26 Relatable Everyday Situations That Everyone Of Us Had Experienced

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There are many things that people rarely discuss or talk about, but they really should, because these things are relatable to almost every person out there! In most cases they happen on a daily basis, and the circumstances, reactions and everything else related to them are pretty much equal for all of us, and this is what makes them curious to see and discuss. The list below is full of nice examples!

1. This happens all the time

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We believe that this is something we have all done before, and in some cases it leads to embarrassing situations.

2. This is an absolute must

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We cannot help it but overhear what people around us talk about, and in our minds we become a part of that conversation.

3. This is something we all do daily

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No matter if you write something at work or you write novels in your spare time – you are likely to press ‘save’ more than once each time, just to be sure.

4. People almost never ask someone to move so they could check out a product 

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We do that, too! We tend to wait and just hang around the aisle until they move.

5. This is a frustrating feeling

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Hoping to get just a few more minutes of sleep but realizing you need to get up is frustrating!

6. We hate it when this happens 

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Choosing the shortest line at the store is not always the best decision, and this is the reason why!

7. This is a secret we all have

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In fact, in all the times we got a receipt we had absolutely no intention of keeping it!

8. Pointing out the obvious is part of everyone’s life 

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For some weird reason, horses are the thing we usually point out the most, and it makes no sense sometimes!

9. This is a habit most people have since they were kids

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This might seem like a form of paranoia and it might actually be something like that, but we all used to do it; some of us still do, actually!

10. We all spend some time drifting away in our minds

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This happens much too often and we find ourselves thinking about something without moving a muscle!

11. We know how this feels 

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Having expectations leads to mostly negative experience and sometimes we expect negative vibes!

12. Most of you would agree with this one 

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We have seen this happen one time too many, and we don’t like this at all, to be honest!

13. We do this all the time

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For some weird reason we cannot eat if there is not a nice show on the TV or some music playing as a background.

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14. Guilty as charged

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This is the reason why we always check the lyrics before singing along!

15. Money is not the most important thing in such a situation

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We love greeting cards in which the people we love expressed their feelings for us, but cash is important, too!

16. This happens all the time


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Whenever we happen to hear our own voice, we are more than confused, because it does not sound familiar!

17. Most of us do this at least ten times every day

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There is also another thing we often do – we intend to check the phone but we enter our social media profiles and forget about the time!

18. This is also something that happens almost every day

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We guess that having to do this often is more or less annoying.

19. Sometimes we wish we courd back time but we simply cannot

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If we remember something embarrassing that happened to us years ago, we still feel the way we did back then.

20. Names are hard to remember

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Asking someone their name almost certainly means that you will probably instantly forget what it was.

21. Online shopping requires minimum effort

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However, we can relate to this post, because buying something online still requires getting up to get your card details.

22. This is how this sounds to us, too

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When we read ‘heavy machinery’, we also think of dump trucks and bulldozers.

23. We wish this wasn’t true, but it is

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We genuinely believe that every person who uses MS Word can relate to this immediately!

24. Many people feel guilty of things they never intended to do

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It is a weird feeling, but we have felt this way more than once and we can relate!

25. Sometimes our laptops are lucky to be left intact

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Situations like this one can easily make you lose it and want to destroy every gadget in your path. The frustration we all feel in such moments is hard to explain, but is is there every time.

26. This is valid especially when you are doing planks 

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One minute can seem like a year when you are pushing yourself to your absolute limits. This is why we find it hard to complete a full set of any exercise there is!

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