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It Is Just So Cold in the US and Canada That Windows and Waterfalls Are Freezing

People may argue about whether or not global warming exists until the end of time, but one thing is for certain: this weather has been colder than average in North America. Experts actually expected a colder-than-normal winter in the Canada and the northern United States, but no one expected anything like this, and no one expected places like the state of Georgia to get more than 3 inches of snow.

It has been said that this winter has been the worst in over 3 decades; if you look at the pictures we have here, you’ll understand why.


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Apparently steam can and does freeze. In this picture, you’ll notice that the steam emanating from a sewer grate has frozen and looks like snow. Considering it is a sewer grate, we would not recommend making a snowball out of that stuff.


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This lovely fountain is located in Forsyth Park, which is a popular destination for those who happen to be in Savannah, Georgia. Georgia, located in the southern portion of the United States, is not well known for getting very cold on a regular basis. The weather has been insanely cold lately, though, causing icicles to form on the park’s well-known and commonly photographed fountain. Fun fact: the fountain is about 150 years old!


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The fourth-largest city in the state of Pennsylvania, located in the northwestern portion of the state, Erie is no stranger to extreme weather. In fact, in the winter of 2013-2014, it received more snow than any other city in the United States. Still, the fact that it received 53 inches of snow in just 30 hours is genuinely remarkable.


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As a result of the many holiday movies set there, we often think of New York City when we think of the holiday season. It is a beautiful city for a number of reasons, but it may have never looked so lovely as it does covered in snow as a result of the recent weather.


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Niagara Falls is a waterfall; technically, it is the name used to refer to three waterfalls. Generally, waterfalls don’t freeze because the water is constantly in motion. However, it is just so dang cold that Niagara Falls has frozen. The falls are known to be beautiful during any season of the year, but could they look any prettier than they do while completely frozen?


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Thanks to holiday movies, we all know it is a bad idea to lick a flagpole when the temperature is below freezing. Based on this picture, it is also a bad idea to have a beard. The man in this picture resembles Santa Claus, but that’s not because his beard is naturally white. His eyelashes also appear to be frozen. Why he’s posing for a photo and not warming himself in front of a roaring fire is anybody’s guess!


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Even though the idea of putting dogs in clothing—considering most breeds have luxurious coats to keep them warm—may seem ridiculous, doing so can be necessary during truly inclement weather. Here’s an adorable picture of a little dog who desperately needed a coat because of this awful, awful weather! The pooch’s owner was nice enough to let the poor little thing use his.


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We know a lot of people who are huge fans of American football, and over the decades it has been played, a lot of fans have endured really harsh conditions in order to cheer on their teams. The Buffalo Bill fans, however, take devotion to a level that most of us will never really comprehend.

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A lot of things can and do shatter. If you throw a glass against a wall, it will probably shatter. What shouldn’t shatter? Paint. Apparently, though, if it gets cold enough, paint can shatter.


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Erie, Pennsylvania really does get a lot of snow, which makes one wonder why anyone would make the choice to live there. Apparently it can be quite pretty during the summer months. However, if a city worker has to use compressed air to clear snow from a traffic light during the winter months, you should probably reconsider residing there year-round.


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This picture just confirms that no one should live in Erie, Pennsylvania—which is where this picture was taken—during the winter months. We can only hope that the man in this picture is okay; if he were to slip and fall, he might not be found until March.


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With the exception of dogs, who people like to dress in coats when it is cold, few think of the animals when dealing with extremely cold temperatures. Sadly, the animals are even more affected by inclement weather than we are. In this case, eagles and waterfowl are thirsty and looking for the only water around from which they can drink.


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If you have to use skis to walk outside, you probably shouldn’t be outside. Why this man is outdoors in that weather is a mystery. Hopefully, he’s safely on his way home and about to make himself a mug of hot chocolate.


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Guys, when it is so cold outside that waterfalls freeze and windows crack, exercise isn’t worth it. Do not job when your own saliva will freeze if you spit! But apparently, there are people out there so dedicated to having the perfect beach body in the summer that they’ll risk losing fingers and/or toes in the winter due to frostbite.


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We’ve talked a lot about how insane it must be to live in Erie, Pennsylvania during the winter months. In this picture, a woman is clearing off her car. Why? Considering workers in that city have to use compressed air to clean stoplights, she’s probably not going anywhere too fast.


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American Football fans really are amongst the most devoted sports fans on Earth. But there’s a fine line between devotion and foolishness, and these men have crossed it. Who takes their shirts off when it is snowing? It should be noted that this game was played between the Chicago Bears and the Cleveland Browns; both teams are located in cities known for freezing cold weather—but still! Put those shirts back on!


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Aren’t there things called “states of emergency” that basically instruct people to stay in their homes if they value their lives? Why is this woman shoveling her steps? Where, exactly, does she need to be, and why isn’t she in her house where it is warm?

Written by Kevin Barrett

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