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15 Adorable Pics Of Regular People Who Suddenly Became A Disney Princesses

Image Source: Reddit

Who doesn’t love Disney movies? Their storylines are the best and when it comes to the visualizations, there is hardly anything we could say. Walt Disney’s legacy continues to leave people enchanted and we love that feeling. Needless to say, we also dream of living every moment Disney characters get to enjoy. Some lucky individuals did exactly that and the images below show it. They are all amazing and look like they were taken straight out of a fairytale.

1. The hummingbird

Image Source: Reddit

Here is one really good way to start this list. Befriending a wild animal is always a special moment and it makes a person feel as if they are living a real-life fairytale. In this case, the person holding this bird is definitely lucky.

2. The bride

Image Source: Reddit

It seems that most people want a magical touch when it comes to their wedding day. They want it to be unforgettable and they are willing to do everything to achieve it. This bride was lucky to experience a magical moment.

3. The herd

Image Source: Imgur

Some people are kind enough to stop and feed a wild animal and this is what a man did. He decided that feeding some deer was a good idea until the rest of the herd came along. The moment was special but he felt intimidated.

4. The frog

Image Source: Imgur

You might want to look closely here. There is a small creature in this picture and it is hiding in this little girl’s pocket. A tiny frog decided to make friends with the girl and it seems that was the beginning of a true friendship.

5. The squirrel

Image Source: Air Man

Squirrels are among our favorite wild animals and we love seeing these magnificent creatures make contact with humans. This woman was stunned to be so close to a beautiful squirrel and we wish we were there, too.

6. The second squirrel

Image Source: Reddit

Since we are talking about squirrels, we just had to show you this picture. It is more special than the previous one because it shows more than just contact. It shows one squirrel that is literally in love with a person. We absolutely love it!

7. The unlikely friend

Image Source: Imgur

Being in the wild means that you will surely come across all kinds of creatures. This image reveals one interesting friendship between a person and one of the tiniest living things you could find in the woods.

8. The landing

Image Source: Reddit

Nobody would expect a bird to land on their head while standing in the middle of a crowd during a concert. This is exactly what happened here. This owl decided to rest on a man’s head and we love the picture!

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9. The savior

Image Source: Reddit

This is one of the best kinds of friendship! After Hurricane Irma caused a lot of damage, this man was close to the wreckage when the squirrel you see ran towards him and jumped in his arms to rest. It appears that it chose the right person to save it.

10. The bird whisperer

Image Source: Imgur

Here is another lucky person who was able to earn a wild bird’s trust. As you can see, the image looks like a postcard and it shows how one man was able to enjoy the company of e beautiful bird.

11. The chipmunk

Image Source: Reddit

This is one beautiful photo taken at Eagle Cap Summit. One man captured his girlfriend just when she made a new friend. A curious chipmunk approached her and wanted some attention, which is adorable.

12. The baby deer

Image Source: Reddit

It seems that babies are equally adorable, regardless if they are human or animal babies. This baby deer shows that cuteness comes in all shapes and sizes. All the cutie wants is some head scratches.

13. The parrots

Image Source: Imgur

Sometimes, attention is not what a person wants but it is what they get anyway. This boy would probably love to hang out with a parrot but a handful of them seems to be too much. This is not the kind of fairytale he would like to be in for sure.

14. The bird

Image Source: Reddit

This is another of those images that makes us go to the wilderness and meet animals. The contact with nature is what we miss and we would like to experience everything that many Disney characters have.

15. The new friend

Image Source: Imgur

Sometimes, seeing an image is enough to tell you that a friendship with a wild animal is something everyone should experience in their lifetime. This person was lucky enough to have such a friend.

Written by Sven Miller

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