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17 Hilarious Fake Christmas Items Planted In Stores by ‘Obvious Plant’

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Comedian Jeff Wysaski has a unique sense of humor and a vision for life. He is the genius creator of the Obvious Plant project which has one main goal and that is to make people’s lives a bit funnier. What Jeff actually does in this project is placing fake items like brochures, posters or actual products in various places. So far he has visited numerous places such as a paint shop, a wine store, bookstores, the zoo, toy stores and even IKEA.

Wysaski is also called “one of the funniest people on these here Internet tubes” and his Tumblr is named one of the “30 Must-See Tumblr Blogs” by Time Magazine. His sense of humor is what makes the Obvious Plant project as hilarious as we know it and we are always waiting for the next strike. And what time would be more perfect for some Wysaski pranks if not this time of the year when Christmas shopping is a priority?

Get ready to see some of the most hilarious fake Christmas gifts that you can get and surprise someone with.

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1. US Doctor Kit

Image Source: Instagram

Some parents can be really specific when it comes to what toys they should buy for their children. The two main things they are searching for is for the toy to be entertaining and educational. It cannot get more educational than to show your little one the absurd of the American healthcare system? We agree – nothing can beat that. So why don’t you buy them a stethoscope and all the other items that come with a 98,000 dollars bill? You know – your children better get used to the fact that they can’t afford to get sick.

2. New favorite action figure

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Have you ever heard your kids arguing about who is the best super villain? Just laugh condescendingly and buy them Crippling Depression – the most realistic one. It has the superpowers to destroy your life when you are least expecting it and strikes exactly at the wrong time. It always does. It is a must have toy, we would say. Adults would appreciate it as well.

3. How would Batman dress for Halloween?

Image Source: Instagram

If you have ever wondered how Batman would dress for Halloween, then here is the answer. We are sure no one saw that one coming. However, it is safe to say that now everyone would want to see other superheroes dressed as cartoon characters and we are totally here for it. A gift like that would be not only original and hilarious, but it can also be a perfect present for a collector. Certainly, The Bat Mouse is all we want for Christmas this year.

4. Please, take my baby

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If this toy does not align with every exhausted new mom’s current views about life, we do not know what will. This product is not only hilarious, but also really accurate of how motherhood feels sometimes. There are few things that are missing though – some useless baby book, a cup of cold coffee that you never have the time to drink and a pile of laundry that only gets bigger and bigger.

5. Who designed this thing?

Image Source: Instagram

Probably one of the best products of Obvious Plant would be the “Stupidest animals” collection. If roasting random animals for no reason is your thing, then we are happy to show you this one and we are sure you won’t stop laughing. Unpopular opinion: pandas are so overrated and this collection can even name all the reasons why. From their laziness and inability to sing, to the fact you can’t pet them – we are sure that pandas will make it to your Top 5 stupidest animals list in no time.

6. Throw your anger away!

Image Source: Instagram

If you ever feel frustrated about something, no matter how minor it is – this would be the perfect gift for you. You just need to write on the disc the exact reason for your anger and then hurl it as hard as you can. The instructions say to do so in the ocean, but if you do not want to pollute the ocean with your bad feelings – you are free to choose a different option. Hurling it at someone can also do the job. Better feel!

7. Penguins suck!

Image Source: Instagram

The “Stupidest animals” collection continues with penguins. The way the animals are described in this collection is hilarious and it is no wonder that they were sold out almost immediately. Apparently a lot of people did not hesitate to pay money for an animal that has an egg shaped body, looks goofy and has no legs. They can’t even fly. Poor penguins!

8. Donatello’s crying tree

Image Source: Instagram

The Super sad Donatello now comes with his very own crying tree and a lot of reasons to cry about. It also has a tissue to wipe his tears away while sitting under the tree or wherever you place him. But instead of adding another reason for him to cry about, just put him under his special tree and let the game begin. What it is funny with this toy is that super sad Donatello actually looks really angry and frustrated. Maybe they should replace the Crying tree with the Whomping Willow from Harry Potter.

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9. Jego

Image Source: Instagram

We must say that our main concern is not whether Jego bricks are as good as Lego ones. No. Our main concern is what happens when you step on them with your bare feet and is it as horrible as it is when you step on a Lego? Judging by the “They are much worse” sign on the box we might just got our answer and in this case it means one thing only – no JEGO for us, please. We have enough experience with the LEGO bricks already.

10. Every kid’s dream

Image Source: Instagram

Not a big fan of Chili’s? Why didn’t you mention it earlier? Obvious Plant has the perfect gift for you in this case. Finally a toy you can actually enjoy. It comes with a miniature gas can as well and it is here to make every kid’s dream come true. It was about time to make Chili’s lit. The humor behind this product needs no explanation, but the funniest part for us would be the sign that says “This product is not real. Nothing is real.”

11. Do not eat the raccoon

Image Source: Instagram

Fans of Revengers, please gather up. Obvious Plant made the perfect Christmas gift for you and we are totally here for it. It is a whole collection of your favorite characters that is waiting for you to assemble it. Every character except Ron, that is. Ron is missing, but the fedora is here, so probably no one will notice. The Regular Raccoon and Detective Horse are surely our favorite. That is why we also want to remind you to have mercy and do not eat the raccoon.

12. Not a big fan of sports

Image Source: Instagram

Here is something you never knew you needed until now. Why bother yourself with paying for your children’s sports lessons when you can teach them something valuable for free. For example you can show them how to properly use a shovel. To be honest, we can’t decide which is more important, but since this kit is for burying balls, we might go with the second one. Using this gift will be such a bonding experience!

13. Just say “No bots”

Image Source: Instagram

This one is actually pretty good and you might agree on that. It shows once again the street dark humor of Obvious Plant, but it is also a reference to the failed marketing effort to bring down addictive substances among the youth in 1982. The toy can also transform into a tank and it is a part of an actual limited collection called The Friendly NoBots and The Evil Bots.

14. This is probably a realistic game

Image Source: Instagram

We loved the sarcasm shown in creating this one! The idea behind it is to mock everyone who spends countless hours of small talk! The mindless chatting is like a hobby for many people and it is actually something they should avoid. All that talking and gossip is just a waste of time and we believe that it distracts people from other important things.

15. Steve Wars is a brilliant idea

Image Source: Instagram

Star Wars fans everywhere, this one is for you! The funny idea that a galaxy where everyone is named Steve could exist really got us thinking what that would be like! It appears that the action figure is one of the most important Steves out there – Steve 3PO.

16. Here is a game we would gladly play

Image Source: Instagram

All Metallica fans probably loved the reference to their idols! The idea is really funny and witty and we bet that it would be fun to play! We are absolutely sure that this is the world’s only lute simulator game and that makes this the perfect gift!

17. We are glad that this is not sold everywhere

Image Source: Instagram

Those of you who feel really lazy in most of the time would find this idea to be clever, but we guess that it is just too much! We cannot believe that someone thought about it and it is the perfect way to mock the other ridiculous pre-made products out there. We guess that this item is the best way to end this amazing list!

Written by Nick Martin

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