13 Shady People Who Tried And Took The Easiest Way Out

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Unfortunately we live in a world that’s full of scammers and people who think that they could always pull a trick and get away with something. Keeping this in mind, it’s really hard to trust someone.

The following list contains examples of people who decided to cut corners or cheat with the sole purpose to save themselves some work; however, the end results prove that taking the shortcut doesn’t pay off.

1. Keeping up the suspense by accident

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Someone obviously neglected the expiration date branding on this package, thus ruining the conversation between the candies. However, if you look closely, the candy says ‘why so sour’, which is quite clever, actually.

2. This is a smart move

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The person who answered was actually following the question strictly – it doesn’t say to match the clocks based on the time they’re showing, which was probably the original intention, so the one who really skipped corners here is the one who created the task.

3. You call that a fix?

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Doing a temporary fix is not the right way to do things; you either do it the right way or just wait when you have the chance to. This guy here did something that does not even qualify as a ‘fix’.

4. This joke had a rather unexpected follow-up

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The person behind the prank probably intended to satisfy his curiosity and have a few laughs, but he got way more than he bargained for. It’s not exactly a backfire of his plan, because it means that he really did a good job with the ad he posted.

5. Oh, yeah, his girlfriend

Image Source: Runt of the Web

It is hard to imagine that a certain act could be dumb and sad in the same time, but here is one for you. This dude needs to check the selfies he uploads, but more importantly, he needs to work on his private life.

6. The point of view is everything

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Whether you need to change your or someone else’s point of view in order to relief your guilty conscience or to persuade the other person into believing in something, the point of view could dramatically change the perception about something and you could easily get away with something or achieve a goal.

7. There is no possible way to answer this via the options listed below

Image Source: eBaum’s World

The poll-styled probable answers have absolutely nothing to do with the question above, which would require a different set of answer suggestions. Somebody failed to do this right because of simple overlooking.

test ad

8. Construction fail

Image Source: eBaum’s World

This is absolutely ridiculous! Who would forget to run a pipe under the floor tiles, and put it on top, instead?

And what is even stranger is that whoever did this took some time to cover the pipe in tiles, too. Some people really need to step up their game.

9. The best of both worlds

Image Source: The Chive

This guy is probably the only person in the world to be able to enjoy a winter vacation and a day at the beach in the exact same moment. The photo is pretty funny but we guess that he probably did not stay long there.

10. The next level of being lazy

Image Source: Instagram

We live in a world where everything is just a click away; however, some people are willing to give up if what they searched for did not appear on top of the list of results. Maybe we are already spoiled by how easy things have become?

11. Nobody would expect this to happen to them

Image Source: DumpaDay

And by this we mean both of the things that happened here – the way the note is attached and the fact that someone actually admitted the fault for a parking collision.

12. Doing your job requires a certain amount of effort

Image Source: Reddit

These guys obviously thought different; why would they clean the gum – after all, they were painters, not gum cleaners.

13. The father

Image Source: Reddit

This is quite creative way to test if a package would arrive. Well, is in this particular scenario the father did the test and send some money just in case there is a trouble.

Written by Sven Miller

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