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32 Kitchen Fails That Were So Bad, People Had To Share Online

Image Source: Reddit

We have all had our moments of shame and utter disappointment while in the kitchen. Cooking is not as easy as it seems initially and even basic operations can end up in disaster. If you don’t want to remember these moments, you might as well make sure you are not alone. The list below is full of people’s shared attempts to cook something that ended in the worst possible way.

1. The Ladybug rolls

Image Source: Reddit

This is one poor attempt at making the tasty Ladybug rolls most of us have tried at least once. This person was surely horrified to see the end result of that attempt.

2. The foreign cuisine night

Image Source: Reddit

Here is how an attempt to make something yummy could backfire massively. This person wanted to impress the guests with a meal but it ended up like pieces of charcoal.

3. The homemade chicken stock

Image Source: Reddit

Now, this is what we call a major disaster. This person left this meal simmering for hours until they poured it through a strainer. They did not like what they see afterward.

4. The cherry cobbler

Image Source: Twitter

We guess that this dessert could make you have nightmares for many nights after you saw it even once. The things we want to achieve are not always possible, we guess.

5. The hedgehog

Image Source: Reddit

As you can see, the person who created this monstrosity was trying to make a cake that resembled a hedgehog. The cake would probably scare most people off.

6. The cocktail

Image Source: Reddit

One person was inspired by the cocktail on the left and decided to surprise his wife with the same setup. Needless to say, he did a sloppy job at it and the finished product is absurd.

7. The French fries

Image Source: Reddit

Ouch! This must have been a devastating fire and we hope everyone was okay after that. The person who shared this image revealed it was the aftermath of their sister’s attempt to make French fries.

8. The pancake

Image Source: Reddit

Here is a pancake attempt that went seriously wrong. It appears that the person who cooked tried to create a smiley face but it looked more like the face on the left here.

9. The apple

Image Source: Reddit

We wonder what this apple was made of. It looks like an ordinary piece of fruit but it broke the apple slicer in two. Now the apple looks quite menacing, to be honest.

10. The bread pudding

Image Source: Reddit

This is what happens when you leave bread pudding in the back of an oven and continue using it for five days straight. The end result is something that looks like a smiling rock.

11. The winemaker

Image Source: Reddit

Someone’s dad tried to make wine in the middle of the kitchen. Needless to say, it was a bad idea from the start but you can see it went off the rails at some point. That would be hard to clean.

12. The spaghetti

Image Source: Reddit

You don’t need to cook in order to make a huge mess. This person wanted to reheat some pasta to have for dinner and then this happened. It is a real bummer when it happens.

13. The spoon

Image Source: Reddit

When cooking, you must keep an eye on every detail if you want to have the best result. Losing a spoon when making a cake is a problem but you will eventually find it, we guess.

14. The pasta

Image Source: Reddit

Here is how cooking pasta for dinner can up like. This person spilled the first batch of pasta and loaded a second pot only to break one of its handles. The result is obvious.

15. The egg

Image Source: Reddit

Boiling an egg is easy unless something goes wrong. In this case, something went very wrong and we cannot say what exactly. It seems that we will never see such a result and we’re fine with that.

16. The corn

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Image Source: Twitter

It seems that people can easily get distracted and make a huge mess, not to mention that they could create a dangerous setup. Grilling corn for a couple of hours is such a situation.

17. The pie

Image Source: Reddit

Here is yet another pie that could easily scare everyone! This is another attempt to create a smiley face and those seem to be very hard to create.

18. The strawberry cakes

Image Source: Reddit

Here is how one person tried to create cat-shaped cakes in special pans. The shape was rather good but after they cooled down, they looked rather unpleasant.

19. The stove

Image Source: Reddit

This person loaded a whole pot and put it on the stove. After an hour or so, the pot kept still and the person who put it there wondered what was wrong. We all see the reason.

20. The spill

Image Source: Reddit

This is what we call tough luck: this person caused the mess you see only five minutes before they went home after a long, 12-hour shift.

21. The Lamb-shaped cake

Image Source: Reddit

People always seek inspiration for their kitchen projects and this lamb-shaped cakes were the best inspiration one could find. It seems that amateurs should not try this at all.

22. The pie

Image Source: Reddit

Here is one of the best looking pies we have ever seen. This person was surely proud of her creation until the moment she dropped it and ruined the whole thing.

23. The Thanksgiving turkey

Image Source: Reddit

One person’s sister decided to bake this turkey for Thanksgiving and you can see that the attempt did not go very well.

24. The homemade bread

Image Source: Reddit

People need to learn that making bread at home is no easy task. One person obviously found that the hard way. We wish them the best of luck next time.

25. The pancake

Image Source: Reddit

This is a different kind of kitchen fail because the person actually succeeded at making pancake but they did something unexpected when they tried to eat one later.

26. The birthday cake

Image Source: Reddit

It seems that people who try to please the other with their cooking skills deserve all the respect because of their good intentions, regardless of the final result.

27.The jelly buns

Image Source: Reddit

This person tried a different technique – they used a syringe to inject some filling into this jelly buns but it was obviously a mistake.

28. The sweet potato

Image Source: Reddit

One person bought a new air fryer and decided to try it out. The cooked potato does not appear to be a successful first try.

29. The flower cake

Image Source: Reddit

It really seems that people often have the best intentions and they want to prepare a special meal for someone. These flower cakes don’t look like flowers but the effort counts.

30. The pot

Image Source: Reddit

Dropping a pot full of sauce can be devastating and the mess would be unimaginable, just as this picture suggests.

31. The spaghetti fire

Image Source: Imgur

This is not nice but apart from that, we wonder what exactly went wrong here. We imagine that the spaghetti touched the hot stove somehow.

32. The horror

Image Source: Reddit

We guess that this is the worst thing that could happen to someone who is trying to cook something for the first.

Written by Sven Miller

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