19 Times People Didn’t Know What They Found, But The Internet Was There For Them

Sometimes we all find something that nobody around us can tell what exactly is it. I’ve personally found so many weird things that nobody could tell me what they were. Thanks to the social network good people told me what those things were. They were pretty interesting by the way. I have gathered a special interesting list of interesting things that people found and asked online and actually got pretty precise answers.

1. Found this in the store. It’s all made of wood, with 11 colors and 2 pieces each. May I know what it is for and what it does?

Image Source: Reddit

It’s a Montessori Color Box. More precisely it’s Montessori Color Box 2.

2. WITT I work at the health department and found this no idea what it does

Image Source: Reddit

One Reddit user reported that he sees these every day. He believes it’s a universal handle for a type of rongeur. It’s in a set used for nasal surgeries. There’s a biting end that snaps into the handle. The arm on the side locks the biting end into the handle.

3. Little brick outcroppings dotted every 20 feet or so on old brick building.

Image Source: Reddit

This one was pretty hard to figure it out, because most of the people just guessed wrong, but there was one user that got it correct. They are where the drainspout exits for the roof/building and were used to drain the water when raining.

4. Zipper protectors

Image Source:

It turns out these are zipper protectors which are used to protect zippers from dirt.

5. Found these in my grandma’s old jewellery box. Tried googling W.S.P. Co. but no link to whatever these are. They’re pretty solid, and somewhat heavy.

Image Source:Reddit

Those are screw machine cold heading punches. I still use them daily. Wsp is from wrentham tool. Those are screw machine cold heading punches. I still use them daily. Wsp is from wrentham tool.

6. Found this building while I was hiking in west Kerry, Ireland.

Image Source: Reddit

It turns out it’s a water tower, formerly used to refill steam engine tanks or tenders. There used to be a railway there from 1891 to 1953.

7. Found this tool in my grandma’s basement

Image Source: Reddit

Looks like it was used when milking cows.

8. Breath-o-matic device? Bought at a Chicagoland estate sale this past weekend. What is this?

Image Source: Reddit

The Reddit guys definitely found it as well as a reference to the creator, M.D. Largesse: he appeared in Kansas City in 1978 to “show of the habitats of reptiles and the furnishings and apparel of herpetologists.” Perhaps this “furnishing” was shown there.

9. Drawing found in my father in law’s effects

Image Source: Reddit

It turns out that this is an old school photo copy of a patent drawing . Looks like some kind of trocar.

10. My dad collect old stuff, but even he doesnt know what this is, it looks like its put together so i cant open it. We are Serbian if that helps

Image Source: Reddit

The item in the photo turns out to be an old wooden plumb bob.

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11. WIT Wall Dongus in our new apartment. It is loose and pulling it out of the wall shows that it’s attached to a cable. The little rondell on the front is a button

Image Source: Reddit

A user reported: “Solved! Took some searching, but i found a post on r/imagesofkentucky of someone with a similar button in an apartment, but theirs had “Emergency Alarm” printed on the face button. Glad the alarm is disconnected, because I pressed it a fair few times trying to figure out what it was”

12. Huge engine with wheels found hiking on copper mountain.

Image Source: Reddit

This turns out to be an old mining/plant compressor. The curved mounts on the right side of the image would have been for air receiver tanks. There’s not much left on this one though, the (likely copper/$£$£$) radiator and ancillary components are long gone. The drive mechanism on the left of the image would have been for the radiator fan and possibly some kind of other power take off, as useful engines like these sometime did a lot of different roles.

13. Found among Grandma’s things. All snowflakes go into box, spring clasp on the box.

Image Source: Reddit

They are called charms- peace, love, happiness

14. Weird metal part that comes in a matchbox every once in a while.

Image Source: Reddit

A Redditor said “I asked my grandpa and he said it looks like a match holder thing for discreetly holding matches. So what it would do is pin through a shirt (pin is very similar to an earring) and you’d have a strike-anywhere match and whenever you needed a match you’d have one. He said one side it should slide in completely and hold it then the other side it’ll only stick in part ways so it’s an extended match and you can use a majority of the match because it doubles as a handle so you don’t burn yourself. He used to keep one inside his dress coat. The pins often broke off or just came off so he carried the whole matchbox.”

15. Found in an old cabinet, made entirely of glass with narrowing holes all the way through.

Image Source: Reddit

This actually is a flower frog, used to hold a flower arrangement in a vase. Made obsolete by foam and gels.

16. Near Agate, Utah. My dad and I came across this on Google Maps today but no search on Google gave me an answer

Image Source: Reddit

This is evaporation ponds near mineral mine.

17. Flat-backed plate that resembles a music box wheel. Number search turned up nothing. Found in late father in law’s toolbox.

Image Source: Reddit

This is IBM punch card for use in Punched Card Typography in the 60s/70s— Its basically computer code.

18. Found among my dad’s things. Interesting velvet box with black object inside

Image Source: Reddit

A Redditor stated “It’s a pocket handwarmer…an old one too. I used to have a few for camping and fishing. Haven’t seen this style for a while. You light the rod in the middle. it is a coal, you close it up and pop it in your pocket. Blow in it to stoke it up.”

19. What is this thing? I found it in a frozen meal. It’s sharp and hard, spiky, and brown-ish coloured.

Image Source: Reddit

It is actually a seed pod.

Written by Sven Miller

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