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19 Years Ago The Simpsons Predicted Stephen Hawking’s Fate

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As we have pointed out, The Simpson does a pretty good job at predicting the future. It predicted the presidency of Donald J. Trump, for example, and the hit show also predicted that the United States would win an Olympic Gold Medal in curling years before it actually happened.

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Yet another example of the show’s ability to predict the future involves physicist Stephen Hawking, who died on the 14th of March.

We reported that Hawking passed away on what is not only Pi day, but also the birthday of another famous scientist—Albert Einstein.

Fans of The Simpsons have noted that the show hinted at a possible cosmological link between Hawking and Einstein—and the show did so way back in 1999 via an episode that was called They Saved Lisa’s Brain. It was recently aired as a tribute to the late physicist.

In the episode, there was a scene feature Hawking—who was diagnosed with the disease ALS when he was only 21—performing a rap. It was called “A Brief History of Rhyme”. In 1988, Hawking wrote one of the works that made him famous—A Brief History of Time.

In the scene, the animated Hawking is wearing a gold chain that is decorated with E = mc2, a formula made famous by Albert Einstein. It was definitely a nod to Einstein, and 19 years later Hawking passed away on the anniversary of Einstein’s birth. Einstein died in 1955 at the age of 76. The fact that Hawking died on the day that he did is considered quite the coincidence by those who admire both men and love science.

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It is fair to say that both Einstein and Hawking are clearly two of the most brilliant physicists of all time, and their lives and works have impacted humanity in demonstrable ways. The fact that Hawking passed on the anniversary of Einstein’s birth is certainly touching—Hawking, after all, believed that time is relative.

The episode being discussed, which initially aired in 1999, involves Hawking saving Lisa using a special wheelchair that was equipped with a helicopter attachment as well as a boxing glove.

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Fans of the show who noticed the link said that the episode was “awesome and class”. It was also called an “exceptional episode” as well as “nicely done”.

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As those who regularly watch The Simpsons know, the animated comedy really does have a knack for predicting unlikely events. For example, the show predicted the Arab Spring, the economic crisis in Greece, the Ebola crisis, Lady Gaga performing at the Super Bowl, and even the FIFA soccer scandal. The Ebola episode aired in 1997.

Twenty years ago, it predicted that the Walt Disney Co. would take over 21st Century Fox.

Most notable, perhaps, is the fact it predicted the presidency of Donald J. Trump—and the show did so way back in 2000. The show predicted he would eventually become the leader of the free world. This occurred in an episode called “Bart To The Future”. In that episode, Lisa becomes President after Donald Trump, and she has to fix a financial crisis as well as a crime wave created by the man who is currently the 45th President of the United States. The country was left reliant on foreign aid from China as well as Europe.

Readers are likely aware that the United States’ curling team managed to win their first ever Olympic gold medal on February 24, and they did so by defeating Sweden’s curling team 10-7. The victory came as a surprise to most;

practically everyone expected Sweden to win. The United States is not known for curling, after all, and Sweden’s team was considered top notch.

The United States was actually almost eliminated just a week prior to their shocking win. That was as a result of losing to Norway; however, the United States then went on to win five matches in a row. They managed to win while playing Canada twice, and they did so in four days.

So while many were sort of astonished by the US victory, the writers of The Simpsons likely were not. After all, they managed to predict such a victory almost a decade ago.

Written by Kevin Barrett

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