23 Times People Noticed Hidden Messages In Everyday Objects

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Sometimes things are not exactly what they seem! We don’t mean that they are completely different than what they were initially thought to be. All it takes is some little unexpected perk or a hidden feature to completely change the way you look at them. The following list is full of such examples! Enjoy the images and have fun!

1. Here is a raincoat like no other

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Nobody would expect to see a hidden feature when it comes to a raincoat. It has only one basic function and that is to keep you dry! Most people do not care about the design or even the specific fabric, as long as it works as it should! This coat proved to be different – it has a hidden flower pattern!

2. This is clever advertising

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We love clever ideas, especially when product or package designers were able to connect with the customer in an unusual way. As you can see, the designers of this package of sweets came up with something brilliant and probably not many people have seen it!

3. Here is a typical Top Gear product

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Top Gear will probably remain in television history as the most successful automotive show of all times! We loved watching it when Jeremy Clarkson was still the host along with Hammond and May. However, the other nice part was the variety of merchandise. This shirt was different than the rest of the items because of the funny caption!

4. This is one sassy box

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We never thought we would see a product package with an attitude but here it is! Whoever created this box probably knew that many people would try to open it from the wrong side despite that it is obviously not meant to be opened like that. This is why they came up with this salty, but funny line.

5. This is a sweet surprise

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As we already mentioned, clever marketing tricks separate the cool products from the ordinary! As you can see, these tea bottle have a hidden feature like no other! They put a sloth under the label who engages a conversation with the customer and it is really cute and funny! Plus you can hide easily because the sloth is slow.

6. This is the pinnacle of design details

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Car design is a complicated thing and the process of creating it and all the details about it are painstakingly hard. Of course, the end result is worth it! This Jeep owner was amazed to discover that there was a hidden message in Morse Code embedded in the footrest which spelled ‘sand, snow, rivers, rocks’.

7. This hilarious instruction is on the bottom of a mug

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As we have said multiple times before, sarcasm is appreciated every time we see it because it adds the best kind of touch when it comes to making a comment or a statement. When it is used in marketing, things get even better! This cleverly designed mug is the perfect example!

8. This is what we call attention to details

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You can imagine that there are not that many things you can change about a bottle of water to make it seem interesting and to stand out from the rest. You can trick out the label of use a fancy color and that is about it! These people, however, found the most amazing way to make their bottles unique! They added the shape of a mountain on the bottom!

9. Here are some very specific instructions

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We love reading the user manual of every the thing we buy! This is very important if you want to avoid an accident or a malfunction and especially if you want the product to last as long as possible! As you can see, the label of this piece of clothing is more than specific! We really laughed at this one.

10. Now here is something curious

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This is another example of a label that is far more interesting than the boring labels most clothing features! You could even say that this is the ultimate form of customer care! The funny label was found by someone in the inside pocket of their jacket.

11. It seems that funny labels are becoming a trend

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We are not sure if all the labels you saw so far come from the same manufacturer or simply labels became a place to interact with the customer long after they bought the product. This is a genius way to make a statement and make people love your brand even more, especially if the message is funny and environmentally funny like this one.

test ad

12. This is something really unexpected

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Sometimes the unexpected detail are hidden so well that it would be impossible to find them unless an accident happens or another random event. As you can see, someone pulled off the knobs off this musical instrument only to find smiling faces beneath them!

13. Now this is the best hidden tribute we have seen

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We love tributes! This is the best way for someone to honor a cause or a person by simply mentioning them! In certain cases it would take years for someone to see it but it is worth it every time. This is what happened after someone decided to repair a circuit board inside a machine and discovered this cool message!

14. Here is how brilliant sense of humor looks like

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The best marketing strategies out there are meant to provoke customer to think in a certain way or certain things in order for them to buy something specific. As you can see, the people behind this product added a feature that is ay funnier and a lot more successful than most expensive marketing campaigns.

15. We would drink this beverage any day

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The nice examples of clever marketing and ways to interact with the customers continue and this drink can is a nice example! Someone noticed a curious part of the can and took a photo! As you can see, the can states that the company that produced the product was family owned meaning that there were a lot of feuds involved.

16. This is one affirmation we like

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Every now and then all people need is a little boost! As you can see, even a small label can be more than enough to charge you with positive energy and make you laugh in the same time which is great! The funny label is a bit sassy but we still love the fact that someone actually took their time to create it and to add it to the product.

17. Now here is a bold suggestion

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Thinking about action movies can result into hidden messages like this one! The manufacturer of this this cable added a funny instruction saying that up to three people could be tied with a single piece when it is hog-tied properly. We wonder if they tested the thing first or not. This is just too funny to see and we like it!

18. Here is some fortune telling done right

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It is no secret that most fortune tellers are phonies. Predicting the future is something that nobody could predict, at least according to us. However, it all depends on the point of view. This bag of pancake mix predicted a simple thing but it is absolutely accurate! How cool is that?

19. There is a lot of sarcasm involved here

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We love it when marketers have a bold and sassy approach because it means they did their job properly and they are sure nothing could backfire. Of course, there are no guarantees about that last part but we believe that nothing is for certain in this life. However, the people behind this product came up with a super cool label and we love it.

20. It takes a little to make someone smile

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The feeling that someone cares for you and gives you all the attention is one of the best in the world! It is even better when you feel like that unexpectedly! It doesn’t take much for someone to feel like that! A small but kind gesture would be enough, just like the one on the inside of this yogurt container cap.

21. Now here is something rather curious

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This is not just another message on a circuit board! This is a masterpiece and we would like to have this circuit board as a souvenir! It does not say anything trivial and it is actually just a bit weird. It specifically says that it was made on Earth by humans, as if the instruction was meant for a race out of this world.

22. It seems that circuit board designers are fun people

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This is another example of a circuit board with a twist. Someone opened a device to remove this circuit board and repair it when they found a little birdie that part of the initial design. The cool part is that not many people would see this birdie themselves because almost nobody could repair a circuit board.

23. Here is a coconut water bottle with an attitude

Image Source: Reddit

This is yet another funny way to engage interaction with the customer only after they already bought the product which is the cool part, actually. Someone decided to add a funny comment on the bottom of this coconut water container and it is hilarious!

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