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A Guy Found A Hilarious Note From A 6th Grader After Someone Hit His Car And Run

Image Source: Andrew Sipowicz / Twitter

The short story here is that someone hit a young baseball player’s car. The driver who hit the car did not leave a note, which is not cool. You should always leave a note.

What makes things worse is that the car was hit by a school bus.

The player, in case you are curious, is named Andrew Sipowicz. This whole thing took place in Buffalo, New York. The young man played for Canisius College, which is also in Buffalo.

Anyway, as noted, a note was not left, which is problematic. My car was once hit in a parking lot of a tavern. It ended up looking like crap, and nothing could solve that. It would have cost me upwards of $500 to restore it to its former glory. As I did not have that money, I did nothing. I eventually just sold the car, but it looked like junk for many years.

Fortunately, in this case, there was a kid who was in the sixth grade who wanted to do the right thing and report what happened; she did just that.

Here are ten fun images about the car and the school bus.

1. The First Look At the Note About the Bus

Image Source: Twitter

You almost have to find it hard to believe that a kid who is in the sixth grade has handwriting that is so good. I can’t read the handwriting of people who are significantly older, but this kid definitely knows how to write a note. Also, I just assume she will be a police officer or private investigator when she is finished growing up. There are definitely worse ways to spend one’s life. A good private investigator can make 20 dollars an hour—or more!

2. A Close Look At the Drawing of the Bus

Image Source: Twitter

It isn’t the worst picture of a bus I have ever seen, but it isn’t the best. It is totally possible that the young woman isn’t the best at art, which I understand. Not everyone is great at art.

I can’t be critical. I am not very good at drawing horses, for example. I wish I were better, but I am not. I also haven’t tried to practice art in about a decade. Once upon a time, I drew my pets. Sadly, every time I did so, my pet would perish shortly thereafter. I think there was probably some sort of curse involved.

What disturbs me about this picture, and what apparently also disturbed other people, is that the kids on the bus look positively terrified, which makes me wonder if there might not have been something else going on that wasn’t reported by the child that wrote the note. That’s scary. Kids on a bus shouldn’t be scared. The school bus is supposed to be a safe place.

I only rode a school bus regularly for a short period of time, but I remember hating the experience. I was only six, but I remember the bus always smelled bad. It smelled like dirty feet. I wanted to gag every single time I got on that thing. I suppose putting a bunch of kids on a bus results in the smell of unwashed feet, which really isn’t that surprising. Kids generally don’t smell the best. Old people don’t smell great either. In general, people sort of stink. I suppose that’s why the perfume industry is worth tens of billions of dollars. It might be, based on my research, worth over $40 billion. That’s a lot of money considering it exists just to cover up how people naturally smell.

A lot of men, myself included, wear a fragrance of some sort once in a while. Based on my research, over 50 percent of men do. The reasons vary. Personally, I wear cologne when I have to pop out to the store and don’t feel like showering that day. It isn’t good to shower every day, after all. It isn’t good for the skin.

It also isn’t always good to wash your hair every day, by the way. Doing so can remove the natural oils that your hair actually needs, making your hair less healthy.

3. The Picture of the Car

Image Source: Twitter

As you can clearly see, there was a lot of damage done here. This isn’t anything that could be fixed by an amateur with a bit of touch up paint.

One of the many reasons I don’t go anywhere is that something bad always happens to my car when I do. I once went to the supermarket and shopped for about twenty minutes only to find someone had literally vomited on my vehicle. Who throws up on a car? That’s such a weird thing to do. Making the matter worse was the fact that there was an empty parking space nearby. The person could have just thrown up there!

I suppose one could suggest that my car was intentionally thrown up on; however, I doubt that was the case. No one knew I was there, and I don’t exactly have enemies who would intentionally spew on my vehicle. There are plenty of people who don’t like me, true, but they’re the sort who would do something more severe than hurl on my car.

4. The Tweet About the Future Career

Image Source: Twitter

Whoever wrote this had a great point. The kid probably does have a future in insurance. At the very least, the kid is honest, which is basically all you really want from your insurance company. In the United States, and probably everywhere in the world, insurance companies are constantly trying to pay out as little as possible.

It makes sense, of course; insurance companies are businesses and need to make a profit. They need to be able to pay their employees livable wages. Still, however, it is frustrating when you pay over $100 a month for car insurance and the company doesn’t want to pay you due to an accident—especially when it wasn’t your fault!

