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18 Funny Comics By Showing Things That Annoy Us On A Daily Basis

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Everyone’s schedule is full of annoying moments no matter how busy it is. You might be chilling at home all day or working your pants off at work and either way you would definitely experience such moments when something or someone bothers you or pisses you off. The author of these comics Natalya Lobanova was able to capture such moments in her comics and describe them in a hilarious way! She definitely nailed moments and experiences we all have day after day!
Her work is brilliant! You can see for yourself when you scroll down and you can also visit her website or her account on Instagram

1. This is one clever metaphor

We guess that this piece can be accepted either as a metaphor or quite literally! Either way it is absolutely correct! We have all been in a situation where we have our shiny new shoes on but our feet are totally mangled inside! Metaphorically speaking, the drawing shows how many people actually feel inside despite their good looks and sharp clothes.

2. We have all been in this situation

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Comic I did for @buzzfeeduk

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Well, we are not talking about the spider because this comic also has a different meaning. Every time someone points their finger at a person of an object with the intention to mock them, things could backfire massively. The reason is that such people often have similar features to those they try to make fun of which is why they need to have a good look in the mirror before shaming someone.

3. This is a good way to troll some people

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The ducks are at it too

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A fine sense of humor is something we admire a lot! Some people are masters of sarcasm and this comic artist definitely knows her game! The funny comic with this duck really nails it when it comes to gluten intolerance. Most people avoid gluten only because everyone else is doing it

4. Here is something we can easily relate to

This funny piece is definitely the most relatable so far! Everyone hates to be sick but it is inevitable sometimes. A cold can force you to stay in bed for a couple of weeks! The feeling you get is as if you have no power left to do even basic things. This is why even the boring things you did before seem like good times.

5. This is also a thing that affects most of us

It might seem funny when you see it in a comic like that, but we believe that most of us know how it feels. No matter if you drink a small cup of water or a liter, the effect is pretty much the same. Your bladder will almost immediately force you to get up and empty it. This is absolutely annoying but it happens all the time.

6. Having a good hair day is a rare thing

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If you laughed hard at this comic, then you are not alone! We also related to it right away! The busy work schedules most of us have limit the time left for personal care. The most common things like visiting a hairdresser seem impossible! This is why even the basic care begins to feel like luxury treatment.

7. This comic is definitely on point

Most women love to take off their bra as soon as they get home. The feeling of relieving the tension is awesome but you also need to give some credit to the bra. It is definitely under a lot of stress and we appreciate it! Of course, nobody needs to actually thank their bra for the support, but it is still a vital piece of every woman’s clothing.

8. Age brings a different perspective to anyone

It is no secret that our point of view towards the world and everything in it changes constantly. One of the main factors that cause the effect is aging. As we age, we change our outlook on many things. Less and less things do not matter as much as they did five or ten years ago and that is a good thing because we start paying more attention to what’s really important.

9. Procrastinations always gets the better of us

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Daily routine

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We believe that even those who say they don’t procrastinate actually do it without realizing it. This is a problem that most people underestimate but it is a serious thing. When you tackle on a task and it took you twice as the time it normally takes, then you have been procrastinating for sure. It is a bad habit that is hard to get rid of.

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10. Here is one more super relatable comic

Seeing this really made us laugh because it is super accurate! As you can see, the artist described really well that awkward condition most of us are constantly in! A totally messed up sleeping schedule and an addiction for internet result in the situation you see pictured above! Many of us work as freelancers or have a long-distance relationship so all we care about is sitting in bed and having our laptop with us. It is not a healthy way of living but this is the price we pay to be a part of the modern society.

11. We never thought we could relate to hair

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One for @buzzfeeduk

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It turns out that one creative artist can make you relate to a hair! It sound weird but as soon as you take a look at the comic you will realize what we mean. Of course, this is not how ingrown hairs happen, but it is a funny way to explain it! We also sensed some sarcasm in that comic because the behavior of that hair is similar to some people’s first thoughts after waking up in the morning. Everyone wants to sleep all day tucked in under the blanket.

12. Here is the only wat to be happy all the time

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Another old classic that never made it into here

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This comic is right on point because it shows a funny tutorial on how to be happy. In fact, there is only one advice but it is the best possible one! Of course, you can’t just morph into a canine. It is not how things work, unfortunately. The only hope you can have is to live your next life as a doggo if you believe in reincarnation at all.

13. Here is our favorite comic

This clever idea is straight on point and the sarcasm of the artist let her create a genius piece once again. It is true that modern people get offended by literally everything they see. This is very strange because people used to take a joke before. It appears that being offended is trendy! We hate to admit it but it is becoming more and more noticeable. We wish people could simply laugh about a joke instead of taking it personally every time.

14. This piece can be described as painfully-relatable

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Why is my body working against me

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We are sure that a lot of people would definitely relate to this short comic because it is meant to hit you right where it hurts the most. The described conversation is a funny but accurate way to describe those annoying moments when you need to endure a lot of things at once. It seems that ladies experience such moments much too often. Men also suffer from them, not counting the period, of course.

15. Here is what we need to put up with in late fall

Most people love fall because it brings a certain mood that we definitely love experiencing. However, there are some perks related to fall that we definitely find to be annoying. One of the main ones is related to the temperatures outside. Most autumn days are cold in the morning and warm throughout the day. This means that you suit up for extremely cold weather and as soon as you walk for a few blocks, you get all sweaty and feel uncomfortable for it.

16. This is so true that it hurts

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Really informative, thanks

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Everyone who ever tried to paint something using a video tutorial probably realized that things are not as easy as they appear to be. It takes a lot more than a hour-long video to give the basics on how to create a painting. Even when it comes to drawing you still need to learn some specific things before the end result is any good. This is exactly what Lobanova had in mind when she created this piece. We love it!

17. This is definitely one of summer’s most annoying perks

The long and hot summer days are most people’s favorite time of the year. The mood and warm weather are more than enough to make anyone feel good and happy without a particular reason. However, summertime is not all sunshine and hot beaches. There are also mosquitos there to ruin your good time. In most cases repellents are not efficient and the insects try their best to ruin your good mood.

18. Negative thinking immediately kills motivation instantly

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Follow your dreams !!

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This is probably one of the most annoying things in everyone’s life! Just when you are on to something and you do your best when you tackle on a task, a negative thought comes in and immediately ruins everything. It is very easy to surrender to negativity and relatively hard to free yourself from it. We guess that if you keep it simple you will experience less negative vibes.

Written by Nick Martin

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