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22 People Who Created Accidental Coffee Art

Image Source: Reddit

Coffee lovers out there know that coffee can be entertaining. Apart from waking up in the morning with this beverage, you can also amuse yourself by admiring the accidental art coffee creates! As the list below shows, there are plenty of curious moments people shared online that were related to coffee art. You have probably seen one or two yourselves.

1. The frog

Image Source: Twitter

This is one fine example of the type of art we were talking about. This is one cute frog created by the foam on the surface layer of the mug. We love such accidental works of art that make you smile.

2. The bird

Image Source: Reddit

Here is one rather curious example of how spilled coffee can create something curious to see. It appears that this bird was made to look like this but it was shaped by sheer chance.

3. The shocked drink

Image Source: Twitter

This person decided to skip the coffee and have a mug full of delicious hot chocolate. Much to their surprise, the chocolate created a shocked facial expression and we really like that effect!

4. The porcupine

Image Source: Reddit

Here is something that looks like it was created by a barista but it was purely accidental. The level of detail shown here is amazing and we would definitely try to do something similar tomorrow morning.

5. The eye

Image Source: Reddit

This is another example of how a coffee spill can result in something amazing. It appears that this person created a super realistic eye when they spilled some of their coffee.

6. The forest

Image Source: Imgur

This is one unbelievable effect created by the person’s last sip. The bottom of the mug now looks like a charcoal painting of an enchanting forest and there is even a pathway leading to it!

7. The unicorn

Image Source: Reddit

This person was way too sleepy to notice it at first but they immediately saw the effect their morning coffee created. This is a flying unicorn and there is no way one could create this effect by hand.

8. The coffee stain

Image Source: Reddit

Now, this is one really curious effect created merely by a coffee stain. The contours and the shape are absolutely perfect and it really does look like a shark. That is awesome.

9. The coffee bloom

Image Source: Reddit

Here is one rather unusual thing to see and we believe that it is never going to happen again. The coffee bloom this person took a picture of what looks like a surprised bear and we absolutely love the effect – it looks like a sculpture.

10. The coffee machine

Image Source: Reddit

Now, this is one really nice way to start the morning, and we wish we had that start today, too. This is what a lucky person saw when they went to the coffee maker to take their cup of coffee.

11. The mug

Image Source: Reddit

Here is one mug that hides a tiny detail we find to be amazing. As you can see, the stain on one of the mug’s walls looks exactly like a map of the world and we guess that this is a one-off coincidence.

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12. The dinosaur

Image Source: Reddit

Now, this is one funny and curious coffee art created by chance. This is the image of a cartoon-like T-rex dinosaur and we think that it looks like Smarmy the Dinosaur as featured in a Johnny Bravo episode.

13. The portrait

Image Source: Facebook

Coffee can reach the level of perfection no barista could ever reach. Here is how the top layer of this cup of coffee shaped an almost perfect portrait. This is amazing to see.

14. The guitar

Image Source: Reddit

Here is yet another accidental coffee stain that appears as if it was created on purpose. We believe that this person noticed the guitar-shaped stain right away.

15. The Pac-Man

Image Source: Reddit

This is one of the best coffee stains we have seen and we would guess that those who remember and love Pac-Man would smile when they see it. This is Pac-Man chasing a pellet!

16. The landscape

Image Source: Reddit

Here is one of those landscapes created by coffee on the bottom of mugs. We like this one because of the amazing details it features. It would be hard for someone to create this by hand.

17. The creature

Image Source: Reddit

Now, this is one curious piece of coffee art that we had trouble decoding. It kind of looks like a ghost but it also looks like a cross between a snowman and a bat. We guess we can’t decide what it is.

18. The bird

Image Source: Reddit

We don’t like it when this happens – stains spilled all over the top of the takeaway coffee cup. They can sometimes make a mess but this one is different – it looks like a bird!

19. The skull

Image Source: Reddit

This is one rather creepy but curious effect created by coffee. It looks like a skull but more like a cartoon one rather than a realistic piece. Still, it is fun to see it.

20. The apple

Image Source: Reddit

Here is one of the best entries on the list. The apple on the foam layer is clearly visible but it is so distinguished from the other parts of the surface that it almost looks like it was created on purpose.

21. The brain

Image Source: Reddit

This person spilled their coffee and immediately rushed to clean up the stain. As you can see, the tissue and the soaked liquid shaped a brain!

22. There funny composition

Image Source: Twitter

Sometimes, coffee art results in funny images such as this one. The unlikely combination of images here is what makes this coffee art amazing.

Written by Sven Miller

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