadays have it all, and a simple toy store could offer them endless possibilities to have fun. However, we guess that this goo was something that cannot be replicated today, even though there are similar products on the market.

5. Talking about yummy treats

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This image brings back so many memories that we have no idea where to start! The cereal you see was probably among our top three famous brands, and we could still remember the taste! Anything related to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles was cool, and it still is! It was our favorite animated series.

6. The troll doll was and still is our favorite toy

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These toys were the best proof that you don’t need much if you want to be happy and to have a good time, too! The small plastic figurines with long hair came in various colors and brushing that hair was a pleasure! Maybe most people still have at least one of those stacked in an old box somewhere.

7. You probably remember the milk caps

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This was definitely one of the best and most popular games back in the day, and every 30-year-old could recall playing with these in the middle of the 90s! The so-called ‘pogs’ were a source of endless fun and we remember the sheer joy of playing with them!

8. The Looney Tunes series is still a favorite thing of ours

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Well, there is little that we could say about the Looney Tunes and all the characters featured – Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Yosemite Sam and the rest are the faces and voices we grew up with! The brilliant cartoon series will remain a classic for all eternity with its witty humor and absurd scenes!

9. We could almost feel the taste of these

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The fruit barrels were definitely every kid’s preferred choice for quenching thirst! Of course, everyone had their favorite flavor, but we liked them all, to be honest, and we miss the product lineup. There are similar products now, of course, but we cannot compare them to what we had back in the day!

10. Barbie dolls were different back in the day

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While we miss a lot of things that are no longer part of our lives, there are also numerous other items and foods that are still around, but they are definitely changed, which is what makes them curious to analyze! The way these products evolve is dictated by the other changes in people’s lives, and the Barbie doll is just one mild example of that!

11. These action figures are probably collectables now

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We genuinely believe that whoever kept their old toys from the 80s and the 90s in mint condition could probably make a small fortune now! We also miss these toys! Not that the modern day ones are no good; it is just the nostalgia that makes us prefer the old ones, we guess. This TMNT set is definitely something we would like to see one more time!

12. This one brings back memories

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Now this is something else! Having one of these was a must if you wanted to spend some quality time with your buddies, because everyone had at least one! The simple device was a source of endless fun and we had so much fun using these that we would gladly try it one more time today! The 90s were amazing!

13. Tamagotchis are still around

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We actually remember the exact moment these little gadgets literally flooded the market overnight., At one point nobody had heard of them and in a blink of an eye everyone had one in their pockets! We guess that the concept behind the Tamagotchi was the reason for its success! It was more than just a game!

14. These were our best TV shows

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If you think that a single image does not have the power to make you travel back in time, you are wrong and you know it! This image is the best proof of that! Seeing it and all the animated shows it features literally made us go back a couple of decades and recall the good times we had!

15. We actually forgot what Cheetos used to look like

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Here is another brilliant example of a product that is still around despite the massive changes it has been through! Cheetos are still a market success but you can see just how different they were years ago! The package has nothing in common with the modern version, and the taste was probably better, too.

16. TY Bears were simply awesome

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We used to really love these bears because they were so much different than the rest! They were more than just another kind of stuffed plush toys, and this is why people preferred to buy them as gifts.

17. Furby was a massive success

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Every now and then we see something that makes us think of the Furby dolls and just how successful they were! The concept behind the toy made it an instant success because it was something nobody else had seen before.

18.  Here is the most annoying product of all time

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Well, we guess that this is the opinion of the neighbors of everyone who owned one of these! Perhaps the neighborhood cats could confirm it if they understood the statement! Some people even thought that this was a dangerous product, but it was a lot of fun, actually!

19. We haven’t seen these in a while

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These rulers were amazing and literally everyone had one of them back in the day but we guess that the reason for that was the fact that they used them to have fun because of the numerous shapes you were able to create using them.

20. This is the ultimate age test

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Regardless of how old you are, you could still take this test, and we guess that most individuals under 20 would probably struggle with figuring it out. Then again, they have Google so they would probably find the answer to the riddle anyway.


Written by Sven Miller

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