17 Mistakes That Will Not Be Forgotten

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People make mistakes all the time, and there is no way of preventing most of them; it is just how life works, we guess. However, there is a difference in the scale of these mistakes, and the proper way to measure them is to evaluate the consequences. Most of the mistakes are almost immediately forgotten because they are harmless, but others can turn out to be hard to overcome. Of course, a huge mistake can also have little to no consequences if the person responsible for the mistake is lucky, but that is not the case in the majority of examples.

Check out the list below which contains mistakes that people would probably never make again.

1. This is one honest person

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We need to specify that this here is not a mistake that the owner regrets; it is more likely that he just tried to warn all those who admired his car that it cost him dearly. Upon seeing the customized ride on the photo, we immediately knew that it took a lot of cash to make it look like that, and the sticker and personalized license plate number were just a part of the plan to make the car look unique.

2. The mistake here is more than obvious

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The smile this woman has on her face is not compatible with that hairstyle for sure! Who in their right mind would adopt a Cinnabon-styled hairdo? It probably did not last for long, because the majority of people probably told her how bad it was. This is the perfect proof that being different is not always a good thing and it all depends on the circumstances and details.

3. This is what happens when someone does not understand graphs

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Everyone should be perfectly aware of their skill level before tackling on a specific task, because it is better to evaluate yourself before putting the effort, or you might end up frustrated after seeing the poor results despite the devotion and the desire. The people responsible for creating this graph obviously did not do it, and the graph bars are totally messed up as a result.

4. Teaching your dog to use the inflatable pool bed was a mistake

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This guy probably loves his dog, but he also spent too much time at the pool enjoying his furry friend’s company. It is obvious that the dog got particularly attached to the inflatable pool bed, and the man found about it the hard way. It may look like an assassination attempt, but the canine simply wanted to join the fun, and that happened with a bang!

5. How hard would it be to make a pizza?

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Obviously it is the hardest thing ever for some people! Looking at this picture makes us really want to ban this person from all future cooking attempts, because they would likely be even bigger fails than this attempt to bake a pizza. As you can see, this person decided to put the aluminum foil tray underneath the grill, while the pizza was placed on top of it. The end result is clearly visible.

6. Mistakes lead to safety failures

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Here is one aspect of making mistakes that could really have bad consequences. Yes, we are talking about safety or privacy issues. If you need to address a problem related to those two things, than you need to make the right decision for every single thing you do, because there is no room for mistakes. However, even a simple task like putting this inner door lock seems to be too much for some folks to handle.

7. This is more than a funny mistake

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Well, some mistakes seem to be funny, and this one is no exception, because it is the kind of mistake that nobody would consider possible. If there is one thing we know, it is the fact that some people really struggle to do basic things right. Whoever designed these medals was one of those people or at least decided to not focus entirely on the job, which resulted in this absurd medal.

8. Someone needs to explain this lady how phone cameras work

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Going to see a live event is always a pleasant experience, and since you are, the best thing is to focus on the action and forget the existence of your phone. However, most people still prefer to see things through their phone camera, which is kind of sad, actually. This lady really took things to a whole new level when she decided to stare into the camera lens while holding the phone in the wrong direction, and she clearly does not see a thing.

9. Here is why you should ditch DIY and call a professional

Image Source: Imgur

If you spend a lot of money on a flat screen TV, you need to make sure that it is mounted the proper way. However, some people obviously prefer to save a few bucks from the mounting expenses despite the fact that they just dumped a ton of cash for the TV. This is a mistake, because you can soon lose the TV, as well as a huge part of the drywall. The solution is to always call a handyman or someone who actually knows how to do the job properly.

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10. This is the reason we love the panoramic function of any phone camera

Image Source: Twitter

For quite some years now modern phones are always equipped with nice cameras, most of which have a panoramic function, and as soon as people discovered it, they began taking panorama photos, some of which are so bad that they become classic fail examples. Some of these attempts are so bad that the people who took them regretted their decision, and the case here is exactly that.

11. We regret reading this, although it was hilarious

Image Source: Imgur

Sometimes going to a café or a restaurant is anything but a good experience, and this guy’s post proves it! He is probably right to complain, because his request had good reason behind it, and he was not your ordinary picky client. While we like the funny way he wrote his complaint, we still wish we didn’t read all that toilet trip details he shared, but he needed to prove a point how devastating some mistakes can actually be. Some people may have even bigger problems, so this type of client requests needs to be taken seriously by the staff everywhere.

12. Mistakes happen in all kinds of job tasks, but this one is too funny

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This sign is informative and it does not help you in the same time, because it really doesn’t provide you with some new and useful information. If you were standing right next to it, you would probably realize that you were already there, and you would not have the need for a sign to tell you an obvious fact! The mistake here was to let Google Translate do the work.

13. This is the worst face swap in history

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We have all stumbled across face swap fails, and just when you think that you have seen everything, a photo like this emerges from somewhere to haunt your dreams! This dad probably realized that it was a mistake to us the face swap function, because the photo is really sinister.

14. We wonder who made the mistake here

Image Source: Reddit

Well, some mistakes are obvious, but in order to find out what happened and who actually made the mistake, we would need to know whether there was supposed to be a fountain there in the first place. The fault is either in the bad placement of the bench, or the work done by the plumbing team, but whatever the case, one thing is for sure – mistakes like this one don’t happen every day.

15. Bad planning leads to disaster

Image Source: Dump A Day

Here is how some miscalculations of the work process steps can lead to this. The builder who laid the cement on this floor clearly didn’t to notice that there is no back door, and the only way out was directly through the wet cement. The end result is visible, and the person responsible realized the huge scale of the mistake.

16. Controlling your emotions is a must

Image Source: Dump A Day

Some people are really emotional and they cannot help it! This can be a problem when frustration, disappointment and anger kick in, because the end result would likely be disastrous, and we can confirm that by seeing this photo! Someone was clearly not thinking straight and in a dark moment of fury and anger that someone literally pierced the TV with its own remote! The irony here is not the important thing; we are sure that there were a lot of regrets afterwards, but the harm was already done and the TV is broken beyond any chance of repairing it. This is the kind of mistakes that people do without even realizing, and only when the emotions settle, the consequences become visible.

17. Wendy’s

Image Source: Twitter

Yep, this one is a bit classic. They have mistaken his name twice and when he complain they are doing it third time on purpos, just for fun.

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