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15 Hopeless But Hilarious Situations You Will Be Glad Didn’t Happen To You

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Things do not always work out the way we want them to work. That is why there is a time when every one of us has to deal with a situation we would prefer not to be a part of. But since you should not take things too seriously and should always find a way to laugh it off, we are here to show you a list of situations you will be glad you are not in. All that is just to remind you that things can always get worse and there are people who have to deal with more absurd things than you can imagine. Let’s be honest here, laughing at someone else’s misery actually does make you feel better.

1. What are friends for?

Image Source: The Chive

They say that when things get rough, you know who your true friends are and it is safe to say that this lady right here has a real friend. To have both of your arms in a casts is not a situation anyone would want to be in, but luckily, you can always count on a friend to make you feel better. So here is a perfect example of what a true friend is – it is a person who takes you out for a drink or two and actually holds the drink for you.

2. Sponsored patience building exercise

Image Source: Reddit

Patience is a virtue and if we have to be honest, most of us are not really good at it, especially when it comes to technical difficulties. The staff from the picture managed to find a good way to look at things like these and showed some sense of humor. Irony is the perfect tool with needed to solve a problem and they obviously mastered it. Also it is a great way to explain some issues that are not your fault.

3. Out of order

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We are not sure what exactly is happening here, but even an “Out of order” sign will not be enough. Refitting the bathroom is a messy job for sure and we have all been there, so let’s thank God this is not the condition our bathrooms are in right now. What is the explanation for the toilet setup you see is beyond us, but we hope it is not some designer’s idea of making some extra space in this tiny bathroom. However, we won’t be surprised if this is actually the case, because the “Design fails” list is getting bigger and bigger.

4. Nope, I am not swiping myself this time

Image Source: Reddit

This is an absolute nightmare and we are not even exaggerating. It is hard to think of a worse scenario, especially if it is happening while you are doing your thing and your pants are on your ankles. It is not a desirable situation to be in, even for a masochist, so we really feel sorry for the poor soul who actually had to experience this.

5. Extra sign for extra embarrassment

Image Source: Imgur

Airports are the type of place where you can see a lot of weird people doing a lot of weird things. Our favorite kind is the ones who are welcoming someone and often holding amusing or embarrassing signs. This woman really put some extra effort and it is all for her sister’s embarrassment, because that is what siblings usually do. They were born to annoy and embarrass you whenever an opportunity is given. Being welcomed with a sigh with the size of that one was not Joana’s dream obviously, but for our amusement her sister thought otherwise. Joana’s reaction, however, is priceless and totally worth it.

6. Something unthinkable happened

Image Source: Reddit

What is wrong with vending machines these days? We have seen a lot of pictures of vending machines acting out, but this one just made the top. Whether someone made this impassible barrier on purpose or it is something that happened by mischance, we can’t deny that situations like this one define what “hopeless” really means. We are not sure if shaking it will help solve this problem, but if it works you might get yourself seven drinks for free.

7. Overachiever

Image Source: Reddit

Nature will always find a way. We are still not over the picture with the ladder sticking out from the roof, so seeing a plant like a cactus growing perfectly fine in the rain gutters is something that requires some time to accept. The worse thing here is that it is such a pain to remove them from the gutters and as we can see – the owner of the house probably gave up and let the cactus be. Judging by its size, it is not like this thing has been there since yesterday.

8. Crush screen

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Image Source: Imgur

Clumsiness is a special talent and all of us are aware of this. Either you have a clumsy friend whose smart phone is always cracked or you are this friend yourself. No matter which of the two it is, when something like that happens is kind of hilarious for everyone, but the owner of the device, of course. For them it is just awful, especially if the touch screen is the only way to interact with your device. If it makes you feel better, you need to remember that situations like this are pretty common and the clumsy club always awaits for you.

9. Blame the donkey

Image Source: Reddit

No, unfortunately you are not watching “Behind the scenes” of Shrek 3 and there is a small chance that these police officers are there waiting for an autograph. Although, we are not sure what the exact situation is, it would be really cool if we could read what report these men gave to their supervisors after this. We are betting that the dispatch call for this guy is even funnier. But the most important question here is where the donkey is when you actually need it?

10. Because I can

Image Source: Imgur

This is surely not something you see can see every day, although there are always things to amaze you while you are stuck in traffic. It seems that convertible cars are not only fancy looking, but can also come in handy when you need to transport a mattress. This is something good to know, especially if the delivery charges are ridiculous. The only problem might be if it starts raining. Unfortunately for this person, Murphy’s laws probably kicked it and it started raining.

11. Microwave the noodles, not the container

Image Source: Reddit

Stupid things happen all the time and always at the wrong time. What is worse, sometimes they are happening while you are about to eat. Or that was what you thought. In this case there is no way to open the container without spilling at least half of the noodles, make a mess, clean it while you are starving, waste some of the food and then eat what is left of it, but cold. These are the moments when you feel like the whole universe is against you.

12. What scary really means

Image Source: Reddit

This is too frightening and too graphic. Someone took the “Carve the scariest pumpkin you can imagine” challenge really seriously and went too far with it. This is for the people who claim that Halloween is not that scary when you grow up, but they forgot that adults can be easily scared, too. And what can scare an adult for life more than the student loan? Yeah, just what we thought.

14. Is a little privacy too much to ask?

Image Source: Reddit

Who wants some audience while doing their thing in the bathroom? The bright mind behind this genius design probably has never heard of what privacy actually means and why people really need it, especially in the bathroom. It might come as a surprise for someone, but when we pee, we want to pee. Simple, right? We do not want to perform in front of random pedestrians, drivers or neighbors. Shocking, isn’t it?

14. When your date is cutting his steak like this

Image Source: Twitter

Dates are not always enjoyable and funny and there are a lot of stories to prove exactly the opposite. We all have things that are total deal breakers for us, but the worst time to experience them is probably during a date. However, here is another example how every problem has a solution and the solution is having a friend who can bail you out immediately. Proper manners, especially on the table are highly desirable and the lack of them can turn any date into a disaster.

15. This is the strangest sleepover ever

Image Source: Reddit

We believe that staying at a friend’s home is not a problem in most cases but some people are unable to accommodate their BFFs and an alternative solution needs to be found. However, sleeping in a huge aquarium is definitely not the best idea. We bet this person was not comfortable in there.

Written by Nick Martin

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