18-year-old Girl Dies A Couple Days After Going Out To Celebrate Christmas Eve, Because Of A Terminal Stomach Cancer

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As a result of a surgical procedure needed because of a stomach tumor, an 18-year-old girl has died. She had been out socializing and partying with friends just three days earlier, on Christmas Eve, completely unaware of the fact she was deathly ill.

Image Source: BPM Media

Ellie Walsh of Lincoln, England, was a pretty typically teenaged girl who had just secured a job at a law firm as a receptionist, and she also wanted to become a lawyer.

According to her mother, Emma Walsh, Ellie had been experiencing unfortunate stomach pains for a few years, and she actually underwent a scan about five weeks before her death as a result, and the scan revealed the tumor that would eventually claim her life. Ellie had also been losing weight as a result of the tumor, but the possibility that her condition was life-threatening wasn’t really considered. Ellie was simply given paracetamol to help her with her discomfort.

Still, Ellie was happily able to enjoy a night out with her friends shortly before her death. She obviously had no idea her condition was so serious.

Doctors told Ellie’s mother that even if the operation had been a success, Ellie would have likely died due the fact the tumor was terminal cancer. She would have probably only lived another few months.

Naturally, Emma was shocked by the news her daughter had died during the operation intended to remove the tumor from her daughter’s stomach. As she put it, her head “went into a spin”.

She acknowledged that the doctors were upset, adding that “they did all they could”.

Emma even said that the hospitals were great.

Mostly, she’s upset because she didn’t get to exchange a proper goodbye with her daughter. Before she went into the operation, however, Emma told Ellie that she loved her and would “see her later”.

Ellie’s mom described her daughter as a quiet private person; she apparently had a small group of friends, but they were a tight-knit group, and they stuck with Ellie throughout high school. She may have been quiet, but she would apparently “talk to anyone on a night out”.

Emma also said she’s glad that Ellie got to live the life she did, adding that she probably wouldn’t have enjoyed it so much had she known how seriously ill she was.

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Image Source: BPM Media

One of Emma’s best friends, Mary-Anne McNulty, had known Ellie for 14 years and described Ellie as generous, beautiful, and funny. McNulty said Ellie will always be her best friend and “will never be forgotten”.

Online tributes that have been made since Ellie’s passing have really helped the family during what is obviously a very difficult time, according to Emma Walsh. The nice things said about her daughter “have been a real comfort”.
The exact cause of Ellie’s death has not been determined yet.

Sad as Ellie’s story may be, there’s a lesson to be learned from her tragic tale: stomach pains are no joke. They can be easily written off or blamed on poor digestion, but Ellie’s death teaches us that they should not be ignored.

Although stomach cancer is far more common in those 65 years of age or older, it obviously can and does affect the non-elderly. It isn’t a rare cancer either, as 1 in 125 people will develop it in their lifetimes. It is more common in men, and there are numerous risk factors. Even pickled vegetables and salted meats are considered risk factors, while fresh fruits and vegetables are known to reduce the risk of stomach cancer. Unsurprisingly, tobacco use is a definite risk factor.

As mentioned above, Ellie Walsh experienced bad pains in her side and weight loss; those are definitely signs of stomach cancer. Weight loss, in particular, is notable because the cancer often causes a lack of appetite. Even if one’s appetite remains, there may be weight loss. Nausea, vomiting, heartburn, and indigestion are also symptoms of the disease.

It is true that symptoms of stomach cancer can be caused by many, many other things, and Ellie Walsh didn’t know she was sick until just a few weeks before she died. Still, it is worth noting that only 1 in 5 stomach cancers are found before the cancer spreads to other areas of the body, when it becomes much more difficult to treat. If you’re having symptoms of the disease, especially if you’ve been having them for a while, please seek medical attention.

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