12 Illustrated Pictures Showing What Would It Be Like If Superheroes Had Kids

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True artists can be recognized not only by their good skills, but also for their great ideas! There is nothing better than seeing the brilliant works of art of someone really talented. The list below is definitely going to meet the highest of expectations when it comes to unique ideas! You are about to see some of Lucas Eduardo Nascimento’s work. He is also known as Dragonarte on social media and you can check his work by visiting some of these links:

Dragonarte is based in Brazil and his fan base is impressive! The series of superhero-themed drawings he created are cool and adorable at the same time and you are about to see them! The initial idea about creating the images of superhero kids is definitely an interesting one! We believe that if superheroes had babies, they would look exactly the way the artist drew them! We believe that these super babies need to be involved into a new animated series which would be awesome! The potential of such an idea is really big and we believe all the fans of the original superheroes would love it! Let’s hope that Marvel and DC notice how good these new characters are! We can already imagine a comic book series, a TV series and even a movie sequel. All of this makes us wonder did nobody think about this until now? It is an obvious way to please all the fans and even attract more! Maybe the producers thought about the idea but it was not visualized as good as Dragonarte’ suggestions. This man should work for the comic industry giants for sure!
Scroll down and be amazed by these wonderful illustrations!

1. Deadpool’s baby makes his father proud since day one

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We believe that one of the biggest rascals among the superhero babies, if not the biggest, would be Deadpool’s son! Knowing what his father is capable of and his attitude towards everyone else, you can imagine what will happen with the child! Growing up with one of the funniest superheroes as your father is definitely going to shape your destiny, but we must remember that the gene always pulls! This is illustrated in the image above and we simply love it! We would love to watch a third Deadpool movie which features his son! Just imagine what kind of a movie it would be! Such a dynamic duo is the perfect recipe for a film that will be remembered for a really long time.

2. Batman’s kid will surely have the same interests as his father

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Everyone would imagine that most kids born in a superhero family would probably inherit their parents’ abilities. However, it all depends on who the parent is! In Batman’s case, all the abilities he has were not something he was born with, but his love for bats is probably contagious. As you can see, the artist suggested that Batman’s kid would share the same passion for the cave life as his father and we believe that it would happen exactly like that! The idea about Bruce Wayne having a baby is actually a good one and someone needs to suggest it to the producers.

3. Spider-Man’s kid will have all the abilities his father has

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Spider-Man is one our favorite superheroes and the list of reasons for this is very long. The cool thing about him is that his kid will definitely inherit his passions and what’s more important, his skills. The artist imagined what naptime would be like for his kid, and we could not agree more! We guess the nurses would be worried about the baby sleeping like that, but they should not worry about things like that. They should just remember who his father is and that would be enough. We already like Spider Man-Jr. despite the fact that we have never seen him in action.

4. We never imagined Robocop’s baby looking like that

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The artist was able to demonstrate his sense of humor with this awesome image! As you can see, he pictured Robocop’s baby as a toaster! It looks extremely funny and we need to admit that it is pretty accurate, too! Of course, he could have chosen the humanoid type of personality but we guess that the toaster will grow in time and become just like the mighty father.

5. Here is the most accurate image so far

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Tony Stark was a gifted kid with a lot of interests, most of which focused on inventing stuff. This is why you can imagine that his kid would be exactly the same! Judging by Stark’s satisfied facial expression, he is extremely proud of his kid and he has every right to be! We believe that Iron Man’s baby would be able to build his own costume from scratch just like the image here suggests. We guess that Stark Industries would be left in good hands if this happens.

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6. Flash’s baby would be one of the most extraordinary kids ever

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The artist suggestion of what Flash’s baby’s attitude would be is probably the most accurate possible. You know what they say, like father, like son! It is normal to assume that Flash Jr. will be just as fast as his dad immediately after birth. The clever illustration is awesome and we simply love how the artist created the nurse’s reaction. Nurses have probably seen it all but this would be a surprise even for the oldest nurses at the hospital. Flash appears to be really proud, of course!

7. Alien’s baby would definitely need special care

Image Source: Facebook

We know what you are thinking. This character is by no means a superhero. That is correct but Alien is still a popular character and we think that he has a rightful place on this list. As you can see, Alien’s kid is definitely not fooling around and probably mistook the nurse for a snack while she was probably just going to check up on the baby. The proud father in the back could not be more pleased with his son’s attitude and you can tell that by the grin on his face! You can also tell that there are actually feelings inside Alien which we never thought we’d see!

8. Now here is one really accurate suggestion

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The fame martial artist and action hero is a legend! We probably don’t need to comment on his status because his name speaks for itself everywhere around the world! Of course, he is not your typical superhero but we reckon he is even better because he is a real person! An interesting fact about the actor is that he actually has five children in real life! His two sons and three daughters are surely his greatest achievement! However, we still love the way Dragonarte decided to picture what would Chuck Norris’ kid to after his birth. Well, we are not surprised that the little rascal immediately seduced the nurse! As you can see, the baby is already equipped for combat and has a distinctive style! Keeping up the Norris tradition would be a hard task for sure!

9. Hawk’s baby is not what we expected

Image Source: Facebook

Well, this was a bit of a surprise. We did not expect to see Hawk’s baby pictured like that but if you think about it for a second, the artist has a point. The thing that is even more curious about this visualization is the reaction of the nurse! She appears to have huge egg cravings and she even prepared a frying pan! We are not sure if she intends to take care of Hawk’s son or turn him into a meal but we believe that she better take good care of him of Hawk will not be pleased at all!

10. This one is just too funny

Image Source: Facebook

Aquaman is a name that is currently trendy again thanks to Jason Momoa’s performance but in the image above another person steals the show! If you expected to see Aquaman’s baby pictured like that, then you thought about it the same way as we did! The funny image made us laugh especially when we saw the superhero’s facial expression. He is touched and his eyes appear to be full of joyful tears but we find it to be hilarious!

11. Torch’s baby is literally on fire

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Some babies are really active since the very first day they are born but it doesn’t mean they are on fire. That saying only goes for the baby of Torch! As you can see, while the proud father shows off his love with a neat trick, the nurse is doing whatever she can to stop the fire from spreading while she balances the baby in her other hand! This is another brilliant piece Dragonarte created!

12. Martian’s baby is not easy to take care of

Image Source: Facebook

It appears that all the other babies were a lot easier to take care of compared to Martian’s kid! The little one cannot be handled easily which is why the nurse is frantically calling for backup before it is too late! Martian, however, seems to be happy with his kid’s attitude because it is a run in the family to act like that!

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