10 Images Showing How A Bored Artist Coped With Daily Commuting

Image Source: Funnyjunk

Train rides could be extremely boring and scrolling through social media feeds is often not enough to keep you amused for a long time. This is when you need to think outside the box and come up with another source of having fun. An artist named October Jones did exactly that by drawing random images on note sheets. The results are awesome and the process surely made the commute a lot more bearable for sure! You can check more of the artist’s work here:

1. Homer Simpson

Image Source: Acidcow

We really like this one and it seems that Homer was the only accurate choice considering the person’s body language at the time. This is a really creative way of having fun and we love it! Homer Simpson’s facial expression is always different and it could be used in a number of ways!

2. Waldo

Image Source: Funnyjunk

This is another super curious image, because we can all see that the artist actually found Waldo, which is amazing! The outfit was just too perfect and the artist did not hesitate to use this opportunity!

3. Batman

Image Source: Milesandlove

This is actually one of the easiest drawings on the list, and it is just as successful as the previous ones! As you can see, the person was wearing an all-black outfit, which inspired the artist to add a subtle touch, literally transforming the whole scene!

4. Winnie the Pooh

Image Source: Blazepress

Well, it is Winnie the Pooh, alright, but it is not his typical expression at all. In fact, this is definitely the annoyed version of the famous character who obviously hasn’t enjoyed a shave in a few days.

5. Elmo

Image Source: Taringa

This one is similar to the previous one. The funny drawing shows Elmo like we have never seen before! Even the fact that we need to think of Elmo and his possible grumpy side makes us feel kind of uncomfortable, to be honest.

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6. Hellboy

Image Source: Funnyjunk

This is one of the most controversial comic characters ever created, and we absolute love him and his attitude! Seeing how the artist used his image in order to make another episode of his train art made us smile.

7. Here is another perfect combo

Image Source: Milesandlove

As soon as the artist saw this random commuter’s jacket, it was more than obvious what the drawing would be this time! The color of the jacket literally begged for Hulk’s image to be added to it, and it actually happened, too!

8. This one was inspired by a particular Looney Tunes cartoon

Image Source: Acidcow

You can see that this is Daffy Duck, but the artist chose one really specific scene in which Daffy got his beak turned ninety degrees to the left, and he immediately made that typical annoyed face, which is always hilarious to see!

9. Pringles

Image Source: Deskgram

The famous Pringles face really suits this commuter well. It seems like an odd choice since we are not sure how the real Pringles character looks like from the chin down, but it would probably be similar to this person.

10. Here is one perfect combo

Image Source: Funnyjunk

The artist knew that using Tom’s image would not feel the same if Jerry was not around, so this happened! Adding a second post-it note was the best possible touch here, and Tom’s annoyed face is always funny to see!

Written by George Angel

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