17 Relatable Tweets Fully Describing What Being A Father Of 4 Girls Is Like

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Most people would tell you that there is nothing better in life than having kids. Even one child would become the meaning of your life but we guess that having four girls gives a whole lot more meaning! In the list below, one famous Twitter account is dedicated to the funny things four girls say or do regularly. The tweets are always fun to see and we think that anyone who is able to raise four girls at once should be awarded as a hero.

1. The delay

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Here is how having a bunch of kids looks like for real. One might tell you that the chatter and constant noise is cute but when you work from home, you need to admit that experienced the said things is nothing but annoying.

2. The TV

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We guess that people think that kids need to learn this and that when they grow up and that they cannot be right about anything since they don’t have the experience. In this case, the kid who concluded this has life figured out.

3. The toast

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Here is yet another example of why being the father of four girls can be a challenge. It appears that every kid has her own preferences when it comes to food and we believe that this particular one is something we can relate to easily.

4. The homework

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Children can go really far in their attempts to avoid doing something they simply must do. Their reasons and excuses can be both annoying and hilarious but this kid simply wanted to be honest about it and went with the direct approach of saying the truth.

5. The game

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Here is one tweet that pretty much sums up the relationships between children who grow up together. Even if you offer them endless possibilities and an infinite supply of space and resources, they would still have something to argue about.

6. The dinosaurs

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It seems that parents should always respect their kids’ wishes as long as they can afford to and have the time to answer their desires. As you can see, this situation was not an emergency but the parent still wanted to help out because he could.

7. The socks

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This is one of the weirdest possible conversations ever! The parent did what any other father would – he offered the kid one sure way for making sure her feet would be warm but it seems this daughter disliked socks for some reason.

8. The Apple

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Well, kids would be kids and we think that we can sometimes learn from them, even if this means that we will learn how to have fun. We are not sure what you can do with an apple instead of eating it but kids know this kind of stuff.

9. The jar

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Kids get attached to all kinds of toys and you can see that this girl had particular preferences about her sleeping companion. Despite having many other toys to sleep with, the kid insisted on sleeping with a jar of peanuts.

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10. The podcast

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We already mentioned that instead of teaching kids this and that, you can also learn from them and use whatever they taught you well. In this case, the father got a lesson in calling things the right way. This is a funny way to explain what a podcast is.

11. The presents

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There are numerous ways in which you can realize that you might have a problem coming your way and this father surely received the biggest hint possible. You can see that this kid would be up to something if presents don’t appear under the tree soon.

12. The candy

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It seems that sometimes people need to realize that they cannot defeat their kids’ logic. The tweet you see here is the best proof of that. As you can see, this kid shut down her mother in the best possible way and it is technically correct, too.

13. The movie

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Here is what one of the middle kids decided to do while watching the movie and the father was right to be baffled by the act. When he asked the kid, she simply replied that she only cared about the happy ending.

14. The dogs

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Well, not all parents would find the best and fastest way to explain why this kid’s logic is incorrect. As you can see, she had a specific opinion about boys and she thought they were a different species.

15. The gym class

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Here is yet another tweet in which you can see the reason why this father should be proud of his 7-year-old daughter. It appears that this kid knew exactly what to do when someone underestimated her.

16. The game

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It really seems that men could learn a thing or two from ladies’ tactics in important and tense moments. In this case, they used a strategy that would never occur to most men and we admire them for that.

17. The love

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Well, this here is quite interesting logic. The girl is happy that she will not have to fall in love, because she has stuff to do.

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