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17 Christmas Decoration Ideas For Those Who Want To Do It Smart, Not Hard

Image Source: Elpais

Christmas is only weeks away and most people are overwhelmed by this fact! They start making preparations for the big day and usually the list of tasks they have is a really long one. It is not just about inviting guests and buying presents. Many individuals put in a lot of effort into decorating their homes in a spectacular way as if they are going to participate in a contest! It often costs them thousands of dollars and countless man hours. Of course, there are also people who don’t seem to be too keen on decorating their homes. It is said that you should work smarter instead of harder and these images will prove that this saying is true! Check out the brilliant ideas some individuals came up with in order to avoid heavy Christmas decorations!

1. This is what we call a lazy decoration effort

Image Source: Flickr

The thing we hate the most when the time to set up the Christmas decoration comes is the tangled line of lights! Every time it is the same old story over and over again! These lights are almost impossible to sort out and it takes forever to untangle them! If this doesn’t stop you from setting up the decorations, nothing will! However, someone obviously decided to make it work without putting in the effort to sort out the lights and the end result is more than obvious.

2. Here is another brilliant idea

Image Source: Imgur

This is very clever and funny and you might call it a decoration setup but it hardly brings any Christmas spirit when you see it! However, it is still a curious thing to see! Instead of buying a real figurine set representing the birth of Jesus, this person used soda cans with the names of everyone included in the scene we have all seen!

3. This neighbor did their best

Image Source: Imgur

Here is another example of clever Christmas decoration! One of the neighbors created the usual setup with all the lights, the Christmas tree and everything else typically used. Their neighbor, however, decided that it was spectacular enough for both homes and put up this funny sign! We guess that their house decoration is just as unique as their neighbor’s.

4. We guess that this is one way to put things

Image Source: Imgur

The traditional ways to decorate your home for Christmas are nothing compared to the creative approach of those who try to avoid them! As you can see, someone was really keen on keeping things simple! You might even call it minimalistic! Of course, it does appear to be a bit too minimalistic, but it is still technically correct. It all depends on the way you look at it, actually.

5. Here is another way to save time and money

Image Source: Reddit

The costly decorations can be easily avoided if you are clever enough to make something unique that nobody has ever seen before. We believe that the idea this person had is more than clever! It looks so realistic that most people would probably rush to the rescue of this man! The police noticed the setup and forced the person to take it down which is a shame.

6. This is pure genius

Image Source: Reddit

When you accept Christmas decorations as a burden you immediately start thinking of ways to avoid it! This is a natural self-defense mechanism that works like a charm! As you can see, someone was clever enough to use the Halloween decoration and by adding just one small final touch it was completely transformed! Well, it is definitely not the typical setup with the lights and the deer but we guess what it counts as an effort.

7. You will need some time to accept this one

Image Source: Imgur

Of the entire list of ridiculous attempts for decoration, this is probably the worst one! The odd part is that someone actually put in quite some time into the making of this creature, but the end result is creepy! A deer made of paper and four crutches is definitely not the beautiful Christmas décor you would expect to see in a hospital! Maybe all they needed to do is set up the traditional tree and forget about the deer project. The eyes are particularly disturbing because they look a lot more realistic than the rest of the setup. we hope this was not a children hospital.

8. You cannot get more minimalistic than this idea

Image Source: Reddit

Someone decided to give a whole new meaning to putting up the Christmas tree! In fact, the term here would be ‘hanging up the Christmas tree! We are not sure if this is some kind of a joke or not because there are actually presents under the tree! We cannot believe our eyes! Nobody would do this for real so we guess it was set up just for the photo to be taken.

9. Here is one way to express your Christmas mood

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Image Source: Reddit

People act differently around holidays and while some are thrilled about this time of the years, others couldn’t care less. As you can see, someone decided to put on display their feelings for the holiday. The photo was taken by a person who walked around the neighborhood with his family in search of inspiration for their own decorations. We hope they do not replicate this one.

10. We hope this doesn’t become a trend

Image Source: Pinterest

Sometimes the minimalistic approach is not a bad thing but in other cases it is just wrong to use it! Someone decided to decorate this door in a hurry and it was supposed to represent a snowman. First of all, you cannot use straight lines and edges if you want to replicate a snowman. This is the reason why a door is definitely not the best thing to use!

11. This is definitely the coolest idea of all

Image Source: Reddit

There is no better way to demonstrate your lack of desire do decorate the office for Christmas than this! The image speaks for itself and a caption is not needed. This tree was meant to be decorated by the all the colleagues in this office but nobody wanted to take their time so one of them did the best they could. The end result was definitely worthy of a photo!

12. Here is something that can be determined as a Christmas life hack

Image Source: Reddit

This is definitely something you will probably not believe a first because it is just as weird as it is brilliant. The image was posted by a woman who had no idea about the way her husband cleaned up and put all the decorations away after last year’s holidays. She was petrified to see the tree wrapped up with all decorations still attached to it. Even more, her husband was proud of his idea and we need to admit it is a genius move to make.

13. This is another example of Halloween decoration used for Christmas

Image Source: Reddit

Since Halloween is less than a month before Christmas, you might as well make the most of it and use whatever you can to create the new decoration setup. Someone did exactly that and as you can clearly see, it worked out really well!

14. Here is something hilarious

Image Source: Reddit

Well, we need to admit that Australians are our kind of people! They are witty, spirited and always come up with crazy things to do! It is in their nature to be wild and free and this is why they do whatever they please! As you can see, someone used a fan as a Christmas tree! It looks odd and it is but there is also a reasonable explanation! You need to keep in mind that temperatures in Australia round that time of the year are good enough to go to the beach! This is why we love the sarcasm in the image above.

15. This also counts as a Christmas tree

Image Source: Reddit

They say that it is the effort that counts, not the end result. We guess that is true in certain cases but when it comes to decorations for the holidays, you really need to outdo yourself because this is what is I all about! Everything around the house needs to lift your spirits and make you want to be Christmas all year round! This tiny tree would hardly get the job done.

16. Happiness is all that matters when it comes to children

Image Source: Reddit

Kids are overwhelmed with Christmas but they don’t care about decorations that much. All they care about are the presents! This cute kid probably likes the minimalistic setup created by his parents because that smile is all that matters!

17. This is the perfect way to kick off the list

Image Source: Reddit

We need to admit that sometimes the best ideas are born out of necessity! The desire to avoid spending a few days on the roof installing lights and fake chimneys was probably a big enough reason for this person to try and figure out a clever way to decorate the house for just a couple of hours. We guess that Grinch came to the rescue here!

Written by Nick Martin

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