Fans Totally Lost It After GOT Left By Mistake A Starbucks – Like Cup In One Of The Scenes

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There is hardly anything we could say about GoT that you already don’t know. Hundreds of millions of people all over the world were obsessed with with the show for seven seasons in a row, but the eighth and last one seems to be the most discussed one yet. There are more than a few reasons for that! To name a few, we could mention the extremely dark ‘Battle at Winterfell’ episode and the one that is the most recent – the cup of coffee that could be seen in one of the scenes of the most recent episode – ‘The Last of the Starks’. It provoked an avalanche of comments and fans came up up with all sorts of theories and jokes about this funny situation. Here is the story and the reactions.

1. This is the original scene

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It was so dark that you could hardly see anything but someone was still able to notice the tiny details that was definitely out of place

2. This is the same scene frame, but filtered 

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Someone took that frame and added filters to it in order to make it lighter, and now the strange object was visible to absolutely everyone!

3. Yes, it was definitely a coffee cup

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You can imagine this happening in a show that is struggling with a tight budget, but nobody could expect such a thing to happen in Game of Thrones!

4. People were convinced that it was a Starbucks cup 

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While we are not entirely whether it is a Starbucks cup or not, this does not change the fact that it happened to be where it did not belong in the first place!

5. This person has a point

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One of the theories was that it was not a mistake the crew made, but rather something intended. They could easily add whatever they please to any scene using CGI.

6. This was the second most plausible theory

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We guess that this is what most believed believed t be the truth. It makes total sense, of course. They could have forgotten something entirely different in that table, but a cup of coffee would be easily recognized by everyone!

7. Many people continued to wonder if the cup was actually there

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Modern technology made it impossible to tell whether the cup was there for real or not, and fans doubted that someone could allow such a mistake to happen.

8. Some people simply believed it was there all along

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No image of the the particular scene has been edited in a way different than adding filters to make it lighter. The important thing is that it was there when the show aired!

9. It was probably not a coincidence 

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This man came up with a clever pun that fits the whole situation really well! Given the name of the episode and the fact that the cup looks like a Starbucks one, things begin to add up!

10. Here is how quality humor looks like

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Naturally, jokers began uploading tons of different jokes regarding what happened, and we really believe that

11. We love this one

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Since Daenerys was the one who the cup appeared in front of, people started joking about the way her order would look like if she happened to be in a real Starbucks location!

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11. This is one accurate comic

Image Source: Twitter

In addition to the previous image, this cartoon really adds up to the whole thing! It shows the exact reaction a Starbucks employee would have after hearing her name.

12. This is the true ending, we guess

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We like the fact that most of the show’s fans did not hesitate to join the discussion and to show just how witty they are!

13. We wish thre was a scene like this

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Of course, there wasn’t, but it would have been an awesome thing to see! Khal Drogo would probably look cool carrying two large iced coffees around the set!

14. Here is another similar image

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Considering the cold, the snow and the blizzards, a hot cup of cappuccino or tea would be much appreciated, but we could only dream about that!

15. This one is brilliant 

Image Source: Twitter

It definitely takes a person with a special kind of  sense of humor in order for them to create funny images like the one you see here! It is amazing that people reacted so fast with all these jokes.

16. Someone labeled the cup

Image Source: Twitter

Here is one simple collage that served a specific purpose! It was meant to show that the cup was not for Daenerys at all. It was reserved for someone much more special

17. Here is an idea we can behind

Image Source: Twitter

Some fan theories about the cup are nothing but a joke but they sound so cool that we could easily agree with most of them. This one is a good example of what we mean, and we wish we knew if this was possible at all or not!

18. Here is another meaning of the word ‘mistake’

Image Source: Twitter

When people take their time to joke with this cup, they obviously do it in a witty way, and this clever caption is the best comment that couple exist at all!

19. We believe that this may be the actual cuo

Image Source: Twitter

Whether if this is the original image that appeared on the show or not, the legend will remain forever, and we absolutely love the whole thing!

20. Someone added another detail to that scene

Image Source:

Some joker made it seem as if Daenerys was holding an even bigger cup of coffee in her  hands throughout the whole scene!

21. Starbucks scored big time here 

Image Source: Pixabay

They say that there is no bad advertising, and Starbucks definitely made a profit despite the fat if it was a mistake or not.

Written by Sven Miller

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