Motorist Tried To Fool Police Officer With A Homer Simpson Driving License

Nobody likes being pulled over by a police officer; even when there’s nothing wrong with the vehicle or the papers, there’s still a bit of tension sometimes. However, if you have nothing to worry about, you just wait for the whole thing to end, and you’re good to go in a few short minutes.

If you have the misfortune of being stopped by the police for a routine check and you are completely aware of the fact that you don’t have valid insurance and a proper driving license, you either face the consequences or you get creative—and you think of a way out of the situation, which can be nearly impossible in certain cases.

However, it seems that some people will never give up—even when they are caught in a serious traffic law violation; their attempts to avoid being held responsible for their mischief may become rather desperate and even ridiculous at times.

Flashing a Homer Simpson driving license in front of the officer who pulled you over is definitely on the top of the stupid things list you shouldn’t do when you try to find a way to ‘make things work’.

Believe it or not, one British driver did exactly that; the man attempted to trick the officer by giving her a driving license with the animated character’s names written on it.

Instead of handing over a genuine license, the unnamed man pulled out a similar one, which even had Homer’s picture on it. The driving license also featured the character’s birth date, a Springfield address, and even a signature.

The police officer PC Phillips pulled over the vehicle in Milton Keynes last week; it soon became apparent that the driver had neither a proper license, nor a valid insurance—and therefore his car was seized immediately.

The Thames Valley Police tweeted on the 15th of March, saying that PC Phillips stopped a vehicle in Milton Keynes, Bucks last week—and she was very surprised to see such a driving license, to say the least. After initially being unable to identify the driver, she eventually did, after which she reported him for driving without a real license and also without insurance, which was more than enough for his car to be impounded. The police officers at the station were probably in disbelief regarding how someone could even think that such a false license could fool anyone; they even concluded the tweet in Homer’s own words: ‘D’oh!’ The whole station must have been a rather funny place on the day this driver was caught.

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Image Source: Twitter

As you probably already guessed, the post went viral, and a lot of users replied with a sense of humor—they shared Thames Valley Police’s tweet about the bizarre event.

Image Source: Twitter

Some commented that the man with the fake license should have paid more attention to the details when writing the address of the Simpsons—742 Evergreen Terrace. Others were a lot more sarcastic about the story and suggested that it looked pretty legit, apart from the signature. Another person guessed that the whole situation could have been even worse (or funnier, for that matter) if the man opted for Family Guy’s Peter Griffin instead of Homer Simpson.

It’s unclear if the man was able to fabricate the fake driving license himself or he bought it from somewhere. Apparently, you can buy one from Amazon, but it’s definitely not the same as the one here. Another thing that may soon be settled—why did he bother carrying such an absurd driving license that could hardly fool anyone; what was the guy thinking, anyway?

Well, now at least he knows that trying to get away easy doesn’t pay off at all.

Written by Nick Martin

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