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20 Common Things That Will Make You Say “I Thought I Was The Only One”

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It is amazing how the human brain works! We tend to do a ton of different things without even realizing it, and many of them can be considered weird. It is actually curious to step back and analyze some of the tiny rituals and habits we have and we follow blindly without even knowing it! The list below is a good example of that and you are likely to find many things that you also do on a daily basis!

1. Most of us like to arrange the receipts in order

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We admit that we do that but have absolutely no idea why! The specific order in which most individuals arrange their receipts after paying all the bill may vary, but it is most likely based on their value. This does not make a lot of sense, yet we still do it, and we guess that it is a weird way to distract ourselves from the fact that we spent a lot of  money paying our bills.

2. Reading a book is related to all kinds of things we do in the process

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One of the things almost all of us do when reading a book is mimicking the characters in it, or at least one of them. Of course, we do that unintentionally because we basically accept the story as some kind of a temporary reality. This is a curious thing and we like how the subconscious mind works and leads us.

3. Adam Sandler did his ‘Phone, Wallet, Keys’ track for all the right reasons

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The Sandman knows his game and he was well aware of the fact that when we leave the house, we grab those three things first and we do it in the exact same order! The reason for this is probably based on the priorities we didn’t even think about. We just know that we cannot make a single step without having a smartphone, and we need money and credit cards, too. Keys are a must, because you need to lock the house and start the car, of course!

4. Saying ‘hi’ when you come home is like an instinct, even if nobody is there to wait for you

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This is kind of a weird habit to have, but we guess that we all do it from time to time, and some of us do it every single time, too, us included! It feels as if we say it because we are glad to be back in the place we call home! Of course, it would be way better if there is actually someone to welcome you and respond to your greeting.

5. Counting stairs is like some kind of sport

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Here is a habit that most people probably never realize they have until someone mentions it. We guess that the reason for one to count the stairs is just boredom! It is easier to endure all the way to the top if you have something to do in the meantime. One of the other reasons is motivation. If you know the exact number of the stairs ahead of you, counting them will keep you aware of just how many you have left!

6. This is the reality for almost every single one of us

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Now this is something that certain individuals would not admit at all, but we know it is the truth. As we get older, our priorities shift and our motivation starts to vary of it disappears completely! This is especially true when it comes to attending college. Unlike the high school days, the time we spend in college is not related to going to every single class we need to. In fact, students skip classes all the time, especially in the morning/

7. Turning off the microwave right before it beeps is an extreme sport

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Ah, we love doing that and we succeed every time! You can probably confirm that you do the same thing, too, so you know how it goes. You put something in the microwave and you set the timer for, let’s say, a minute. Knowing how long that would take, you make a fast calculation in your head so are able to run back into the kitchen and stop it right before the timer makes that beeping sound. The satisfaction in such moments is weird but we like it!

8. Now this is something that nobody could deny

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First of all, we need to say that people should definitely clean their vehicles much more often than they do now! Whenever we enter someone’s car, it is literally littered inside (pun intended). It takes only a couple of minutes a day to throw out everything you don’t need, and you could even wipe the dust off the dash, too. But the most common thing you could find in any car is the pile of plastic bottles!

9. Setting up a dozen alarms is sometimes not enough

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It seems that most people find it really hard to wake up in the morning. Of course, waking up unassisted is out of  the question – we all need to set an alarm, and here comes the fun part that is common for everyone! We set not one, but multiple alarms, knowing that we are likely to press that snooze button and just go back to sleep. Setting a dozen alarms is still not a guarantee that you would actually get up, though.

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10. This makes little sense but many people still do it

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When driving around an area that we haven’t been to before, chances are that we could get lost, and with no GPS or internet you would need an alternative method to cope with the situation. This is when people start paying attention to the surroundings and they decide to turn down the volume, which is odd, because it does not affect their eyesight. Maybe they feel more focused this way.

11. Most of us do the exact same thing after we get a sunburn

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We guess that you know how this feels, and you have probably thought about just how many other people were doing the same. Well, basically everyone does this.

12. Peeling off the skin around your fingernails 

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This is something we all do, and we are aware of what it leads to, because we always play with that too much and we remove much more than we should!

13. Here is something we cannot deny

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This is one super classic move that probably 9 out of 10 people have either done before or they continue to do it on a daily basis! As you an see, the knife is strategically placed on the kitchen sink because the person who just prepared a sandwich was definitely not sure if one would be enough or they would need to make another one. This way they would wash the knife only once regardless if they need to prepare more food or not/

14. This is an endless source of amusement for most people

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It seems that a smartphone can amuse you in even more ways than you could possibly think! Well, the thing you see here is a rather gross way to entertain yourself but we still do it all the time! In fact, we almost feel as we if we are creating some work of art, but it is not even close, of course!

15. This was a favorite thing to do when we were kids

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Of course, most people still do it even today! It is a really fun and alternative way to spend some time doing nothing. The specific plush fabric of most sofas back in the day were the ideal drawing board! You only needed a finger and your imagination, and the best part was that if you made a mistake, all you had to do is just wipe it off and start over immediately. Oh, we miss the good old days!

16. Here is something men consider as an act of honor

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We guess that it is an indisputable fact that men love to do things that are considered typical for them, because they boost their masculinity this way! One of the simplest ways this could happen is by trying to take all the groceries in one go. This way we think we prove that we are real men and what is more important, our ladies admire the fact we act like gentlemen!

17. This is a whole different level of laziness

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We can all recall a moment when we were so tired or lazy (or both) that we could not get up and get a blanket even after we feel it is too cold to sleep without one. If we happen to be on the sofa, we have an alternative solution that always works, and you can see it pictured here! It is actually a ridiculous thing to do, but most of us have done it, and it is better than freezing while you sleep!

18. This is kind of weird but it still happens

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We have all done similar things, and pulling off such a stunt is mostly related to the temperatures changing in summer! It gets cold at night but it is hot during the day!

19. Peeling these off is almost impossible

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Nobody would bother peeling these off, because it takes forever, so most of us do the exact same thing – we eat them with half the wrapper still on!

20. Putting your hands down your pants is not a gross thing to do

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For some weird reason many people find comfort in doing this, us included! Maybe it is due to the fact that our hands get instantly warmer, who knows.

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