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25 Times People Handled Quarantine ‘Like A Boss’

Image Source: Reddit

Quarantine is what we all will remember 2020 with. It seems that trying to persevere seems harder and harder but at least the year is coming to an end. Some people didn’t succumb to depression or desperation and tried to keep their spirits up by doing what they want. Even animals can sometimes do whatever they want and not care about the consequences.

1. The cat

Image Source: Reddit

There are moments in life when you simply must admire one’s courage, even if that someone is a cat! This animal showed that it did not care about anything else. We wantthat attitude as well.

2. The house

Image Source: Facebook

Here is the kind of property most people would definitely choose to stay in if they want to make sure they will be safe from coronavirus. We like this kind of privacy, too.

3. The mural

Image Source: Twitter

The mural you see here is as strange as a mural can possibly be. It was obviously inspired by COVID-19 and the shopping craze related to it –  most people will recognize a toilet paper pack.

4. The celebrity home

Image Source: Imgur

More than a few people have already commented on how celebs encourage people to stay home. It is easy to say that when you have a huge home full of fun things.

5. The elephants

Image Source: Reddit

Because of social distance, there was nobody to protect these crops from elephants in a Chinese province. The elephants found corn wine and drank it all. You can see the result.

6. The wedding photos

Image Source: Reddit

Sure enough, people who get married do not need to pose for their wedding photos wearing masks but these couples decided to have some fun and mock the whole quarantine thing.

7. The dog

Image Source: Reddit

Here is yet another person who decided to have some fun while coping with the quarantine at home. They will not cook their dog for real but this picture is kind of funny.

8. The cocktail

Image Source: Twitter

Needless to say, people who were forced to spend the warm months of the year at home missed the beach and all the bars. This person did the next best thing and we love the idea!

9. The warning

Image Source: MemeGuy

Here is one sign that would make everybody laugh but we guess that it would be curious if someone actually meant that. Imagine having someone believe that biting was okay.

10. The explanation

Image Source: Reddit

There are many ways in which our lives change during hard times like these and one of the changes involves the invention of new words. This one is a rather curious noun that is now popular.

11. The family photo

Image Source: Twitter

People need to understand that nobody is getting out of this world alive and that is a fact. If you accept that fact, we will be happy for you, and you will feel better, just like these people.

12. The cake

Image Source: MemeGuy

Cakes come in all shapes and sizes but the coronavirus situation resulted in the kind of things we never expected to see. The toilet paper shopping spree inspired cakes like this one.

13. The shopping cart

Image Source: MemeGuy

Talking about shopping sprees, there isn’t a better way to illustrate one than this image. The person who posted it was surely baffled by the way someone piled up their groceries on top of their kid while panic-shopping because of COVID-19.

14. The cat

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Image Source: Imgur

One person decided to add some comfort to their home during the lockdown and installed a new ceiling fan. It worked out well but the cat was not that excited about it.

15. The note

Image Source: Reddit

The ironic note you see here is funny and it surely aims to make fun of the whole lockdown situation. It is clear that the business owner was fed up with the restrictions but they had no choice.

16. The stare

Image Source: Reddit

Here is one person who definitely knew how to stay positive and to have some fun in the process. The man obviously offered a service that nobody would take advantage of and he knew that.

17. The outfits

Image Source:

Yes, this is correct – these are not just pairs of socks but also the most important part of many people’s outfits. Staying at home is hard when forced on you but you need to make the most of it.

18. The birthday party

Image Source: Reddit

Celebrating a special occasion under lockdown is quite unusual but people still try to do the best they are capable of. One mother decided to throw a special birthday party for her 15th birthday and she did a great job.

19. The shelves

Image Source: Facebook

These empty shelves are the result of panic-shopping which is something people usually do despite the fact they are advised not to. As you can see, the staff of this store left a special customer notice.

20. The bath

Image Source: Twitter

Here is one slightly weird but awesome way to let off some steam. A nice warm bath is always a good idea but if you have a whole rubber duck army, you will have an even better time.

21. The poem

Image Source: Reddit

The quarantine can get the better of some people but it could also create the right mood for an artistic episode. This person, for example, came up with a poem and we loved reading it!

22. The building

Image Source: Reddit

People were anxious to go for a walk during the quarantine and they used every second to enjoy even the tiniest details. This person noticed a curious building number and shared it. They emphasized the A and F letters, of course.

23. The chameleon

Image Source: Twitter

When this person felt bored because of the lockdown, they decided to have some fun and help their chameleon with washing its front legs.

24. The suit

Image Source: Reddit

Now, this is one of those messages that you just cannot ignore. You need to be convincing when you intend to make people stay at home and this person achieved that.

25. The surprise

Image Source: Reddit
Image Source: Reddit

This person decided to leave a time capsule for the next person who would eventually renovate the floor of this bathroom. This is a really wacky idea.

26. The couple

Image Source: Reddit

Here is how one person visited their grandparents from a near distance. The couple was married for 67 years and they had no trouble with the lockdown.

Written by Sven Miller

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