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9 Celebrities Who Went From Awkward to Awesome

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Life is a funny thing. You’re super adorable for the first few years of your life. You are basically like a puppy that sort of knows how to talk. Then you’re sort of weird-looking and awkward for the next sixteen years or so. No one other than your relatives want to be around you.

It sounds harsh, but it is most definitely the truth. I literally cringe when I look at pictures of myself when I was twelve. Admittedly, I was a very cute baby. Around the time I turned five, though, I hit an awkward period that lasted until I was about nineteen. I was okay to look at for about a decade there, give or take. Things went downhill from there. Sadly, I will never be considered handsome again. I might be considered ‘passable’. I have come to accept the harsh truth. What are you going to do, right?

Anyway, there are a lot of celebrities out there who looked kind of awkward for a decade or so, but ended up turning out pretty attractive once they were old enough to go to college or legally rent a car. Here are nine examples.

1. Ariana Grande

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In case you are not familiar, Ariana Grande is an actress as well as a singer. She first became famous for starring on a series called “Victorious”, which aired on Nickelodeon. I never watched it; I was way too old to be watching shows on Nickelodeon when it aired. I was watching the final seasons of the American version of “The Office” at the time.

To be honest, I am only vaguely familiar with her work. I know her albums have been extremely successful; she has won several ‘artist of the year’ awards. I know her name; I just don’t really know the work.

I guess the point here is that she looked sort of awkward at one point, kind of, but ended up becoming one of the more attractive women on the planet. She is also extremely talented and worth millions—so it is fair to say she is doing well.

2. Alexa Vega

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Image Source: Imgur

The world was first introduced to Alexa because of “Spy Kids”, which was about kids who became spies because of their parents. That’s kind of the short version of the plot. It became a franchise. I’m not really familiar with it. Video games were made, though, so you would think I would be. Television shows that become video games fascinate me. I am still waiting for the video game based on “Frasier”. It hasn’t happened yet, but I am confident that it will happen.

To be honest, I am not at all familiar with much of Alexa’s work. I used to watch the show “ER” when I was a little kid, and she was apparently on an episode of that. She was also on “The Middle”, which I loved. That was a great show. It starred the wife from “Everybody Loves Raymond”. It also starred the guy who played the janitor on “Scrubs”. He was great. I am very excited there is going to be a spinoff.

Admittedly, Alexa did look sort of awkward in the first picture. Then again, not many people look good in such a coat. I had to wear one in high school; I looked like such a dork. She certainly turned out gorgeous, however.

Alexa has recently starred in several Hallmark television movies. I have a neighbor who constantly watches those things. That neighbor is probably very familiar with Alexa’s recent work.

3. Brenda Song

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To be honest, it doesn’t look like Brenda ever went through an awkward phase. She looks lovely in the first picture.

While she was a star of the Disney Channel, she is perhaps better known these days for her role in “The Social Network”. She was also a recurring character on the show “New Girl”. I remember her from the sitcom “Dads”, which was about video game developers and their fathers. It wasn’t very good, which is why it was cancelled after just a single season.

One of the other stars of “Dads” was Seth Green. I am a fan of his simply because of his role on “Buffy”. He also voices the character of Chris on “Family Guy”. I had forgotten that he voiced a character for the “Mass Effect” video game series; then again, I try to forget that video game series. I am still bitter about how terrible the ending to the third one was, honestly. They made a fourth game in the series, and Seth wasn’t in it. The game, from what I read, was terrible. I didn’t bother trying it.

4. Hilary Duff

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Hilary Duff looks wonderful in the first image, but she certainly looks fantastic in the second image. It is hard to believe she is over 30 now. She has been famous for about 17 years now. She first became famous for “Lizzie McGuire”, which was a hit on the Disney Channel. She also appeared on other television shows, including “Raising Hope” and “Community”.

If you haven’t seen “Raising Hope”, you need to check it out at once. In short, it is about a guy who had an unexpected baby with a pretty evil woman and decided to raise that baby; the supporting cast is great. One of the main characters is played by Cloris Leachman, who you should know from “The Mary Tyler Moore Show” and its slightly less well-received spinoff “Phyllis”. She has won several Emmy awards. She is currently 92, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see her pop up in another show or movie.

Leachman’s granddaughter, by the way, is Anabel Englund, with whom you are probably familiar. She is well known for being a singer and writing songs.

