25 Moments Shared By People Who Fell In Love With The Wrong Person

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It is true that sometimes people deserve each other but in other cases, their partners are not appropriate for them. In fact, some individuals could share pitty stories from the time they were in a relationship with complete losers. The list below shows examples of such curious moments.

1. The awkward moment 

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It seems that this person had way too many signs to realize that this relationship was never going to work for the better.

2. The therapist 

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Well, this is not the kind of ending this person deserved but we guess that some people could not care less about their partners.

3. The audacity 

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Here is how this person did not think about her self-respect because she wanted to help him out. It did not end well which was expected.

4. The ex

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Now, this is one life lesson that everyone needs to learn. You should never marry someone unless it is the only thing you want to do.

5. The gift 

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Now, this is one of the most awkward stories we have ever heard of. It really seems that some people have the most unbelievable behavior.

6. The other gift

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It appears that this person was manipulated to do something that she knew was wrong. Needless to say, some individuals are just not brave enough to leave such people.

7. The airport

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Now, these are the kind of things that really make us cringe. It is one thing to have your belief but it is a different story to force others to accept it.

8. The trip 

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We really think that drunk people are capable of all kinds of weird things. They also do things that they would never do when sober and this person realized that later.

9. The goals

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The kind of people that always put others’ well-being before their own is also the kind that we like but they need to know others often do not deserve their effort.

10. The moving

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Some people waste huge parts of their lives trying to please someone who is just not worth it. This person wasted a whole year to learn a lesson.

11. The runner

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Well, this is the kind go sacrifice that some people are willing to do only because they want to do something their partner would approve. We believe that not everyone would do it.

12. The ex

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This must have been an awful experience and we really feel bad about this person. We think that under these circumstances she should have left him there alone.

13. The grant

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Well, this was surely not the brightest thing to do but we all know that love can blind us and we often do things we would regret later, unfortunately.

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14. The homework

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Trying to do something for your partner only for them to have enough time to talk to you is something outrageous and you need to walk away immediately.

15. The armpits 

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Well, this is one of the moments that we think would be considered unacceptable by most people. Trying to talk someone into this is not right.

16. The moving

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Here is how one person almost moved to a new place because of her then-boyfriend. We guess that she avoided a huge mistake.

17. The rent

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It seems that paying the rent and the utility bills are the least of the problems this person has encountered with her exes. We believe she needs to step up her game.

18. The preferences

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It appears that this person’s ex had specific preferences when it was a matter of watching certain adult productions. She does not watch today, probably.

19. The secret 

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Well, this is yet another relationship that obviously had to end as soon as it started. This person was embarrassed for a reason.

20. The date

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Well, there you have it – the kind of person who would do that is someone you don’t want to keep as a partner for obvious reasons.

21. The album 

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Doing this to earn someone’s respect is kind of childish but we guess this person really wanted to attract their partner’s attention.

22. The math class

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Here is how people can show that they are nothing but disrespectful. This person took the test instead of her ex and still ended up being yelled at.

23. The bus

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Here is yet another example of how love can really make you experience things nobody should. This person had to leave the guy in just a couple of weeks.

24. The dinner

Now, this is how you handle a situation that is not to be tolerated. This person was brave enough to get rid of a potentially toxic relationship.

25. The invitation 

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Well, this is not the love story most people experienced in their 20s. This person probably thought she could not have a better man so she decided to hang out with a person like this.

Written by Sven Miller

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