That happened to me once. I was driving along, minding my own business, when an uninsured driver who appeared to be texting hit me while he was changing lanes. I did nothing at all wrong. I had to pay $500 to my insurance company to get my car fixed. Furthermore, because I had to file a claim with the company, my rates were higher for several years. The whole incident, I estimate, probably cost me roughly $4,000 bucks over the years—and it wasn’t my fault. That’s one of the major reasons I don’t drive more than I have to; the idiotic antics of a guy looking at his cell phone can you a small fortune. People—pay attention to the road!

5. The Tweet About the 100 Bucks

Image Source: Twitter

I don’t really know that you can start a trust fund with $100. You might have been able to do so back in 1793, but you can even buy a modern video game console for $100 these days.

test ad

A lot of people commented on Twitter in response to Andrew Sipowicz’s tweet suggesting that the kid be compensated in some fashion. On the one hand, I sort of agree that the kid should be rewarded. On the other hand, should people really be rewarded simply for doing what decent people are supposed to do? I would argue that they should not.

6. The Other Tweet About The Money

Image Source: Twitter

I myself would probably try to reward the child for saving me a lot of money. That’s the natural impulse. There was a couple thousand dollars’ worth of damage to that car.

If I were a parent, though, I would probably insist that my child not take the money. People should not take money for doing the honest, ethical thing.

When I was a kid, I found $20 on the ground while at school. I turned it in to a teacher, and she apparently figured out to whom it belonged. I have no idea how the teacher figured it out, honestly. If you ask a room full of students who lost $20, most of the kids are going to raise their hands. This was a couple of decades back by the way—when $20 was worth a lot more than it is today. These days, a lot of kids get $20 a week for their allowance. I think I got something like $3. It took a long time to save up for a video game.

Anyway, I had nothing against the kid to whom the $20 belonged. We weren’t friends, but she was nice to me. For whatever reason, the other kids found out that I returned the $20 and started insisting she give me half. They were essentially trying to bully her into giving me ten dollars. It was the weirdest thing.

In the end, I let her buy me a bag of Skittles from the cafeteria’s vending machine. I think that was adequate compensation for looking down, noticing a $20 on the ground, and giving it to a teacher.

7. The Tweet About the Handwriting

Image Soure: Twitter

The drawing of the bus isn’t the best, but the handwriting really is fantastic. You wouldn’t expect it from a kid in elementary school. Frankly, you shouldn’t expect it from anyone. People these days have terrible handwriting.

I have an aunt who sends me greeting cards. That’s her thing. Some people like drinking too much, and she likes sending greeting cards way too often. She’s a nun and has taken a vow of poverty, so she’s pretty poor. She probably spends ten percent of her allowance on cards. She sends them to everyone! She sent four to my mom on my mom’s last birthday. It is really sweet in theory, sure, but her handwriting is atrocious. I can’t read a single word she writes, and she sends me cards all of the time. She sent me a card for Halloween; she should have just saved the four bucks. The card was kind of funny, true, but I think she needed the four dollars more than I needed a quick laugh.

Do kids even learn to write anymore? I heard that many schools don’t even teach cursive anymore, which kind of makes sense. It is sort of sad, but it also makes sense. Most kids need to learn to type really fast instead of write quickly. There are a lot of schools in my area where the kids are required to have a tablet or laptop just so they can go there; there are no physical books. No one writes anything down. It seems so strange to me. I remember carrying ten pounds or more of books in my backpack while I was in high school, which is probably why my back is bad these days. The times really are changing.

8. The Similar Note

Image Source: Twitter

Someone on social media shared a story that is pretty similar to the one about the bus. That is indeed a good neighbor. You really wouldn’t expect anyone to go through the trouble, but I am sure the recipient of this note was very grateful.

I really appreciate the attention to detail in this note. I am not sure that I would have been able to note the type of car and the plate number. My vision could be better, after all, and I am usually looking at my phone when I am outside.

It is kind of funny that the person who hit the car was a coworker. I have had a lot of awful coworkers in my day, but at the very least I can say that none of them have ever damaged my property.

9. The Post About Being Kind

Image Soure: Twitter

I don’t know about the Supreme Being bit; that’s not really why people should do the right thing.
What I do know is that kid who reported this accident definitely did the right thing. I also kind of worry that we are not training our school bus drivers well enough. I know they’re not paid very well, and they do have to put up with many, many small children, so the school districts sort of have to take what they can get. It is unfortunate, but true. It would be nice to think, though, that the drivers were setting a good example for the kids.

10. The Tweet About the Parents

Image Source: Twitter

I think it is fair to assume that the parents of the kid are pretty decent people. I have known some terrible people who had great parents, and I have known some decent people who had terrible parents, but good people usually raise good kids.

In this case, the parents should be proud of their child’s honesty. They certainly raised a good one.

Written by Kevin Barrett

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