5. Mark Ruffalo

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Image Source: Instagram
Image Source: Instagram

Those are some pretty impressive braces. That could not have been an enjoyable experience for Mark. That wasn’t a great haircut, either. He looks almost as bad as I did at that age. If you have kids and can afford it, get them the best haircuts possible. They can make all of the difference.
Fortunately for him, Ruffalo turned out to be a pretty good-looking guy, which is why he became a major movie star. You probably know him best for playing “Hulk” in the “Avengers” and several other Marvel movies. He is also a producer and a filmmaker.

Those really are awful braces, though. One of the only good things I can say about my life is that I never had to wear braces. I did have to wear a retainer for a while, though, and that was awful. It did make my teeth look better, though.

6. Abigail Breslin

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I think it is fair to say that Abigail was never really that awkward. She was an adorable kid, and I like the tinfoil hat. That was when she was three and in the movie “Signs”, which was about aliens. That’s sort of the short version of the story. It also starred Mel Gibson.

Anyway, she clearly turned out to be a very lovely young woman. She’s very talented, clearly, having been nominated for an Academy Award. Recently, she starred in “Scream Queens”. Kirstie Alley was part of the second season. I will always have a soft spot in my heart for her because she starred on “Cheers”.

I don’t know how I feel about aliens. On the one hand, it is nice to think they’re out there watching over us and guiding society. I love the shows that suggest they are responsible for human beings developing technology. They also might be humanity’s last hope one day. I don’t know what I would do if I met an alien. I would probably pee myself immediately, but I would do that if I encountered a bear. I’m not the bravest person on the planet.

On the other hand, in “The Sims”, you can be randomly abducted by an alien. If your sim person is a guy, he can get pregnant with a baby from outer space. What’s weird about that is that no one in simworld—or whatever you call it—takes note of the fact a guy is clearly pregnant. The doctors treat it like it is a normal thing. The logistics of the whole matter confound me; furthermore, since your character is abducted randomly, I wouldn’t call that particular pregnancy one created of consent, you know? The aliens of “The Sims” aren’t particularly benevolent, it seems. You can marry one if you willingly travel to their planet, which is also weird.

In the new expansion pack, you can have a baby with a character who is essentially Santa. Apparently a lot of people try to make that happen, which is sort of bizarre. Where do the people who make these games get their wacky ideas?

They are fun games, though. Don’t start playing unless you have nine hours to spare. Once you get started, you won’t stop.

7. Dylan and Cole Sprouse

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If you are not familiar, they were stars of the Disney Channel a little more than a decade ago. Currently, Dylan owns a brewery in Brooklyn, which is very cool. Cole is on “Riverdale”, which is one of my new favorite shows! He plays Jughead.

I always thought the Archie comics were fun, so I gave “Riverdale” a shot. I got hooked almost immediately. The show is a lot darker than the comics in a very creepy way, but it is a heck of a lot of fun. Currently, the kids are playing a tabletop roleplaying game and Archie just escaped from jail after being forced to participate in a fight club. Veronica is running a speakeasy-type establishment.

The show stars one of my favorite actors, Mark Consuelos, who was great as Mateo on the soap opera “All My Children”. His wife is Kelly Ripa, who is also the best; she is best known these days for hosting a talk show, but she also used to act on “All My Children” and will soon portray a love interest of her husband’s character on “Riverdale”. They have been married for over 20 years, which is pretty rare for a Hollywood couple, and have three kids. Really, it is kind of a cute story.

Speaking of celebrities who have been married for a while, Tom Hanks has been married to his wife Rita Wilson for 30 years. That is also pretty impressive. I think it is fair to say that—at this point—they’re in it for life.

8. Drake


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n case you are not familiar, Drake first became famous for starring on “Degrassi”, the teen drama from Canada. I never saw it, but I have read good things. You can apparently get in on Netflix in the United States. Really, Drake was never that awkward, but I think he looks better now than he did then.

Chances are I will never check out “Degrassi”. While I have heard good things, I have too much television to watch and not enough time. For example, I started watching “Sabrina” on Netflix, and I’m not even close to finished with the series. Now that is a great show! Like “Riverdale”, it is very creepy. If you are expecting anything like the sitcom from the 1990s, you will be disappointed. If you are looking to be a little scared, the show might work for you. The critics love it!

9. Matthew Lewis

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Matthew Lewis is well-known for portraying Neville Longbottom, who was a character in “Harry Potter”. He got the role when he was only 11 years old. He may have been kind of awkward at one point, but he certainly aged well. He also got married this year, and his career seems to be going well, so he is probably a very happy man. Good for him!

Written by Kevin Barrett

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